MOB Party Tomorrow!

Second-to-last call here; tomorrow is the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers’ Sixth Annual Summer Party.

When:  Tomorrow, 7PM ’til we’re done!

Where:  Keegans Irish Pub, University just west of Hennepin in northeast Minneapolis

Who: Anyone.  Seriously – if you’re a blogger, would like to be a blogger, used to be a blogger, read blogs, don’t read blogs, hate blogs, love blogs, or have no idea about blogs, you’re welcome.  If you’re conservative, liberal, moderate, libertarian, fringe or apathetic, we’ve got a table and a couple pints of fan-dang-tastic Irish brew and booze, and some pretty fine food to boot, waiting for you!

What To Wear: Totally informal.

What To Talk About:  We hardly ever talk politics at the MOB. Our crowd is eclectic, ecumenical, eccentric, extra-fun…it’s totally worth the trip.

Why? Because it’s August, and you deserve a nice low-pressure night out!

Hope to see you – tomorrow at 7PM!  If you haven’t already, kindly drop an RSVP in the comment section, or at “feedbackinthedark” at yahoo dot com, or on Facebook!

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