Sweet Sixteen

My first radio “career” started when I was 15, and ended sometime around age 29.  It led me through jobs at a bunch of radio stations – KEYJ and KQDJ in Jamestown and KDAK in Carrington North Dakota, then KQDJ again. 
And at age 22, I figured that’d be pretty much it.  I was tired of spinning records, and didn’t see much future doing radio news.  
Then, of course, I moved to the Cities, and fell into a job – KSTP-AM – and, more importantly, a format, talk radio, that was just…
…me.   In some ways, that two year job was not just my indelible first work experience out of college, but almost the first real all-consuming love of my life.   I produced comedy (the Don Vogel show), sports (Minnesota North Stars, Minnesota Strikers and the State Hockey Tournament network), and of course my own show, from 2-4AM weekday mornings, a testimony to management’s confidence in their relentlessly-ambitious newbie.  
That ended, of course – followed by jobs at KDWB AM/FM, WDGY and KFAI. 
And then…nothing.  
And then 12 more years of nothing.   
Well, not “nothing”, per se – I had had a couple kids, started a new career and then another, got divorced, moved on with life.  
And then, via a confluence of meetings and opportunities almost too improbable to recite, I wound up back in…
…well, not “the radio business”, per se.   Radio was always a lousy field, one of few fields in modern business that couldn’t afford to razz the popular music industry’s ethics.  
I wound up back in the fun part of radio – talking over the air to people for fun, a little money and, most important of all in these fractious times, a voice.    For me and, I’d like to think, a lot of people like me who – perhaps counterintuitively for a political talk show host – hate politics, but know we’ve got to keep a toe in it anyway, since it’s going to affect you whether you’re resplendently above it all or not.  
Anyway, that confluence of events led to the first ever Northern Alliance Radio Network broadcast, sixteen years ago today on AM1280 in the Twin Cities.   And pretty much every Saturday afternoon since then.  
And I need to thank everyone involved; in AM1280’s operations manager at the time, Patrick Campion, for taking that crazy idea and running with it; with general manager John Hunt for OKing it; with GM Nik Anderson and ops manager Lee Michaels for keeping us on the air all these years.  
To a couple generations of producers who made us sound good – from the late Joe Hanson, through Matt Reynolds, Tommy Huynh, Irina Malanina, Megan Fatale, the Consigliere, and for the past couple years Terminator N.  
And of course, to the guys:   Atomizer (for that first day, and that first day only), JB Doubtless, Scott Johnson, Michael Brodkorb, Brian “Saint Paul” Ward, Chad “The Elder” Doughty, John Hinderaker, King Banaian, Ed Morrissey and, for the past eight years, Brad Carlson.  
And especially everyone that’s been tuning in all these years.  Thanks!
And yeah, we’re gonna have that tenth anniversary party.  

I Heard It On The NARN

We had a couple calls to action on this week’s show.

Opioid Law Reform

Here’s the link to Rep. Munson’s fact page on opioid law reforms and his “intractable pain” bill, HF3746, which will reform the blunt-force abuses in MInnesota’s prescription opioid laws. The current law forces professionals – doctors, physician assistants, dentists, pharmacists and even veterinarians – to be far, far too cautious about helping people with long-term, intractable pain.

Please – call your legislators and have them support HF3746 (and its upcoming companion in the Senate).

The Truth about Coronavirus

And here’s Dr. Cathaleen Madsen’s piece on the realities of dealint with the Covid19 virus – and, really, all viral epidemics. Read it and be informed – something the mainstream media, in its lust to undercut the Trump administration, will effect only as a last resort.

A Timely Reminder

Don’t forget – tomorrow, Saturday December 14, is one of the highlights of the NARN year.   

King Banaian, Brad Carlson, Ed Morrissey and me will doing our more-or-less annual Culture show. 

In this case, beating the bejeebers out of part of pop culture.  Tomorrow’s victim, “Eighties Sitcoms”.  

Tune in from 1-3PM on AM1280 The Patriot!

Wouldn’t It Be NARN?

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  • Matt Schalp will join us to talk about CPAC, coming up in MInneapolis.
  • Michelle Lentz of Child Protection League Action will join me to discuss their rally at the capitol on 9/22 to warn people about CSE (Comprehensive Sex Ed),

Don’t forget – King Banaian is on from 9-11AM on AM1440, and Brad Carlson is  on “The Closer” edition of the NARN Sundays from 1-3PM.

