March 29, 2005

Who's Splintering, Anyway?

Last week, the leftyblogs were all atwitter; "The Schiavo case is going to splinter the right!"

This despite the fact that while almost all Republicans voted for the emergency review legislation, the Democrats were almost evenly split.

And now, as Jesse Jackson has to his everlasting credit split with the Democrat majority, word comes out that nearly half of the the Congressional Black Caucus broke with party leadership on the bill.

Who's tearing apart at the seams?

Posted by Mitch at March 29, 2005 06:16 PM | TrackBack

Okay now, if support of Jesse Jackson isn't enough to make Republicans rethink their position on this . . .

Seriously though, I respect Harold Ford (D-TN) who is (rightfully) in the pro-Social Security reform camp who also voted for the Shiavo bill.

While I still think that they're wrong and that this is bad constitutionally and legally, I generally have to say that I have the utmost respect for most of the people on the other side of the issue.

Posted by: Thorley Winston at March 29, 2005 03:10 PM

The Democrats wimped out on this. Jesse Jackson generally will go to press conferences if he is compensated to do so.

Your favorite Republican, Michele Bachmann is looking at introducing a bill to capitolize on the Schiavo publicity.

BTW, I posted a response to your comment on Lloydletta. Thanks for stopping by.

Posted by: Eva Young at March 30, 2005 12:00 AM

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