At Least They Weren’t Aiming Up Journalists’ Butts

In thirty hours over the weekend, Chicago had a bloody weekend:

[I]n a 30 hour period, 25 people were shot, and one man died from his injuries.

The fatal shooting happened early Sunday in the 5100-block of S. Laflin.

This barely a week after Mayor Daley risibly trumpeted the safety benefits of Chicago’s total ban on guns in the hands of the law-abiding in one of the most “Baghdad Bob”-like press conferences in history.

Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis said nearly half of the shootings appear to be gang-related.

He said there are no suspects in any of the cases.

I’m dying to get to the next liberal who tries to make the case that banning guns for the law-abiding has any value at all.

Bring on McDonald, baby.


2 thoughts on “At Least They Weren’t Aiming Up Journalists’ Butts

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  2. FWIW, the latest email from the Brady Bunch suggests that they’re expecting to lose in McDonald.

    Sometime this month, the U.S. Supreme Court will issue its decision in McDonald v. Chicago — and indicate whether the right to have a gun in the home for self-defense as found in the Heller case applies to the states.
    We think the Court will rule that it does, and we have to be ready.
    The gun lobby wasted no time after the Supreme Court’s decision in Heller. Within minutes after the District of Columbia lost its case, the gun lobby filed a suit challenging Chicago’s gun law.
    You can bet the gun lobby will be filing new cases within minutes once the decision is announced.

    One would hope so.

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