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  • Lloyd Cheney on the anti-Muslim resolutions at some GOP conventions

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Some Students Rights Are More Equal Than Othersy

New Prague student who joined the nationally-coordinated, Bloomberg-funded, District-supported “spontaneous walkout” over “gun violence” with a pro-2nd-Amendment sign…

…oh, do I even need to finish the sentence?

“I came out here with a poster trying to make a difference,” said Andy Dalsin, a senior.

Dalsin said principal Lonnie Seifert told him to give up a sign that read “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people” or leave the property, citing district policy.

“I stood in the back,” he said. “I didn’t try and cause a ruckus, but I was seen by the principal and he came and we had our exchange.”

The district said in a statement that “such items must be submitted to and reviewed by school administration at least 24 hours in advance.”

The whole sham “youth protest” is part of a narrative to push the perception that yoots are anti-gun in he first place.

It was never about “free speech”. It’s about conquering the culture.

UPDATE:  Should you ever bet against the depravity of Big Left’s minions?  No, you should not.

UPDATE 2:  Should you really assume any of them know the issue well enough that policy-makers – or people serious about policy in area – should take them seriously?    Again – no, you should not.

UPDATE 3;  And if you are one of the packs of students that beclowns themselves  with thuggery and violence, they’ll let you do it again to get a better photo op.

UPDATE 4:  According to reliable sources, New Prague public schools have taken down their Facebook page, and the principal is unavailable until late next week for any comment on the subject.

UPDATE 5: Failure to exercise free speech as directed will not be tolerated.

Unintended Consequences

Minnesota has a miniimum wage of $9 an hour.

Minor league baseball players, working on a (very low) salary and putting in long hours, frequently earn less than that.

Saint Paul is about to phase its minimum wage up to $15 an hour.  That’s pretty much more than anyone on a Single-A team makes.

And so the Saint Paul Saints – after wheedling a stadium out of the city’s taxpayers – say they may have to shut down if they don’t get an exemption:

Noting league rules limit the baseball team’s payroll, the Saints say without the exemption they could possibly be forced to cease operations.

“We’re in a league that has a salary cap,” Saints Executive Vice President and General Manager Derek Sharrer told state lawmakers earlier this week. “So … if minimum wage and overtime laws were to impact us, then we may be in a position to not be able to abide by our league bylaws, which would force us not to be able to operate.”

The issue comes just three years after the Saints moved into their new home, CHS Field, in downtown St. Paul. Public funds contributed $51.4 million to the ballpark’s construction.

They’ll get it.  Lawmakers love sports teams.

All the businesses in Saint Paul without the same level of political clout?

Let’s just watch the implosion.

Leftist Social Media Kills Children

Facebook – which is unstinting about signaling its progressive virtue domestically – is being assessed some culpability in the oppression of the Rohynga minority in Burma:

A U.N. fact-finding mission has highlighted the role of social media networks, and Facebook in particular, in fueling hate speech against the Rohingya minority in Myanmar, telling the U.N. Human Rights Council this week that “incitement to violence” is “rampant” and “unchecked.”

Reuters reports that in an interim submission to the U.N. Human Rights Council, fact-finding mission chair Marzuki Darusman emphasized the “determining role” of social media networks in the conflict, which he said “substantively contributed to the level of acrimony and dissension and conflict” in Myanmar. “As far as the Myanmar situation is concerned, social media is Facebook, and Facebook is social media,” Darusman told reporters.

Granted, it’s only the UN.  And it’s a broadside against hate speech – which is applicable in this case, but Facebook will use it as further grounds to stifle conservative speech even further.

Still, it’s nice to see virtue-signallers get slapped.

They’ve Got Good News And They’ve Got Bad News

SCENE:  Mitch BERG is grabbing a bag of Banh Mi at iPho on University Avenue when Avery LIBRELLE walks in behind him. 


BERG:  Oh… (seeks a way out, doesn’t see one) Hey.  How’s things?

LIBRELLE:  The ReThuglicons are going to get crushed in the mid-terms!

BERG:  Do tell.

LIBRELLE:  Because it looks like Conor Lamb is going to win the Pennsylvania special Congressional election.

