When In Robbinsdale, Do As The Robbinsdalians Do

I had the honor and pleasure of MCing a fundraiser for the District 45 GOP last night, at The Lodge in Robbinsdale.  The Lodge is, by the way, owned by the same people who own “Bill’s Gun Shop”, right next door.  Guns ‘n booze; God  Bless America.

I got to meet SD45 candidate Nick Peterson, HD45A’s Mark Martin and HD45B candidate Reid Johnson.

Full disclosure; I got some appetizers and – this is fun – a $20 Holiday gift certificate!  In all my years of blogging and doing political speeches, this is the very first bit of portable, spendable consideration I have ever gotten.

Watch for the leftyblogs to start writing about the scourge of conservative bloggers getting gas cards.

The appetizers were delicious.

Expect a photo-essay – probably tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “When In Robbinsdale, Do As The Robbinsdalians Do

  1. Yes, we gave Mitch gas (money in form of a certificate) to cover travel. 🙂 What a fun night – and thanks for a great emcee job. Fun side note: we had a DFL tracker, some DFL voters there. Later on, some Lodge customers came up to us as we packed up telling us they support our three candidates. Ann Rest, Lyndon Carlson and Sandra Peterson know it’s not a slam dunk re-election year. Perhaps we’ll throw them a retirement party at the Lodge!

  2. I concur with your assessment of the appetizers.

    I was not there last night, but I have eaten at The Lodge a couple of times and the food is always excellent.

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