April 29, 2003

Question for Doug Grow

You asked in your column today "Where are the groups supporting the new concealed carry law?"

Now, as I noted in my posting below, counting lists of endorsing or opposing group is a convenient dodge; I'd imagine plenty of "groups" opposed the Civil Rights Act, too.

But I'd like Mr. Grow (or any DFL columnist) to answer this question:It used to be that the DFL would pop off a couple of big gun-control measures every year or so; remember the glory days of Alan Spear? Yet for the last several years, the DFL (like the national party) has been very quiet on gun control, except against measures like concealed carry. Why do you suppose that is?

Before you answer "Fear of the NRA", remember - if "a majority of the people" really oppose the NRA, then opposing the NRA (or, on this issue, CCRN) won't affect their chances of re-election, will it?

No, indeed - legislators live by knowing their constituency. It's worth noting that seven DFLers broke ranks yesterday and voted for the bill, while only two GOPers did. You think senators will bet their electoral careers on NRA money, if the people don't really believe?

I'm not sure even I'm that cynical.

Posted by Mitch at April 29, 2003 09:11 AM