BERG:  Ah.  So a former Marine and 2nd Amendment supporter who is a lot more like the type of people Democrats used to elect fifty years ago than anything east coast or metro Democrat party has nominated outside the Iron Range and West Virginia in decades, and who’d get doxxed into receivership or beaten into a coma if he tried to run for office in Minneapolis or Chicago or Manhattan, is your big bout of good news?

LIBRELLE:  You’re racist.

BERG:  Naturally.   (Pays for his order, then notices somethingi) Er, Avery?  Are you going to order something.

LIBRELLE:  Oh, heavens no.  I’m just taking readings on the owners’ privilege.

(and SCENE)


Virtue Signal Received, Acknowledged

Virtue, signaled (two weeks ago):

Dick’s Sporting Goods will no longer sell assault-style firearms, will ban high-capacity magazines and will not sell any guns to people younger than 21, the company announced Wednesday, a significant move for the retail giant in the midst of renewed calls for national gun reform.

Chief executive Edward W. Stack made the announcement during an appearance on “Good Morning America”, as well as through a company statement that said “thoughts and prayers are not enough” in the wake of America’s latest mass shooting. Two weeks ago, a gunman killed 17 people, most of them teenagers, in Parkland, Fla., with an AR-15 that was legally purchased. The alleged shooter, Nikolas Cruz, bought a shotgun from a Dick’s store in November, Stack said during the television interview.

Although the weapon purchased at the Dick’s outlet was not the one used in the massacre, Stack said his company was moved to act.

Virtue signal, responded to

Dick’s, which reported fourth-quarter earnings on Tuesday, said same store sales fell 2%, double the decline analysts expected…In a call with analysts, Chief Executive Ed Stack acknowledged that the new policy is “not going to be positive from a traffic and sales standpoint.”

It is difficult to say just how extensive the impact will be. Assault rifles were previously sold at three dozen of the company’s Field & Stream stores. Mr. Stack says the company has already seen pushback. “Some of those customers that buy firearms [from Dick’s] buy other things also.” They may not shop at Dick’s at all anymore, he said.

That loss is reflected in the company’s outlook. It expects same-store sales will range from flat to a single-digit decline this year. It also said that it will no longer provide analysts and investors with a quarterly outlook, underscoring the sense that the company is troubled.

It’s not all about guns.  Dick’s, like a lot of national chains, is having a hard time adjusting to a market where Amazon, as well as a raft of e-commerce retailers like CheaperThanDirt, are eating up immense market share.

But the gun thing?  That’s gonna leave a mark.


Events Of A Feather

Six years ago, Venezuela banned private firearms ownership,  via a piece of legislation that had to have sent a tingle down Linda Slocum, Erin Maye Quade, Jamie Becker-Finn and Dave Pinto’s spines.   It was done to consolidate and reinforce the control of a government that, one might suspect in concept had to have sent a tingle down Linda Slocum, Erin Maye Quade, Jamie Becker-Finn and Dave Pinto’s spines.

Of course, we know the results; socialism degenerated “unexpectedly” into thugocracy (which, being “haves” in a socialist society, wouldn’t not send a tingle down Linda Slocum, Erin Maye Quade, Jamie Becker-Finn and Dave Pinto’s spines, necessarily – socialism is a wonderful thing for the kommissars).

And here we are today.

The left would like you to consider them separate events.

They are not.

Orwell Was A Pollyanna

Progs at Evergreen State (but I repeat myself) equate science and white supremacy:

Earlier this week, some graffiti was spotted on campus that sought to couterpose intersectionality and the sciences, equating the latter with white supremacy. Facilities staff have completed the chore of cleaning up the graffiti.

Bret Weinstein – the former ESU bio prof who became a national symbol for the intolerant left, had a riposte:


Remember this Berg’s Seventh Law violation next time some liberal bobblehead coos that the left is the party of science.