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What I’m Not Doing This Weekend

Well, it seems at least one tradition is on a “pause” for the foreseeable future.

AM1280 and the NARN won’t be out at the State Fair this year.

Fifteen straight summers, the NARN guys and I worked out at the Fair. The station took a different route this year.

Which on the one hand is fine – no need to add “getting to the fairgrounds” to all the other show prep stuff.

On the other hand, it means I lose the big benefit of being with the station at the Fair: having an air-conditioned room with a fridge full of water to retreat to when the crowds get to be too much. That, along with getting to meet the audience face to face, was one of the highlights of whole “show at the Fair” experience.

I’ll have to come up with some other side hustle that offers that…

I Heard It On The NARN

Dave Hughes has a strong shot at shocking the world up on the Minnesota Seventh.  Every dollar helps.

Shane Mekeland is running for MN House in 15B . He’ll be replacing Jim Newberger up in the greater Becker area.

Jason Lewis is running for re-election in MN CD2.  He could use a hand.

Pam Myhra is running for State Auditor – the only auditor among the two major-party candidates.  She could use a hand.

Jim Newberger is running for US Senate against Amy “The Kavanator” Klobuchar – rated as the worst boss in the US Senate.   Please help him out.

And yes, you can help Doug Wardlow usher Keith Ellison out of public life.   Please do.

Miscarriage Of Justice – Part II

Yesterday, I started telling the story of Dr. Massoud Amin – a man who came to the US as a teenager with his parents after the Iranian Revolution, became a citizen, and rose to the highest levels not only of academia, but of national security, as one of the nation’s foremost experts in cybersecurity.

And then, in the middle of a rancorous divorce with more than a whiff of academic backstabbing mixed in, an overzealous prosecutor turned a paperwork discrepancy in a civil divorce filing into, literally, a criminal case.

Pursuant to that case, the prosecutor and the police searched Dr. Amin’s house, and confiscated Dr. Amin’s firearm collection,  planting the story of “The Iranian professor who collected a bunch of guns and swindled his soon-to-be-ex” – simultaneously defaming him to the left (“Serves the gun nut right!”) and the less-bright parts of the right (“Probably a terrorist!”).

The trial?  It was a comedy of errors – but not remotely funny.   All exculpatory evidence was suppressed, and that was just the beginning.   The ending?   A conviction – aided  by bizarre courtroom antics and some sketchy lawyering on both sides.

The prosecution is asking for a ten year prison sentence for a conviction that normally carries a years’ suspended sentence and probation for a first-time offender – which Dr. Amin, who held a top-secret security clearance until the conviction, most assuredly was.

Why so much irregularity in what started as a typical ugly American divorce?

We’ll be talking with Dr. Massoud about that this Saturday on my show.   Tune in, and call in if you havre questions.

Oh Won’t You Tell Me What’s Your NARN

Join me from 1-3PM today on the NARN!

Today on the show:

  • Doug Wardlow, GOP candidate for attorney general, on the latest polls, Keith Ellison’s performance, and how you can help him score the upset of the century.  .
  • John Augustine of the Legislative Evaluation Assembly on the LEA’s 2018 Legislative Scorecard.
  • Myron Wilson, independent candidate for the MN House.

Don’t forget – King Banaian is on from 9-11AM on AM1440, and Brad Carlson is  on “The Closer” edition of the NARN Sundays from 2-3PM.

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NARN Your Money Maker

Join me from 1-3PM today on the NARN!

Today on the show:

  • Dr. John Lott, of the Crime Prevention Research Center, on the avalanche of anti-gun “Dark Money” pouring in to support Angie Craig’s campaign against Jason Lewis (featuring largely ads with Craig whining about “Dark Money”).
  • Jessica Craig, candidate for re-election to the Osseo School board, and Tania Simons, candidate to join her on the board.
  • Violence!  Not on the show, per se, just on the general subject.

Don’t forget – King Banaian is on from 9-11AM on AM1440, and Brad Carlson is  on “The Closer” edition of the NARN Sundays from 2-3PM.

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