May 31, 2006

Almost Inevitable

A few developments on the story of the TV shows that are stinging online predators:

  • My misgivings had teeth: a court has ruled that the charges won't stick, at least in a Phoenix case that might have wider ramifications. There actually has to be a minor involved, and hte law also frowns on citizen groups, rather than cops, stinging the pervs. Bummer.
  • I could have sworn I saw a promo for a series involving stings of online pervs. Anyone else see this?
One step back, and one step, on the other hand, back.

Posted by Mitch at May 31, 2006 06:33 AM | TrackBack

I'm with you, to a point. When I read that ruiling it did sort of make sense. It stated, like you said, that the person had to be a minor UNLESS it was a cop. There is a fair argument to be made against TV reporters being police detectives. All they need to do is work with local law enforcement and have an actual cop play the 'minor' and then the charges stick!

The TV folks have all said they will continue the practice, so it is not suporsing you may have seen a promo.


Posted by: Flash at May 31, 2006 07:37 AM

You just don't get it Mitch, those guys are a persecuted minority whose rights have been violated by a bunch of mean-spirited, ignorant bigots.

What the American "paedophile community" needs is it's own political party...ya know, like their Dutch pals.

Posted by: swiftee at May 31, 2006 08:05 AM
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