Excuses, Excuses

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails

All the polls showed Hillary winning in a walk.  When she didn’t, her original claim was the Russians must have hacked into electronic voting machines to change vote totals.  When that was disproved, it changed to collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign to steal Hillary’s emails and thereby persuade Americans she was a crook.  When that didn’t pan out, it changed to Russian “meddling” in the election by placing Facebook ads and fake news stories to mislead voters.  If the Democrats lose in the midterms, they’ll insist it wasn’t their fault, it was the Russians.
When Liberals lose, they have three arguments:  we must not have gotten our message out because if we had, sensible voters would have agreed with us [see also “What’s The Matter with Kansas” by Thomas Franks – Ed.] ; we did get our message out but the voters are stupid, racist, haters bitterly clinging to their guns and Bibles; or we got our message out and persuaded the voters but due to some outside force like weather or confusing ballots, we wuz robbed.
The Russian hack and Russian collusion claims are variations on We Wuz Robbed.  The Russian Meddling claim is Voters Are Stupid (because they fell for fake news).  Frankly, it’s all a bit insulting.  I got their message, I understood it, and I rejected it because their policies are bat-s**t crazy and their candidate was an evil witch.  And that’s the real problem – Liberals can’t acknowledge those as valid reasons to vote against them because doing so would mean Liberals themselves are crazy.  Nope, can’t be that.  Must be the Russians.
Now, about the recent fiasco in Texas, where Democrats were predicting a Blue Wave and had a record turn-out only to find Cruz had an even bigger turnout . . . which excuse will Liberals use?
Joe Doakes

Russians.  If only because the shelf date on Serbs passed 15 years ago.

Not This Again

About thirty years ago, Big Media spread the word; forget the bars, meet the next significant other at…

…the supermarket.

Which sent millions of lonely hearts trudging through the aisles, finding nothing but, well, food.

The meme is back.  And I’m pretty convinced it’s a PR stunt by the National Supermarket Marketing Council.

I Heard It On The NARN

Benefit for Keegan Iverson is tomorrow at That Cooking School in Lilydale (it’s just east of 35E on Highway 13) from 3-7 PM.  $15 gets you corned beef and cabbage; shamrock shakes are a buck.

Keegan Iverson is a USAF vet who was in a very serious motorcycle accident, and could use the help.  Hope you can get there (I have a prior engagement in the other corner of the metro area, but I’ll do my best!)

Just A Broke Down Piece Of NARN

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  • Lori Sturdevant never gets any smarter or more accurate.
  • Being Connected With The Saint Paul DFL means never having to say “I’ve got no idea what to do with all this patronage money”.
  • Throwing down on the “No Muslims in the MNGOP” crowd, Part 2
  • Some big news about an upcoming station event
  • Some big news about…the station!

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You Have The Right To Remain Off The Record. Should You Choose To Waive That Right…

“I accepted the results of an opinion poll taken in a country where it was illegal to hold certain opinions. You can imagine the poll-taking process: “Hello, Mr. Peasant, I’m an inquisitive and frightening stranger. God knows who I work for. Would you care to obstensibly support the dictatorship which controls every facet of your existence, or shall we put you down as in favor of the UNO opposition and just tear up your ration card right here and now?””

— P. J. O’Rourke, Give War A Chance

I got an email from Minnesota Public Radio news the other day.

And it was a tough call.

On the one hand, I generally think MPR News is above board.  Generally.

On the other, they have gotten funding for “gun violence” coverage from the Joyce Foundation which was, before Michael Bloomberg’s billions inundated the market, the biggest funder of criminal-safety groups in the US.  And while I can’t show a cause-and-effect relationship, I have my suspicions that that funding caused MPR to make some bad editorial decisions.  (I’ve asked MPR News for comment – but they don’t talk on an official basis with plebeians).

I thought about it.

Then I read the website the email linked to (images of survey provided below; click on them to see full size).


And I just have to ask (although MPR never answers questions) = are you serious?

Did anyone actually answer?

I mean, I would – I own no guns, because they terrify me, and I’d never shoot another human being for any reason.

But given MPR’s close ties to the Metro DFL, I would just love to know what they were thinking – and what they thought shooters would think.


I’ve been pretty up front about the fact that I’ve always been deeply ambivalent about The Donald.

But this line was almost Reaganesque:

And for all the lace undies’ set’s caterwauling about The Donald’s style, it’d be hard to miss the impact he’s had.  Glenn Reynolds notices:

FOR ALL THE TALK ABOUT TRUMP BEING AN INCOMPETENT TODDLER, I notice that Saudi Arabia is liberalizing at a previously unimaginable pace, other Asian countries are siding with us against China, and now Trump’s going to meet with Kim Jong Un, which if he were a Democrat would be celebrated as a masterstroke no matter what the results.

