October 31, 2006

Of Passing Interest

Ynyuk nyuk)

So who is that team that's choking halfway through the season?

Empty purple seats were abundant with more than 10 minutes remaining. Backup quarterback Brooks Bollinger had replaced starter Brad Johnson. The New England Patriots were still rolling down the field with their rarely used shotgun offense, as if they needed to work on a few more things before the regular season began.

This was no exhibition, however. The Vikings absorbed their worst home loss in five seasons, a complete 31-7 thrashing from the Patriots.

Doh. Bummer.

But - wait? Who is that team that's still undefeated atop the NFC North?

Could it be this team of plucky underdogs?


Why, yes - I believe it could be!

Oh, don't worry. I still don't have time to follow football. But if the Bears make it past the first round, expect me to become thoroughly obnoxious.

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