January 18, 2005

Hersh and the Fantasy-Based Community

Seymour Hersh is back, talking about defense.

When Seymour Hersh says "jump", the Fantasy-Based Community asks "off what?"

The Pentagon is responding to Hersh's piece in the New Yorker in which he claimed US Special Forces and the CIA are operating inside Iran, getting ready (so the Fantasy-Based Community fervently believes) to open a new front in the war.

Mr. Hershs article is so riddled with errors of fundamental fact that the credibility of his entire piece is destroyed...By his own admission, Mr. Hersh evidently is working on an alternative history novel. He is well along in that work, given the high quality of alternative present that he has developed in several recent articles.
Michelle Malkin points us to the DOD response, including this item:
* Mr. Hersh cannot even keep track of his own wanderings. At one point in his article, he makes the outlandish assertion that the military operations he describes are so secret that the operations are being kept secret even from U.S. military Combatant Commanders. Mr. Hersh later states, though, that the locus of this super-secret activity is at the U.S. Central Command headquarters, evidently without the knowledge of the commander if Mr. Hersh is to be believed.
Read the rest of the response.I don't know. Part of me hopes the US is active inside Iran; in fact, I can hardly imagine we're not doing something, at some level.

While it's unlikely that a DOD response is going to satiate the koolaid-drinkers who are chanting Hersh's conclusions throughout the lefty blogosphere, the holes in the story make me wonder - is someone in the DOD feeding Hersh bogus information to discredit him?

Or is he just that sloppy?

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