July 11, 2003

Meme Watch - Steve Gigl

Meme Watch - Steve Gigl is a Minnesota guy with a fun blog - sorta Fraters-meets-Adam Corolla. I like it.

He's got this bit today, lifted from Acidman - one of those Internet memes that I shake my head at as I finish every flipping question. Here goes.

  1. Do you have a personal hero? If so, who is it? Ernest Shackleton. He's finally getting his due, almost 90 years late.
  2. What is your favorite book of all time and what made it so good? That's gotta be "Crime and Punishment". It's good on many levels - as good versus evil, as an allegory about the evils of the secularization of the Endlightenment and Socialism, and as a Columbo episode without the seventies styles.
  3. What does “diversity” mean to you? Respect for genuine differences - and that means ideas as well as skin color or gender.
  4. What is the wildest thing you’ve ever done? Intervened in a gay bashing, on the side of the bashee.
  5. Do you regret doing it? Of course not.
  6. Can you drive a stick shift? I hope never to buy an automatic transmission again. I had it on my first car, and hated it. I love stick shifts.
  7. What’s the highest speed you ever traveled in a car?Driving, about 100. Riding, 125.
  8. Which is better: snakes or spiders? I love them both.
  9. What is the most disgusting thing you ever ate? Scrapple. For northerners, it's a type of loaf sausage found in the mid-atlantic region. It tastes like it's made from a hog that died and sat suppurating in a field in the middle of summer before it was dropped into a meat grinder. Vile stuff. Yes, worse than haggis.
  10. Have you ever sh*t your pants? Be HONEST! Specifically my pants? As in, nobody else's? No.
  11. Was losing your virginity an enjoyable experience? Yeah, but I have fun filling out tax forms, too.
  12. Should oral sex be outlawed or encouraged? Is oral sex when you just talk about it?
  13. Name one man with a fine ass. Juan Valdez, on the cover of the coffee cans. The burro looks like a thoroughbred.
  14. Do you watch golf on television? If not, will you iron my shirts? I'll buy an iron before I watch golf on TV.
  15. Who is Martha Burk? Martha Burk is a clinical psychologist. She probably has people asking if she's Martha Burke, the woman that's been driving half of the New York Times' front page this past year, in re the Masters.
  16. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? My employment status. So I'd have less time for this sort of thing.
  17. Do you eat raw oysters? I prefer to smoke them.
  18. Are you claustrophobic? Only in a political sense.
  19. If you rode a motorcycle, would you wear a helmet even if the law said you didn‘t have to? I've seen a guy splatter his head after flying off his bike. Yes, damn skippy I would.
  20. Name five great Presidents. Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Reagan, FDR.
  21. Name three sh***y Presidents. Carter, LBJ, Martin Van Buren.
  22. Now call me fanny and slap my ass. Just kidding. I'll save time by just calling you an ass. Just kidding.
  23. This is the 4th of July. Did you set off any fireworks? Bottlerockets are very therapeutic.
  24. If you could have dinner and conversation with anyone in the history of the planet, who would you choose? Christ, Churchill, Lech Walesa, George Patton, Stanislaus Schmaizner, and an Aramaic-Polish-English-Yiddish translator.
Whew. That'll be enough of that.

Posted by Mitch at July 11, 2003 10:00 AM