If You Have Ice Cream, I Shall Give You Ice Cream; If You Have None, I Shall Take It Away

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Just because you can’t pay your mortgage is no reason not to give you a mortgage.  That was the thinking behind CRA and it caused the housing crisis that tanked the economy for the last 10 years.

 Seeing how well that worked, Social Justice Warriors in Seattle are expanding the plan.  Just because you can’t pay your rent is no reason not to rent to you

 I confidently predict a shortage of rental housing will afflict Seattle within the next five years, and the cause will be a complete mystery.

Coming soon to a local government near you . . . .

Calling Alondra Cano…

Spanish Bonds On The Costa Brava

Once upon a time, when I worked at a radio station whose initial rhymed with “Ay Ess Tee Pee”, we went without a general manager for six months.

In that time the station’s ratings doubled.

Eventually, in their good time, Hubbard Broadcasting sent us a GM.  Who promptly screwed everything up, where it stayed until the dawn of Limbaugh.

I’m not saying that kind of thing happens all the time with businesses.

But it certainly is associated with civilized people who observe the law, in regard to “government”.

Spain, after the better part of a decade of stagnancy in squalor under a socialist government, is bouncing back strongly:

The eurozone’s fourth-largest economy is on track to expand around 3% this year, outpacing the International Monetary Fund’s projections for France, Germany and the U.S.

The landed punditry believes that is inconsistent with the fact  Spain hasn’t had a functioning  government in nearly a year:

Spain has been without a full-fledged government since December. Doubts about who will form the next one have persisted since the divided parliament elected that month failed to install a prime minister and was dissolved. A new parliament, elected in June, is also deadlocked among four major parties, none close to a majority.

It is – to borrow a phrase that the Obama administration has turned into a national punchline it – “unexpected”.

But only if you’re the kind of person that believes “Brexit” is going to send the UK back to the Stone Age, and that raising taxes fight recessions.

Oh Noes.  Totes Grody Peeps. 

Social media is a place where demented people have free reign to spout any nonsense they want without much consequence.  .

Most of us have known that for quite some time. Indeed, anyone who’s been running a blog for a decade or more could probably write a book on the delusional, demented and a disgusting people that turn up in comments sections, completely unbidden.

Somebody needs to pass the word to Sally Jo Sørenson, at Blue Stem Prairie, who apparently thinks “somebody saying something in a Senate candidates Facebook page” is the same as a “Senate candidate saying something on their Facebook page”.

And when you’ve told me that, kindly ask her a question for me (since she never responds to anything, ever): was GOP Senate candidate Leilani Holmstedt wrong about the League of Women Voters  having a lobbying arm that is entirely in alignment with the DFL?

Because that was her point…

Bad Influence?

Whenever stories about law-abiding citizens carrying firearms within the bounds of their state laws comes up, you can count on some leftist bobblehead, clearly unfamiliar with the feeling of testosterone in “his” veins, vowing to take any gun “he” sees away from the rightful owner and bring down the wrath of almighty Goddess upon the citizen.

Y’know – the stuff the left accuses carry permittees of wanting to do, but that never happens.

Lamentably, it happened in Kansas this week – and it was no laughing matter.  A “man” noticed another Kansan carrying his firearm.  It just gets worse from there:

Police said Smith was allegedly upset about another man carrying a concealed weapon. He took the gun away from the man, pointed it at him and another man, and shot the victim in the leg, according to the allegations.

The victim was taken to a hospital with with injuries that were not life-threatening.

Bond for Smith was set at $10,000.

Smith is an idiot, and the county attorney should be charging the weasel with attempted murder as well as use of a stolen firearm in a crime.

Now – just watch Moms Want Action try to blame the gun for this.

Berg’s Seventh Law Is Universal And Immutable, Part MXMVI

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Democrats claimed Hillary’s emails were not classified when sent, they were retroactively changed from unclassified to classified to make Hillary look bad.

