October 08, 2004

Debate Liveblog

Kerry - "I supported the Patriot Act and No Child..."
Kerry - "I'm going to give you a tax cut"
Bush - "Kerry voted against middle class tax cuts..."
Kerry - "World is more dangerous because of the President's decisions", in response to President's Iraq statements.
Kerry - "I've never changed my mind about Iraq!". Bush invokes "Global Test". "That's the kind of mindset that says 'sanctions are working'!" I think his rebuttal is a slamdunk.
Kerry - "The Duelpher report said the sanctions worked!"
Kerry - "King Abdullah of Jordan says it's impossible to hold elections in Iraq". There's a noted proponent of democracy for you.
Kerry - "I'm going to get our allies back to the table". The ones that just blew you off last week?
Bush - "My opponent has a plan, training the Iraqis. It's called the Bush plan".
Bush - "It's a fundamental mistake to tie this conflict to Bin Laden"
Bush - Re "unpopular" decisions - Arafat, the War, Israel, the Palestinian State, International Criminal ourt - "I don't think you want a president who'll concentrate on being popular".
Kerry - Generals said Bush dind't supprt them. Bush response - "I asked the Generals 'do you have what you need?' Kerry slips away to
Kerry - "Generals job to win the war, president's war to win the peace". Ah - so the tradition of civilian control of the military will lapse under Kerry?
Kerry - "We've got to lead the world on's very hard to get other nations to give up their weapons when we're [building bunkerbusters]). Bush: "That answer almost made me want to scowl". Huge laugh. "[Hussein] was deceiving the inspectors - that's what the Duelpher report said!".
Bush - "It is naiive and dangerous to replace six-party talks with bilateral talks with North Korea...guess what happened? [Kim] dind't honor the agreement!
Bush - Hammers the draft rumors flat, defends the redeployment of troops from Korea and Germany. "Forget this talk about a draft - we're not going to have a draft when I'm president1". Kerry responds re "backdoor draft"
Kerry - "I'm going to add 40,000 to military, and make peole feel good about their safety in the military. Bush - "Tell Tony Blair we're going it alone! Tell Berlusconi we're going it alone! Tell Kwasniewski we're going it alone".
Kerry - If the peole from Missouri were an army, they'd be the third largest military in Iraq. Really - more than South Korea, Poland and Japan?
Kerry - "I'm going to put in place a better homeland security system!".
Kerry - The president chose a tax cut over homeland security. Bush: HLS budget has tripled, while Kerry voted to cut intel budget...
Kerry - Gibson asks if an attack is inevitable. Kerry: "Tax Cut takes away from HLS!"
Bush - "I want to make sure drugs coming from Canada are safe". Speed up generic drugs. Good answer. Kerry - "Four years ago, he was asked this. He thought importing drugs from Canada made sense!". "I"m fighting for the middle class". Bush response: "Not just my adminstration that made the decision on safety - Clinton did it too! He talks about Medicare! He's been in Washington for 20 years - show me an accomplishment! " Kerry: "In '97 we fixed medicare and did something you can't - balanced the budget!".
Kerry - Asked how he can say he wants to reform healthcare and still have Edwards as a running mate: "He authored the Patients Bill of Rights". Four "I have a plans" in one question! Bush - "Kerry has proposed 2.2 bilion in new spending...first he says he's for liability reform for OBGYNs - but Kerry didn't show up for vote! He says liability costs are a 1% increase, but that' smisleding, because physicians practice defensive medicine. And his plan? Largest increase of government healthcare forever! That's what liberals do!" Boom!
Kerry - "I have a plan!" Bush - "Then you should have shown up for a vote! Reform stuck in the Senate, because the Trial Lawyers opposed it - and he has a trial lawyer on ticket!"
Bush - Asked why he never any spending; "We worked on them together!" (Good!). Kerry - "My healthcare plan is not a government takeover..." he sound awful here!
Kerry - Will you solemnly promise not to increase tax burden on people under 200,000 a year? Kerry says into camera "Yes!". St. Paul - "He's turning to stone!". Kerry: "I'm going to restore what we did in the nineties - pay as you go!" Bush - "He's not credible! He voted to break spending caps 200 times - and now he says he won't raise taxes! He's proposed 2.2 Trillion in new spending - and he's going to do this by raising taxes on the rich!"
Bush - "the way to grow economy is low taxes, energy plan, tort reform".
Kerry - Gibson asks KErry how he'll cut deficit in half, as he promises. "It's fuzzy math!" Bush: "He's got a record! He can run, but he can't hide! Look at the record! They him most liberal because of his record!"
Bush - Many environmental points. Kerry: "President is living in unreal world. If you're a Red Sox fan, that's OK...". First Lambert Field, then dissing the BoSox. (Not BoTox, mind you...)
Kerry - Bla bla Kyoto blah. Bush - "It would have cost jobs. The air is cleaner today". Kerry - "I was in Kyoto!". With Chirac's lucky beret?
Kerry - "We're going to give tax breaks to companies that stay here". How I pay for it? "I roll back tax cut!" Supports No Child Left Behind. Bush: "How I control costs - medical liability reform, which Kerry opposes. Health care savings accounts. Different from saying "let the goverment take care of it". Robert Rubin says Kerry plan won't work!"
Bush - when you tax higher incomes, you tax S-Corps - which harms jobs!
Gibson - Can't redress income disparity strictly by tax cuts!
Bush - "I own a lumber company? News to me. Need some wood?" President is relaxing. working the room. Good!
Bush - Question about patriot act (why are my rights being watered down). "I wouldn't support it if it were!". Bush makes strong case for Pat act. Kerry - "Inspector general of DOJ says Ascroft abused it twice".
Bush - "I'm the first president to allow stem cell research - balance science with a concern for life...". Kerry - "talk about waffling!".
Bush - Supreme Court question. "I'd pick strict constructionists - no litmus tests except for how they interpret the constitution". Kerry - Bush says "what we need are good conservative justices - likes Scalia and Thomas...I subscribe to POtter Stuart standard, cant' tell if it's written by man, woman, conservative, liberal..." But then mentions abortion, ERA, etc.
Kerry - If a voter asked for assurance that tax dollars won't go to abortion. "I'm a Catholic". (LaPlante - "I was an alterboy in Vietnam!"). But I can't take my beliefs and make them into laws with people with other beliefs". Bush: "Trying to decipher that...won't use taxpayer money for abortion. I banned partial birth abortion...parental notification...Unborn Victim of Violence Act - Kerry is against that. Kerry: "I'm not going to require a 16 year old girl who's been raped by her father..." Bush: "I'ts pretty simple if you're asked if you're against Partial Birth Abortion, and he said "no". Good one for Bush.
Bush - What were three of your mistakes. "I'll take responsibility for history's judgement." Dumbest. Question. Ever. Kerry now talks about president's mistakes? This is absolutely absurd!" Charlie Gibson, what are you doing? KErry - Armor. Bush: "Most amazing answer in political history - I voted for it before I voted against it. Hussein would be in power if Kerry were in office". Kerry. Not necessarily!. Jeez.

