I remember thirty years ago, when all the Democrats who’d backed the wrong side in the Cold War got very, very quiet when the crimes of the Soviets over the previous seven decades became too clear to miss.

They ducked, weaved and deflected – but they ultimately got quiet.

As we speak, Iranian police and “Basij” – the Iranian version of Brownshirts, ZOMO or government-sanctioned “Anti”-Fa – are gassing, beating and shooting people protesting the death of a woman who was beaten to death, not for not wearing a hijab, but for not wearing it right. Up to 400 have died, and the demonstrations – which the Biden Administration hasn’t thrown under the bus quite yet – aren’t slowing down yet.

Seeing how the most stridently Muslim members of the Democrat Party, and 3/5 of “The Squad”, are doing exactly the same thing re Iran:

It is obscene that the Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour and U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar have failed to say anything about these brave Iranian women, let alone offer their moral support.

Sarsour and Omar continue to glorify their wearing of hijab as a protest against white racism and alleged “Islamophobia.”

U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib posted a statement Sept. 23 expressing solidarity with the protesters “as they fight for a woman’s right to bodily autonomy and against police brutality in the wake of the horrifying murder of #MahsaAmini.”

I’m so looking forward to sitting on the right side of history and heckling Omar.

From The Horse’s Mouth

No reporter in Minnesota has covered the Feeding Our Future scandal like Bill Glahn. (Few have tried, but that’s another issue all together).

With that in mind, rather than trying to recap all the facts we know, I’m just going to attach this video of Glahn talking with John Hinderaker at the Center of the American Experiment:

It’s easy to see why Big Left has been swerving the hate machine toward the CAE lately.

His Ever Changing Moods

One day, he’s launching snitch lines, open-ended “emergency orders” and sending mask inspectors out to restaurants (once he’s allowed them to open).

The next?

Well, hey, that’s an improvement, isn’t it?

The DFL really does depend on voters being low-information, having no critical thinking skills or historical context (even since 2018), but being pretty darn impressed with themselves…

Cloud Control

Senator Amy Klobuchar thinks the stakes of this election are very, very high:

Sen. Amy Klobuchar was slammed Tuesday for appearing to suggest that voting for Democrats in the November midterm elections could help thwart hurricanes and the effects of climate change.

The evidence is all around us: Democrats not only think their voters are stupid, they are counting on it.

Keith Ellison’s Round Trip Journey

Keith Ellison – a year ago this week – op-edding to endorse the “Defund” Amendment in the MInneapolis city elections:

Keith Ellison today: “I’m so a law and order, I make Dirty Harry look like a soy-boi cuck; just ask Mike Freeman!.

No, really. Check out his latest TV ad:

It is is the most artlessly blatant campaign lie I’ve ever seen.

It opens with…

Mike Freeman (?!?!?) talking about the Ellison’s crime-fighting chops – which is a little like getting your coaching skills recommended by Les Steckel. The ad name-drops Freeman – without (if I recall the ad correctly) mentioning he’s the Hennepin County attorney who’s been letting robbers, carjackers and shooters go free, over and over.

The ad claims Ellison has “…never lost a criminal prosecution” – which is true, in the sense that I didn’t f**k up my bathroom plumbing when I replaced it – because I’m not a plumber, and I hired someone who was to do the job. Keith Ellison contracted the job to outside counsel…

…because his next statement, “he added criminal prosecutors”, is technically true and still a lie. The criminal division at the AGO was tiny, and is now a little less tiny. Which was why he had to farm out the Chauvin prosecution!

Ellison‘s ad is further proof that DFLers think they can count on their voters – or swing voters – being too gullible and uncritical to look past the lies.

Experience shows it’s not a bad strategery. Frankly, if he’s wrong I think it’d shock the world.

So let’s shock the world.

The Case Of The Three Command Sergeants Major

A third National Guard Command Sergeant Major – the top non-commissioned officer in a battalion of 500-800 soldiers, all of them very long-term soldiers/guardsmen with impeccable credentials – has come out against Tim Walz:

I need to find these sergeants and get them on the air, since I don’t suspect the Strib, the TV stations or MPR will.

Feeding Our Supporters

The “Feeding Our Future” (FOF) scandal just keeps getting better and better.

Let’s sum up where we are so far:

  1. 48 people were indicted on Thursday by the Feds.
  2. Governor Walz claimed that Ramsey County Judge John Guthman, had ordered the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) – on pain of a contempt charge and potential jail time – to resume payments to the non-profit, as a result of litigation between FOF and MDE.
  3. Guthman responded with a rare and complete rebuke of the Governor, saying that MDE and FOF had reached an agreement that FOF’s various deficiencies had been fixed, making the litigationi moot. That was one round of lies by Walz.