 That always seemed a bit odd to me.  Why would the Democrat administration be trying to harm the Democrat candidate? 

 Now, it turns out the opposite was true – the Democrat administration pressured the FBI to un-classify emails that already were classified, trying to make Hillary look good.

 More confirmation of the wisdom of Berg’s Seventh Law of Liberal Projection.

 Joe Doakes

It never fails.


Grassroots Win!

After being the targets of a whooole lot of Bloomberg spending (and a few Dreamsicles pestering them), the Savage City Council last night dealt a humiliating rebuke to Moms Want Action, Everytown, and Bence’s Biddies, refusing to even take up a proposed gun store ban within city limits.

This from the MNGOPAC:

Thanks to the efforts of the Scott County GOP, local activists, and members of the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus & PAC, the Savage City Council discussed – but made no motion to move forward – with a ordinance restricting gun stores in the City.

This is a HUGE VICTORY for gun owners across the state.

I love the smell of burning stacks of Bloomberg cash in the morning.

It smells like victory .

Oh, yeah – I’ve written about Minnesota Gun Rights in the past.  It’s the Iowa-based group that raises lots of money, doesn’t do much actual work in Minnesota, and claims credit for others’ work.

And now, just claims others’ work; after the Savage City Council decision, they lifted the MN Gun Owners Caucus’s lede word for word:


More on MGR.

Colin Kaepernick, Conservative Hero!

First things first; I don’t really care if people stand for the national anthem or not.   I do, personally; it’s out of respect for what this nation should be, moreso than what it is.   It’s a free country – and that involves freedom to be contrary.   As well as to deal with the consequences of being a contrarian.

One of the consequences?  The TV-viewing public – at least the ones that watch NFL football, the ones between the Hudson and the Sierra Madre – are not amused by NFL players’ – and the NFL’s – lurch to the left.

And for this, we conservatives need to thank Kaepernick.  He may be the pinhole leak in the dam that miiight just lead to the final collapse of mainstream TV – including the business model that keeps our corroded, corrupt mainstream TV news clique – afloat.

So – for this, Colin Kaepernick, I thank you.

The “Mother” Of Lies

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

One of my Facebook contacts unfriended me over the weekend.  I am too hateful for her.  I prefer Trump over Hillary and Trump is hateful so therefore I am hateful.  I couldn’t reach her with logic because she’s not reacting with logic, she’s reacting with emotion.  So let’s try a different way to teach this lesson.

 Pretend the two candidates are Trump and Satan.  Yes, Satan, the Prince of Darkness, the Ultimate Evil, as the Democrat candidate.  I’m NOT saying Hillary is Satan, this is just pretend, remember?

 Okay, so pretend Satan points at Trump and shrieks “He said the P-word!  He said rich and powerful men get away with things others can’t.  He’s morally unfit to serve as President.  Vote for me.”  Would you? Would you pass over a rich, entitled jerk in favor of The Father of Lies?   I hope not.  I hope you’d see past the deception and vote for the jerk.  He IS a jerk.  But he’s the lesser evil.

 Okay, stop pretending.  It’s Trump versus Hillary.  She’s the one pointing and shrieking, suggesting Trump is morally unfit so she’s the one we should vote for.  Hillary is not the Father of Lies but she’s certainly in the running for Mother of Lies: cattle futures, bimbo eruptions, dodgy campaign contributions from Hsu, Cabrera and Buddhists, Whitewater, the Rose Law Firm billing records, Travelgate, Fort Marcy Park, the Hillary-care Committee secret meetings, FBI raw files on Republicans, stolen White House china, dead broke, Benghazi internet video, sniper fire, Colin Powell’s advice, data born classified but “wiped, like with a cloth,” Clinton Foundation for Haitian relief . . . and I’m sure there are more I can’t recall.

 Trump’s comment is the modern vulgar American version of “Quod licit Jovi, non licit bovi.”  It’s been an uncomfortable truth for thousands of years. Will you punish the Speaker of Truth by electing the Mother of Lies? 

