October 27, 2006

Thoughts, Prayers, Wishes

I've met Learned Foot, his wife, Mrs. Foot, and both of their little Feet. They're great people, and a wonderful couple - among my favorite people on the MOB, itself among my favorite people.

So I felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach when I read this:

The biopsy results arrived. She has cancer.
What does a guy do, then?
And so the world transforms - obviously moreso for her than for me. Things that seemed bothersome or joyful yesterday fade into the background and our attentions focus on a new, more immediate purpose. Nothing else matters, and it causes one to pause and reflect on whether some of those things ever should have mattered.

It's a profound question.

But some of those things do. If one is to survive and cherish life to its very core, one must also enjoy it's banalities, its annoyances and its simple pleasures.

Please extend your prayers, hopes and best wishes to the Feet.

(Bumped up from Thursday)

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