Then, yesterday, this came out; its an extended thread from Fox9 producer Seth Kaplan, and I urge you to read the whole thing:

Money shot:

There was never a mention by Judge Guthmann of criminal contempt and jail time being a possibility. It was always civil/financial contempt and penalties. There is a footnote on page 6 of the June 24, 2021 order reading: “The court’s order does not include a jail sanction so there is no need to address purge conditions.” It also reads “imposing financial and penal consequences for constructive civil contempt of court.”

So the fraud occurred on the administration’s watch – and when caught, Walz tried to throw a judge under the bus. The judge grabbed Governor Klink by the lapels and got his head wedged in there just a little further.

The media will memory hole this but good. But it’s got to be getting harder and harder to do.

Non Per Girare

This is Giorgia Meloni, the new prime MInister of Italy.

The media is referring to her as “Far Right” – or, in moments of revelatory candor, “Fascist”.

Check out the speech. You be the judge – while you still can.

And remember – if William F. Buckley, Jack Kemp, Barry Goldwater, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Lech Wałęsa and Newt Gingrich were coming onto the scene today, they’d all be called “fascists” too.

How do we know that?

Because they said it back then, too.


Let’s talk about the Cayler Ellison case.

Berg‘s 18th law normally takes affect for the first three days after a politically charged event, since our main stream media is more concerned about ratings and “scoops“ than getting facts straight, especially in politically charged events.since our main stream media is more concerned about ratings and “scoops“ then about getting facts straight, especially in politically charged events.

And I’m going to make an executive call, and in this case extend the statutory Bergs 18th law deadline to a solid week, since the main stream media got no closer than 100 miles from McHenry, ND, the actual scene of the crime – i’ve seen no evidence of any journalists reporting from any place closer than Fargo.

But here’s what we know so far: at a street dance in McHenry last Sunday, some sort of altercation lead Shannon Brandt, age 41, to run down the 18-year-old Mr. Ellington. Ellington died of his injuries.

Brandt, Who has a drunk driving record and who blew over a .08 after his arrest, told of the 911 operator the afternoon that Ellingson was a member of a “extremist Republican“ organization.

Big media has soft pedaled this story. Conservatives say it’s evidence of media bias. Progressives hope it’s true, and that they can erase both another Republican and red state voter from the list.

Let’s consider the actual possibilities, Hare:

It’s The Bias, Stupid: for the past decade and a half, big media has been wedded to the idea that the next big wave of terrorism is going to be white, Republican extremists. A democrat extremist doing the actual terrorizing, much less killing? Is that – like the would-be Brent Kavanaugh assassin, or the many other examples of Democrats killing or attacking Republicans – doesn’t fit the narrative. Narratives beget lazy journalism.

But in McHenry North Dakota?

And it’s easy for journalists to get lazy when it comes to covering places like McHenry, North Dakota – in Foster County (where I lived, briefly), a very red place in one of the most Republican states in the union, a County were Donald Trump may have won by just shy of a three digit margin.

Which sets off a small warning bell with the conservative narrative: it’s easy to conceive of people roaming around looking to kill conservatives with impunity in places like Highland Park or Cambridge Massachusetts. but in rural North Dakota?

Let’s put a pin in that idea.

Of Course It’s The Bias – But Not The Bias You’re Thinking About: so let’s say that, rather than being it would be Democrat assassin roaming rural North Dakota looking for “Republican extremists“, you’re just a guy with a drunk driving record and, according to his neighbors, a history of troubling behavior. You’ve just gotten into a spat with someone less than half your age, at a street dance, and run them down.

What’s your alibi? The thing that you think that is going to make you a less unsympathetic perpetrator?

“He was a Republican extremist?“

The idea that there are people out there for whom that is their first thought, even in an alcoholic or psychiatric fog, should concern everyone, no matter what your politics.

Occam’s Shot Glass: let’s go back to the pin we put, earlier.

Brandt’s neighbors say he has a history of being, basically, nuts. He drinks a bit. He’s got a criminal record.

I don’t think I’m going to outside of Berg‘s 18th laws statutory boundaries to think perhaps this episode was both

  • Less less of a political assassination then a crazy drunk Freestyling his way into the middle of America‘s toxic political divide, and
  • Via his choice of “Republican extremist“ as his drunk/crazy excuse for having just committed a hit-and-run, a symptom of how toxic the political divide in this country actually is.

Hopefully we will find out sooner than later.