Joe Doakes

It’s a tough call.


Welcome To The New Samizdat

During the heyday of dictators, the entire media was turned into a public relations apparatus for the government.

It was all-pervasive; there was really no legally escaping it.  All the means of communication – visual, written, even musical – were turned to the service of the dictator.

Art?  Yeah, you betcha.

Remember all that jabbering about artists being bringers of peace, a group of walking safe spaces, from the piece about the de-facto arts colony in Northeast Minneapolis, earlier this week?  Sorry, folks; artists are no less likely to trade their freedoms for thirteen pieces of silver than anyone else would be under the circumstances.

Hell – one of the greatest murderers of artists of all time was, himself, an artist.  He was obscure – some might even describe him as a “failure” as an artist, the kind of person who’d have an artists garret in a converted seed warehouse in, I dunno, Northeast Munich.    Art is no protection against dictators, thugs, tyrants, and the whole idea of your nation sliding down the primrose path to dictatorship.

For all the best of reasons, naturally.  For the children.  For affordable tuition and healthcare.  For punctual trains.

The film industry was co-opted, to serve the master, too.

Feminists should take note:  Leni Reifenstahl, the single greatest female filmmaker in cinematic history, did her most notable work for the Nazis (to be fair, she may have spent the rest of her very long life trying to redeem herself for it).   Watch her most famous piece, Triumph Des Willens (Triumph of the Will); in between the icy realization that you’re watching World War 2, the Holocaust and the near destruction of Western civilization getting underway, it’s a pretty amazing movie.  Watch the first four minutes of the video; one of the most amazing bits of exposition in the history of documentary film.  We take for granted many of the cinematographic, structural and compositional aspects that were first introduced in this deeply creepy and – admit it – utterly stirring (if you ignore the people who are its subjects) documentary.

OK, how about the news media?   Isn’t their job to afflict the comfortable, and comfort the afflicted? 

Turn off that Betamax with All the Presidents Men on it.  Around the world, throughout history, the mainstream news media is among the first to be either silenced (they’re easy enough to find!) or co-opted (they’re people, more or less, and they act in their own self-interest, which is by no means always noble).  The mainstream news media is no more protection from authoritarianism, dictatorship and tyranny than a Lakota rain dance is.

“But that was then, in the ’20s, ’30s, ’40s, ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s; it was over there, in Europe, right?”

“It could never happen here.  Could it?”

I love the sound of pollyannaish preconceptions dying horrible deaths.

Democrat Realism:   Yeah, you could say the media sucks up to Hillary Clinton.


Not content to merely mythologize the present like Riefenstahl, Hollywood seeks to rewrite the past – airbrushing Hillary Clinton’s origin story (even for little kids), turning Barack and Michelle Obama’s first date into a personality-cult artifact, and among many other examples, completely shredded the facts and the subtest of Dan Rather’s fall from Olympus.  In a gloriously brutal review of Truth, by Christopher Orr in that noted conservative tool, The Atlantic, we see this pullquote…:

The movie loudly, hectoringly stresses the importance of always “asking questions”—my notes include, among others, the lines “Questions help us get to the truth,” “You stop asking questions, that’s when the American people lose,” and “You’re supposed to question everything, that’s your job”—and yet the very quality it celebrates in its protagonist is that she never questions whether or not her reporting might have been wrong.

…which wonderfully sets off this entire subject.

In an election season where the “newspaper of record” committed what was once an unpardonable journalistic sin by letting their subject control their coverage of…her, and where a major cable network gave the Clinton campaign a leg up in the debate (talk about overkill), where leaks old and new vividly show our worthless “elite” media colluding to shape coverage for Democrats, trying to subvert institutions that weren’t enthusiastically compliant enough

I’m not saying that the American media is the same as the Soviet or Nazi-era German media.

I’m saying that they’re voluntarily exhibiting a level of obeisance that other nations’ media throughout history had to be strongarmed, browbeaten and threatened into providing.


