April 28, 2003

Scenes From A Debate -

Scenes From A Debate - Now, trust me on this - I'm not saying this to be bitchy. Yes, I think most of the people who came to the Senate to oppose the Personal Protection Act were wrong. But it's their right, and God Bless America for it.

But many of these people were so blatantly, blitheringly uneducated about the issue! I spoke with one of the "Code Pink" leaders in the hall outside the capitol. I asked her if she knew of any "Dodge City" problems in the 34 states that have already adopted "Shall Issue" laws.

"I don't really know the issue that well", she said. Then why the hell are you here trying to foist your ignorance off as policy? I didn't quite ask.

Posted by Mitch at April 28, 2003 08:47 PM