Is There A Worse Governor Anywhere In America…

…than Gretchen Whitmer?

Exhibit Z-462: Michigan, which was moving the right way on laws limiting predatory civil forfeiture (cops and prosecutors glomming onto property and cash due to allegations of drug crimes) is sliding rapidly backward, as Whitmer signed a “tougher” law, enabling more robbery, easier:

Michigan previously required a criminal conviction prior to completion of forfeitures involving cash or other property worth $50,000 or less. A pair of bills that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed into law on May 26 lowered that ceiling to $20,000 for assets seized at airports. “Drug trafficking will not be tolerated in Michigan,” declared state Rep. Graham Filler (R–DeWitt), who sponsored one of the bills. “The men and women who keep our airports secure need to have the proper authority to keep drugs and drug money out of our state—and this reform gives them the tools they need.” Rep. Alex Garza (D–Taylor) claimed his related bill made Michigan “a safer place,” because “drug traffickers will now think twice before trying to profit off the lives of our residents.”

Forget AOC. Conservatives need to make Il Duchesse [1] the poster child for progressive overreach in 2024.

[1] I know – the feminine definite article in Italian is “La”, not “Il”. But it it makes a better Mussolini comparison. And what are you, un biologo, anyway?

Campaigning 102

Ryan Wilson – who’s running for State Auditor, and is leading incumbent DFLer Julie Blaha in the latest Trafalgar poll on Minnesota statewide races – did a whirlwind tour of Minnesota yesterday, as recounted in this twitter thread.

Read the thread, and notice what’s missing:

At no point in the tour did he drive of the road in a cloud of White Cloud cans, like incumbent DFLer Julie Blaha and her sidekick, Melisa Franzen-Lopez. There was no need for MNGOP chair Dave Hann need to pull up to the scene in a converted Scooby Doo “Mystery Machine” and rescue Wilson from the cops.

At no point did Wilson crash and roll his vehicle leaving a trail of beer cans and ammo, like Dave Hutchinson, the retiring DFL sheriff of Hennepin County and, possibly, the only sheriff in the state that would endorse Keith Ellison.

“No driving off the road in a cloud of empties” would seem to be a low bar…

…oops.. Wrong term. Sorry.

I should say – I assume that Wilson didn’t drive off the road leaving a trail of empty beer cans. If a Republican had done any such thing, we’d have heard about it in the media. endlessly, between now and November. Sort of like when Tom Emmer’s DUI at 20 got wall to wall media coverage, Tim Walz’s at age 31 was completely ignored – that’s how I know .

Anyway – the GOP: the candidates who don’t drive off the road.

Pet Peeve

Two bits of housekeeping before Pet Peeve time.

First: Thoughts and prayers for the people of Puerto Rico. Two devastating disasters in five years – the mind reels.

Second: It’s generally good manners to try to pronounce names and places relatively close to their linguistic originals. It’s why “Beethoven” and “Bach” are proncounced “BAY-to-ven” and “BAKH”, rather than BEE-Thoh-vun” and “BATCH”.

But now that there’s a big story in a Hispanic country, it’s time for National Public Radio reporters to indulge their most annoying affectation.

During standard NPR newscasts, we get a steady diet of reporters and anchors with otherwise traditional “Public Radio accents” – mild-mannered, neutral and and unobtrusive in a way that still bespeaks upper-middle-class roots, the sound of an Oberlin College graduate who interned in DC – abruptly switching out of their public radio lack-of-brogue to wrap their tongues around words like “PWAIR-toh RRRREEEE-koh”, rolling the “R” like Ricardo Montalban in his prime, dare I say *appropriating* a Puerto Rican via “West Side Story” accent [1]…

…and then back to the NPR accent.

And for some reason, it’s ONLY Latino words (or the occasional South Asian one like “POCK-ee-stawn”) that prompts this affectation.

You never hear:

  • OAH-zhlo NOR-guh
  • STOK-holm SVAIR-ee-guh
  • Bair-LEEN, BOON-des-re-poo-bleek DOYCH-land
  • MOSK-vah ROSS-ee-ya
  • TOH-kio NEE-hon
  • Var-SHAH-vah Po-LOH-nya”
  • Or, these days, most of all, “KHYIV, Ooo-KHRAI-nah”.

Pick one affectation and stick with it, I say.

SNL did in fact nail it, back when SNL was still capable of nailing, well, anything:

[1] One exception to the peeve – the reporters who are actually Puerto Rican or at least Latino, who manage to pull off the “NPR Accent” until it comes time to pronounce something Hispanic. No reason for them to dumb down their own language.