Climate Of Hate, Part MMMCMLXXX

GOP office in heavily-Democrat suburban Durham, North Carolina was firebombed over the weekend…

…and sprayed with crude, threatening graffiti.


Hillary Clinton and NC state Democrats condemned the attack – and the police currently have no suspects (although if anyone wants to take the bet that they were Democrats, most likely college-age, feel free to write the check in advance).

The incident rated only the most cursory coverage in the national media, if any.

Is anyone as shocked as I am?

Juxtapose This

11 years ago, Donald Trump says some things about women that’d have gotten my mouth washed out with soap when I was a kid.

The media and a whole lot of virtue-signalers were horrified – or feigned it.

So where were the victorian vapours over the summer?

(Language not safe for work)

Oh, I know; it’s only sexism against the right women that’s a good thing.


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

President Obama refuses to faithfully uphold United States immigration law, so the local sheriff in Arizona has been doing it.  Then Obama’s Justice Department sued, saying nobody else could enforce the law the feds were ignoring. But the sheriff kept enforcing the law. The sheriff is up for re-election. What can Obama’s team do to stop this guy from doing their jobs?

Lawfare.  Loudly trumpet criminal charges, just before the election.  It begins.

And what is Hillary’s position on prosecuting local law enforcement who enforce existing immigration law?  Do Democrats believe they can – and should – transform America into a Sanctuary Nation simply by refusing to enforce the border?  I’d like to see that discussed in the next debate.

.joe doakes

That’d involve Trump preparing for the debate…

NARN Up Is The Code Word

Today, the Northern Alliance Radio Network – America’s first grass-roots talk radio show – is on the air!

Today on the show:

  • Rep. Matt Dean will join us to talk about the ongoing collapse of MNSure, among many other bits of campaign news.

Don’t forget – King Banaian is on from 9-11AM on AM1440, and Brad Carlson is normally heard on “The Closer” edition of the NARN Sundays from 2-3PM.

So tune in the Northern Alliance! You have so many options:

Join us!

The Source Of All Slime

SCENE:  Mitch BERG is walking into the Russian Tea House on University Avenue for some piroshki and borscht.  As he walks up the steps, Avery LIBRELLE is walking out.  BERG can’t avoid LIBRELLE; the meeting is inevitable.  


BERG:  Er…hey, Avery.   Didn’t know you liked Russian food.

LIBRELLE:   I don’t.  I was just going door to door looking for contributions to my new PAC.

BERG:  Huh.  Did you get anything?

LIBRELLE:   Not yet.

BERG:   Well, hey, I’m just gonna grab some…

LIBRELLE:  So shame on your for accusing Hillary Clinton of spreading the “Birther” rumor!  I fact-checked you by going to “AllTheFactsYouNeedToKnowAboutPolitics.com”, a production of the Non-Partisan Center For Non-Partisan Progress, and they said that Hillary never, ever, personally used the word “Birther”.

BERG:   Nobody said she did it personally.  Her campaign used surrogates to do it.

LIBRELLE:  But she didn’t do it personally, so you’re a liar and a hypocrite!

BERG:   So if someone’s campaign spreads information, but the candidate doesn’t do it himself, then the candidate is blameless.

LIBRELLE:   Right!

BERG:   By that logic, the Holocaust never happened, since Hitler didn’t personally kill a single Jew.

LIBRELLE:   Let me check with AllTheFactsYouNeedToKnowAboutPolitics.com when I get to the library.

BERG:   Right.  And the fact that Hillary’s campaign spread the “Obama is a Muslim” rumor never happened, since the words “Obama is a muslim” never crossed Hillary’s lips?

LIBRELLE:  That’s correct.  If the candidate doesn’t say it, it never happened.

BERG:  Gotcha.

LIBRELLE:  Hey – wanna donate to my PAC?