Closing Statements
Kerry - PRes and I have strong convictions. (?). I will never cede our security, any veto, to other nations. =Kerry invokes Reagan again? "I have a plan" twice...I'm an optimist!
Bush - "Contest is about who can lead, who can get things done... Freeedom on march. Afghanistan is having elections..." Good closing.

Drinking Game Update
Kerry: "I Have a Plan" - 13
Bush: Mention of Howard Dean - 1
Kerry invokes Shinseki: - 2
Kerry invokes Shalikashvili, McPeak, Clark... - 1

Second question re: Iraq - Bush takes the high, slow ball and pounds it out of the park, bringing up Kerry's former support of the war.

"Are we doing better" at 8:30 - an enthusiastic "Yes!" from the crowd.

At 8:40: LaPlante, who was pessimistic last time, rates Bush an "A-". Strom: "75 Bush 25 Kerry".

Posted by Mitch at October 8, 2004 08:03 PM | TrackBack

Drinking Game: I Have my beer in hand, in the Garage, WiFi working.


Posted by: Flash at October 8, 2004 08:10 PM

Come on, add 'Hard Work' to the Bush drink list.

Posted by: Flash at October 8, 2004 09:12 PM

Basically a draw--the polls and spin agree with me.

One thing, though: Bush *does* own a lumber company. (Cite: He *did* make $84 off it last year.

How does John Kerry know more about what George W. Bush owns than George W. Bush?

Posted by: Jeff Fecke at October 9, 2004 10:08 AM

Jeff Fecke calling it a draw? Now you know it was a Bush win.

Posted by: the elder at October 9, 2004 10:39 AM

Jeff - overnight polls are pretty meaningless. "Spin" is...spin. Who f-ing cares.

Bush won in every way that matters with his base, and held his own in every other way, especially given that the questions were so ludicrously slanted. Kerry's true self came across; a petulant, artificial fop. The debate didn't help Kerry one bit.

Elder: LOL. No kidding. Jeff - have you admitted that Wes Clark is a dark horse yet?

Posted by: mitch at October 9, 2004 11:43 AM

Flash - you invent your drinking games, I'll invent mine.

The "i have a plan" game got me through two whole beers...

Posted by: mitch at October 9, 2004 11:44 AM