The idea that after a year of saber rattling, Kim Jong Un is suddenly making nice with the ROK is completely novel…

…for whose utterly ignorant of history and in dealing with tyrants and bullies.



Americans who are weary of Muslim excuses ask “so when will ‘moderate Muslims’ take a stand against the radicals?”

Here you go; one of them is taking a stance against the radicals:

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman invited Egypt’s Coptic Christians to visit Saudi Arabia after a rare meeting in Cairo’s main cathedral.

Speaking to Egyptian media after the visit the head of the Egyptian church, Pope Tawadros II said: “In the name of the Coptic Orthodox church we welcome Prince Mohammed’s visit to his second country Egypt.

“Prince Mohammed spoke a lot of his affection for the Copts,” the Pope said, adding that the kingdom’s heir to the throne invited him and all Copts to visit Saudi Arabia.

The two men walked together through St Mark’s Cathedral, in what Egypt’s state news agency described as the first tour of its kind.

The visit came on the second day of the Saudi Crown Prince’s visit to Egypt – his first foreign visit since he became heir to the throne. …

He also met Egypt’s top Islamic official, Ahmad Al-Tayyeb at Al-Azhar, the foremost seat of learning in Sunni Islam.

Thomas Lifson notes in AmThinker:

Simply stated, MbS is seeking to defang Muslim extremists who seek to destroy Christianity in Arab- and Muslim-majority countries. Garnering support from the most respected source of Islamic scholarship (no doubt accompanied by the offer of funds from the Saudi treasury) is the carrot to be used in persuading Wahhabi clergy to change their preaching, with the denial of Saudi funds to recalcitrant advocates of armed jihad supplying the stick.

This is potentially huge.

So why is it getting zero reporting in the Big Media?

Blame Truimp!

American media mostly are clueless about religion and lack any understanding of the momentous changes underway in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the full support of the Trump administration. The fact that MbS is reputed to be close to Jared Kushner seals the deal: the mainstream media have little interest in extolling the world-historical transition underway in the nation that is pre-eminent in Sunni Islam, the Guardian of the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina, and which has been the moneybags for radical jihadists for three generations.

Bin Salman is taking a huge risk – the Wahhabi aren’t going to be happy, being cut off from all that oil money.

But if it goes right, this – and the very quiet Saudi discussions with the Israelis –  could be an epochal change the religious war in the middle east.

And if it’s tied to Trump, Big Left will deny, or scupper, it.

Never Waste A Crisis

The “crisis” over school security (which isn’t – schools are a quarter as violent as they were 20 years ago) may be causing all sorts of problems…

…but to Patricia Torres Ray, Susan Kent and Chuck Wiger – Metrocrat senators – it’s a fundraising bonanza for DFL public sector union constituents.

Go ahead – read the bill.  It’s got more pork than a Wrigley Field concession stand.

I gotta wonder – when there’s a spree killing, do DFLers hear “Cha Ching?”

Your Taxes Are Paying For Michael Bloomberg’s Photo Props

Yesterday, a “spontaneous” walkout by Saint Paul Public School students – led and traffic-copped by adults, and in which students from many Saint Paul school magically assembled at Central High School at the appointed time, mirabile dictu – “marched” the the Capitol to demand gun control

Really!  Spontaneously!

It was so spontaneous that the princnipal of the JJ Hill Montessori had time to send out a long email to parents explaining What It All Means:

On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 12:00 PM, JJ HILL MONTESSORI
<email@XXXXXX.com> wrote:

Dear JJ Hill Families,

Many conversations are happening about gun violence in schools, particularly after the school shooting in Parkland, FL a few weeks ago. In response, protests and school walkouts are taking place across the country.

SPPS is aware of four protests, two of which are happening this month and are detailed below. Please read the following information carefully. The walkouts vary greatly and will affect students and schools differently.

The Minnesota High School Walkout is scheduled for the morning of March 7. This student-driven and student-organized march will gather on Marshall Avenue in front of Central High School at 11 a.m. The students will then march to the Minnesota Capitol building, arriving by noon. As JJ Hill is an elementary school, students will not participate in this event unless they are with a parent or guardian.

Students who are unable to march have been asked to join the group at the Capitol to show solidarity against gun violence. That date was selected because two bills are going before the Minnesota legislature on the topics of “standing your ground” and “constitutional carry.”