Do Your Homework

A longtime friend of this blog writes:

I really am not familiar with Mike Rowe, but a quick Google indicates he has a reality TV show on cable. But, I really enjoyed this and thought you might enjoy it as well:

I had seen the article by Rowe already.  And it made a point that, I suspect, only he could make.

Our push to get people to the polls, and elevate voting to the highest of civic virtues, is intensely misguided.

Uninformed? Incurious?  Have a worldview based entirely on chanting points?  Why should you go out of your way to make your fairly facile voice heard, running the most complex organization in humanity, when you really don’t get how it works or why?

You Can Keep Your Doctor, Provided Your Doctor Is A Unicorn

Obamacare’s state exchanges are melting down – some faster than others, none faster at the moment than Tennessee:

Seventy-three out of Tennessee’s 95 counties will have only one insurer on the exchange, meaning no meaningful competition whatsoever. In regions where BlueCross BlueShield is pulling out, there will be two remaining major carriers, Cigna and Humana. The only large metro area with more options will be Chattanooga.

Then there are the premiums. State regulators have already approved the highest annual rise in the nation, a weighted average of nearly 56%, according to data at ACASignups.net. The rate increases authorized in late August include an average of 62% for BlueCross BlueShield, 46% for Cigna and 44% for Humana. The latter two companies could ask to revise their rates upward depending on how many former BlueCross consumers they pick up.

The idea that Obamacare is a conspiracy designed to fail, to leave only “single payer” government healthcare as a viable option, is looking less and less like a conspiracy theory.


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Concealed carry permit holders should ask for a subcommittee to deal specifically with the issues of how police treat lawfully armed citizens.

Joe Doakes

Up until the Castile shooting, I’d have said most Minnesota cops were pretty decent around law-abiding shooters.

I suspect most are.  But as the anecdotes roll in, clearly there’s room for improvement.

So let’s improve.

If They Gave Pulitzers For Great Writing About Important Topics

There was a time when “Cracked” magazine was “Mad” magazine’s downmarket, cheap competitor; “Guitar World” to “Guitar Player”, “Hustler” to “Playboy”.

I have no idea what this online world has wrought – but while Cracked has turned into a hit-generating listicle mill, it has come to feature some excellent writing.

Now, forget the market talk.

In fifteen years, I’ve been trying to come up with an article that would explain this nation’s rural/urban divide – the divide that’s driving the Trump candidacy and the surge of animus behind it – as well as this article, by David Wong.

Just an exerpt, from the exposition:

If you’d asked me at the time, I’d have said the fear and hatred wasn’t of people with brown skin, but of that specific tribe they have in Chicago — you know, the guys with the weird slang, music and clothes, the dope fiends who murder everyone they see. It was all part of the bizarro nature of the cities, as perceived from afar — a combination of hyper-aggressive savages and frivolous white elites. Their ways are strange. And it wasn’t like pop culture was trying to talk me out of it:

Ruthless Records
“… And Into Some Nightmares”

It’s not just perception, either — the stats back up the fact that these are parallel universes. People living in the countryside are twice as likely to own a gun and will probably get married younger. People in the urban “blue” areas talk faster and walk faster. They are more likely to be drug abusers but less likely to be alcoholics. The blues are less likely to own land and, most importantly, they’re less likely to be Evangelical Christians.

No, it goes way way way beyond that.    This may be the best thing I’ve read on the internet all year

Read the whole thing.  Forward it to your friends – especially blue-state fops who really just don’t get why Trump is a thing – and why he may just be the tip of the iceberg.

Blind Squirrel

Governor Dayton admits Obama care is a flaming goat rodeo.

On its surface, the story is about one of the most left of center governors in America throwing Obamacare under the bus. And that’s all interesting, don’t get me wrong.