One Definition Of Insanity…

…is “doing the same thing, over and over and over, and expecting a different result”.

Apropos nothing:

Tax money will be shifted from taxpayers to non-profits that are, themselves, run and staffed by junior members of the city’s DFL political class. They’ll do studies, write reports, have events, and mostly cash checks, and crime will rise and (maybe) fall on its own rhythm (or, like Detroit and Newark and Baltimore and Saint Louis, not fall at all, ever) – but the DFL will be able to claim with a straight-ish face that they are “Dooooooing Something” about crime.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

The DFL’s No Good, Very Bad Day (Part III): Follow The Money

Perhaps the biggest story of all dropped last. US Attorney Andy Lugar released indictments against 47 (and later, 48) suspects in the Feeding Our Future scandal – the scam funneling $250 million in federal COVID relief into, it’s alleged, the pockets of a series of local non-profits.

he 48th indictment was allegedly a woman who was just about to head to Ethiopia on a one-way ticket – one who’d had the distinction of being the only one of the indicted who’d actually fed anyone.

The indicted include major donors to DFL candidates up through Ilhan Omar – and some key staffers for (as far as we know so far) Jacob Frey and others.

Beyond that?

This all took place on the watches of Keith Ellison and, especially, State Auditor Julie Blaha – who listed her main qualification for the job as “teaching kindergartners how to count”, four years ago. She may just be out of her depth.

Strong hunches bordering on fearless predications:

  • The Twin Cities media will try to move along to a new news cycle ASAP.
  • More DFL connections will become apparent, for those who are looking for them.

It was a very bad day for the DFL. I needed that.

The DFL’s No Good, Very Bad Day (Part II): Police On My Back

As the DFL’s day continued, the DFL’s push to wrap themselves in law and order took a solid hit when a couple of dozen county sheriffs endorsed Jim Schultz for Attorney General:

This has got to terrify the DFL. There may be more bodies buried at the AGO than even in Steve Simon’s State Department. Expect a tsuanmi of Sorosbucks to try to right the DFL’s ship in this race.

And that could get even worse for Ellison, given the next story that dropped yesterday…

The DFL’s No Good, Very Bad Day (Part I): Polled

It was a rough day for the DFL yesterday. One we’ll be talking about on Saturday at some length.

First: a Trafalgar poll showed the Governor’s race tied, and Jim Schultz and Ryan Wilson ahead in the Attorney General and Auditor’s races:

After the cold bucket of water from SUSA three weeks ago – showing the whole GOP ticket hopelessly out of the running – this poll is…bracing?


And the news down-ticket is even better. Kim Crockett solidly in the running for Secretary of State:

Ryan Wilson has nosed ahead of Julie “White Claw” Blaha – of whom more below:

And nosing into “shock the world” territory, the poll shows Jim Schultz leading Keith Ellison:

I haven’t seen crosstabs – more on Trafalgar’s reliability below – but if those stack up, it’ll explain why the DFL and ABM’s TV ads are getting so shrill-sounding. With public opinion polling, the devil is always in the details; sampling, turnout models, methodology, all of them can distort numbers, and we really won’t know until election night for real, anyway.

But If these are close, I can’t wait to hear about Angie Craig’s internal polls .

If the chorus of calumny from DFLers about the Trafalgar poll (which Nate Silver rates as an “A” for methodology and accuracy) shows us one thing, it’s that Minnesota DFLers aren’t used to getting bad news. They do it with all the grace of toddlers who don’t get their ice cream cone.

Speaking of law and order, that brings us to the next story:

No Sense Of Measure

I’ve never been a huge fan of 60s-80s prog-rock band “Yes”, really.

But I am a huge fan of artistic excess.

Actual “Yes” fans dunk on me pretty hard for being much more into their eighties incarnation, with Trever Rabin replacing Steve Howe on guitar – the edition of the band that did Owner of a Lonely Heart almost forty years ago…

…and, its followup single, this weird, elliptical, “prog”-rock meets new wave detour “Leave It”, with one of the weirder videos in the early history of MTV:

Did I say “one?”

I recall a brief blurp of controversy in the eighties about the video – or videos – to this song, but I never retained many of the details.

But details, there were – a total of 18 videos, produced by Kevin Godley and Lol Creme, the art-rock polymaths behind the band “10cc”, who went on to write the figurative book on “groundbreaking”, disconcerting and, now, oddly archaic video production.

And the story just gets better and better:

I’m almost sorry I missed this the first time around.

It’s from the brief period where I could actually enjoy “Yes”, apropos not much.