The National School Walkout is scheduled to take place at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, March 14. It calls for students to walk out of school for 17 minutes — one minute for each person who was killed in the Florida school shooting. SPPS supports this national movement and also respects the rights of those who do not support it. Each school will determine how to respect the views of students and staff in appropriate ways.

SPPS does not discipline students for peaceful protests. However, once the walkout ends at 10:17 a.m., students are expected to go back into school.

If your child chooses to participate in a walkout and leave campus, SPPS cannot ensure student safety. Student walkouts could result in an unexcused absence unless parents call or provide a note. If parents do not grant permission for their child to participate, walking out will result in an unexcused absence and students could be assigned Saturday school. Students who leave campus will not be allowed back into school and will not be able to use school bus transportation at the end of the day.

At JJ Hill we are planning to have some staff members supervise students in our garden area if they choose to walk out on March 14 10:00-10:17 am. Other staff will remain in classrooms with students that choose not to participate. I recommend having a conversation with your child at home first. As an elementary school, there is a range of developmental planes. This may be an appropriate action for our Upper Elementary students to research and discuss. Most likely, this is not developmentally appropriate for our Children’s House students. E1 falls somewhere in between. Our goal is for students to be informed and aware of their rights. We will work together to create a safe space and to maintain a learning environment.

Staff members throughout our district strive to provide students a safe place to express their opinions and talk through their feelings without fear of judgment. In some cases, teachers may use current events like these to teach lessons on peaceful conflict resolution, the role of protest in society or creating change in the face of tough societal events.

If you have any questions, please call me at 651-xxx-xxxx.


Maura Brink,

JJ Hill Montessori Principal

So – long story short,  your tax money was spent on staff time and school effort in the service of curtailing your Second Amendmebt rights – and to pick away at the impression and the reality that Millennials are actually to the right of their elders on the 2nd Amendment.

The Metro DFL has gone all-in on grabbing the guns of the law-abiding.

Remember this come election time.

Watching The Bubble Pop

There are no worthless degrees [1] – only dumb, entitled or inflexible people.

My BA in English set me up pretty good for a life where I changed careers 2-3 times before I turned 40, and taught myself to work in a STEM-related field (and doing very well, thankewverymuch).

But my major advisor, the late Dr. James Blake, was a pretty no-nonsense guy. For starters, it was he the finally convinced me I was really a conservative (he characterized himself as a “Monarchist”); I doubt you could find anyone like him in an English program today. He was also pretty diligent about reminding us that unless we wanted to a) spend years chasing a PhD and then academic appointments, or b) teach high school, or c) work for near-slave wages in the literary world, the odds of “working in our field” after college were miniscule. We were going to have to adapt, be mentally nimble, and *think* to make a living.

So the chuckleheads who are cheering the demise of liberal arts and humanities programs have it half wrong. They COULD fill a very useful niche.

But today, unfortunately, outside of places like Hillsdale College, they do not. They are sinecures for intellectually sloppy but boundlessly entitled academics who “teach” soggy, rootless, post-structural, personal-feelings-based ideology rather than the arts and humanities that *civilization is built around*. And we’re all poorer for it, even if you didn’t go to college, or major in humanities if you did.

And for that, a reckoning is due.

[1] that don’t have the word “…Studies” in them, anyway. Those are all pretty worthless.


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

President Trump’s administration will allow importing elephant trophies, reversing an Obama era ban.
Trump’s policy is correct. If it’s an elephant owned by a tribe who raised it to be shot in a trophy hunt and who get the proceeds (and meat), then there’s nothing wrong with allowing the import. Poached elephants, obviously not. This is not an elephant issue — there’s nothing inherently bad about elephants — it’s a documentation issue, removing the incentive to poach while retaining the power to license hunts.

It’s similar to the Gibson guitar fiasco. President Obama’s Justice Department raided the guitar maker’s factory and seized $1 million of imported ebony and rosewood which it claimed was protected under the laws of other nations and therefore banned for import into the United States. But there’s nothing inherently evil about rosewood. It’s a paperwork issue: import from this country, you’re okay; import from that country, you’re not. Remember “conflict diamonds?” Same deal.

A blanket ban on importing all rosewood, diamonds and elephant trophies harms the economies where those products are legally produced. We can be smarter than that.

Joe Doakes

Government isn’t great at “reasoning”.