But the governor – and depressed it’s been covering for him for six years – is counting on you,or at least the mainstream Minnesota medias audience,forgetting a few things. He overrode the legislatures decision to get out of the Obama care exchanges. Then, he presided over one of the two or three most botched attempts to build an exchange. MNSure’s gestation was protracted, obscenely costly, and a technical nightmare. And for all that, the products that delivers – with soaring prices, ballooning deductibles and lower availability and choice – are worse.

The media coverage of the governors admission that the Minnesota state exchange, and Obamacare itself, has worked out very badly, tends to portray the governor as a kindly but well meeting fellowadmitting that his ministration’s signature product has had some teething problems.

It’s much, much worse than that.

Before Obamacare and MNSure, Minnesota had the best level of health insurance in the United States; between public and private plans, 92% of the states population was covered..

Proponents of the state/federal plans claim that number is up to 96%, today.  And that maybe true – but more and more people are hanging onto that insurance – policies much bigger than they need, with higher premiums, and deductibles that in many cases will bankrupt families  (What, you could pay her $12,000 a year deductible, along with 20% coinsurance?)

And people wonder why the media obsesses about things Donald Trump said on the TV 11 years ago…

Just You Wait…

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Paul Ryan has become an Establishment Republican.  He’s not going to help Trump win.  He thinks that’s the smart play but I wonder if his voters will mind that he’s back-stabbing the Republican candidate? They’re already booing him in his home state.

 Trump isn’t the one who killed the GOP.  He’s just the one who walked up to it and poked it with a stick to be sure it’s dead.

 Last time, the base turned out nice, polite Tea Partiers who left the lawn cleaner than when they arrived.  This time, we picked Trump who is loud and vulgar but at least knows the greatest threat facing America is not global warming.  If the Democrats, the media and the Establishment GOP conspire to keep him out of the White House, just wait to see who comes next.

Joe Doakes

The anticipation is killing me.

‘Til The Lights Go Out

I’ve believed it for a long time. I’ve believed it a necessary step for this country’s survival for years.

This campaign has elevated it to nearly a life’s mission.

The American mainstream media needs to be rendered extinct.

Not every reporter – although a strong minority of them at the very least are the problem.

Not the notion of “reporting” – but when it comes to politics, there is very little of that going on anymore.

But there can be no rational argument with the proposition that the American mainstream media “elite” has been serving as Hillary’s personal PR agency, willing and eager to massage and shape the news to fit the Clinton agenda for Hillary every bit as much as Bill.

Far from “comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable”, as the old (and utterly apocryphal) press bromide promises, the mainstream media in DC (no moreso than in Minneapolis and Saint Paul) comforts the corrupt and afflicts their victims.

And so it is time for the mainstream media to go.  As far as ad revenues have fallen, they need to fall farther.  As far as rating have plunged, there is still a bottom down there.  They need to die.

Not every reporter – indeed, the death of the mainstream media may give actual honest reporters a chance to redeem their craft, currently trusted less than used car salesmen and Serbian war criminals.

Not the notion of reporting – although the death of our “elite” media, from the Times and CNN down to the Strib will certainly open up the market for reporting as oppposed to Democrat Party PR.

So where can we hit the media to keep the bleeding going today?

Everything Is Exactly As Predicted

Alan Schulkin, Democrat member of NYC’s voting commission, admits that vote fraud is rampant in New York, and that some sort of ID requirement would be a great idea:

While discussing the potential for fraud, Schulkin volunteered that in some parts of the city, “they bus people around to vote . . . They put them in a bus and go poll site to poll site.”

Asked which neighborhoods, Schulkin said, “I don’t want to say.”

When the undercover mentions black and Hispanic neighborhoods, Schulkin responded, “Yeah . . . and Chinese, too.”

At another point in the conversation, he discussed potential absentee ballot fraud.

“Oh, there’s thousands of absentee ballots . . . I don’t know where they came from,” he said.

He later claimed that he made his responses to placate the reporter.  Which makes sense, because it’s highly doubtful he’s used to reporters asking him actual questions.

Also; he doesn’t want to wind up a “suicide” in the East River with four shots in the back of his head.