April 24, 2003

Why I Support Carry Reform

Why I Support Carry Reform - If you've read this blog more than, say, twice, you know I'm a big supporter of concealed carry reform. I'm a sometimes member of Concealed Carry Reform Now of Minnesota.

When people ask me why I support reforming our currently patriarchal, antiquated and racist concealed carry laws, though, it takes a while.

It's not just personal reasons - I did thwart a break-in back in July of 1988, but that was in the home and had nothing to do with being able to carry a handgun or not.

It's not just the empirical fact that concealed carry makes a place safer - as shown in all of John Lott's exhaustive and unrefuted studies of the subject.

It's not even the prudential political fact that 33 states have shall-issue laws - or the more impressive fact that 25 of those states adopted the laws within the past 20 years, or, most impressive of all, that not a one has repealed their shall-issue law.

No. To me, it's a moral issue.

Currently, here in Minnesota, the criminal knows that the only people who can hurt him come in Crown Victorias with whoopie lights on top. The citizen in the street is no threat. The "balance of fear" is skewed away from the criminal, and toward the citizen.

Reforming our laws would change that - even if only a tiny minority of Minnesotans opted to get permits. Criminals that read newspapers might know that 1% of people in "shall-issue" states actually get the permits - but they'd never know which one of a hundred potential victims would be the one that could shut his lights out forever.

The balance of fear shifts; the criminal feels more; the citizen feels less.

Isn't that supposed to be what civilization is about - making the civilized more secure, and the barbarians less so?

Is a measure that makes the barbarians more secure and the civilized less safe, within the context of civilized society, moral?

I'll be following this, obviously, very closely.

Posted by Mitch at April 24, 2003 10:41 AM