This NPR story – about a group of black families buying property in Georgia to try to create a black, utopian city – is full of unspoken, and semi-spoken, assumptions that Honky is going to mess the whole thing up.

Speaking as a person of honk, I wish them all well in their oddly segregationist but utterly legal effort.

Indeed, there are notes of free-marketeering to be found in between the lines in the story.

Which brings me to my actual response..

“Go with God, Freedom, Georgia. Hold that free-market thought, and you have every chance of doing very well. But if you wind up going with the soft-socialism that much of the Black Democrat political mainstream pushes, you might – will – have problems. Try to avoid that”.

Which is better advice than NPR or most of its listeners are going to give.

Something Tells Me…

…that Duke Ellington HIgh School in Georgetown, DC is going to regard this as a, er, tactical error; they’ve canceled a fundraiser involving one of their alums, Dave…

…er, let me try that again…


because transgender::

The students said they were uncomfortable supporting Chappelle because many of their classmates identify as LGBTQ+. In his new Netflix special, The Closer, the comedian compares being transgender to wearing blackface, says “gender is a fact” and says that he’s a member of “team TERF,” meaning “trans-exclusionary radical feminists.”

I’m hoping I’m around in 30 years to see what comedians say about this era.

Swallowed By The Cracks

This story came out last week.

On one hand, a round of applause for the locals who grabbed the guy.

The good news: People are getting sick of criminals.

The bad news: Perhaps they’re also getting sick of a system that coddles criminals, and are ready to start doing order (if not justice, in the sense we’ve come to expect) themselves.

But there’s more.

As of when this post was written (Saturday morning), Minnesota had 84 homicides – two more than for all of 2020.

Let’s put that in context. In 2016, there were 82 unjustified homicides.

In the entire state of Minnesota. Minneapolis had 30-.

Thjis is what civic collapse looks like.

Dereliction Of “Duty”

And to think some say the “elite” media is utterly delusional:

I mean, I get the theory – it’s not quite the puffery it appears to be at first glance. A media that conscientiously checks and balances government is, in fact, vital – not only to democracy, but to the functioning of a free society.

Quick example: In the history of the world, there has never been a famine in a place with both a relatively free economy and a relatively free press; the market evens out the economic distortion, and a free-ish media allays the panic-hoarding and the corruption, that are behind most modern famines.

Now – looking at the shortages creeping up around us today, do you think our media could be doing a better job of reporting on the causes?

As opposed to puffing up the Administration -and themselves?

Game On

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals says — no mandate for you:

A federal appeals court has upheld its stay on President Biden’s vaccine-or-test mandate for companies with at least 100 employees.

In a 22-page ruling on Friday, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the mandate was “fatally flawed,” and barred the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) from enforcing the mandate “pending adequate judicial review” of a motion for permanent injunction.

OSHA shall “take no steps to implement or enforce the mandate until further court order,” the ruling stated.


The mandate, which was supposed to take effect Jan. 4, requires business with at least 100 employees to mandate their workers get vaccinated or undergo frequent testing.

Two predictions:

  • Biden and co. will ignore the court ruling; and
  • The chorus of MSM scolds will try to justify whatever Biden does. Constitutional crises are so 2020, doncha know.


I Shouted Out Who Killed Joseph Rosenbaum, When After All, It Was You And Me

The Kyle Rittenhouse case – involved in jury instrucitons today, and going to final attorney summations today – is plenty complicated, but about some fairly simple questions:

  • Did Rittenhouse instigate or participate in instigating two different deadly-force incidents in which he used lethal force on four people, with two dead, one seriously injured, and one missed (who has disappeared from public view)?
  • Was his fear of death or great bodily harm reasonable?
  • Was the threat to his life immediate?
  • Was his response reasonable – enough to end the attack on him?
  • DId he make a reasonable effort under the circumstances to disengage?

Proving or disproving those five points for two incidents and four shootings has taken eight days of testimony and over a year of pre-trial wrangling – all very complicated – but the questions themselves are fairly simple.

But as far as the media and the large culture are concerned, this trial isn’t really about the facts of the case.

This case is about America’s tribes – the “four Americas” that George Packer talked about last summer – projecting their views of each other onto each other via a teenager who jumped into the deep end of the pool head-first.

Smart” America, the Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton crowd, see in Rittenhouse the bitter gun-clinging Jeezuz freak they picture that other tribe of Americans being; they earnestly exclaim “Nobody needs a gun like that” (ignoring the fact that four people tried to kill him). They think Rittenhoue is an intellectual symbol of all they detest about that other America. This includes most, but not all, media coverage; Big Media has cast its lot with “Just America”, and it shows in much of the coverage.

Real” America seems. him as a lone sentinel of freedom, fighting back against the (politically favored, socially immunized) mob that is ravaging our centers of thought and commerce (and Kenosha). A kid from bedrock America, good and true, a bone to be chewed by a “blue” culture and media (ptr) who are siding with the rioters

“Free” America sees this as another show trial, like Bernard Goetz, a symbol of a state run amok that is actively crushing liberty.

“Just” America, naturally, sees Rittenhouse, the person and the case, as a symptom of “white supremacy” and the base, violent nature of the army of straw cis-men they face.

Indeed, with few exceptions, the higher the social status of the person commenting on Rittenhouse, the less their commentary actually has to do with the shootings in Kenosha or the facts at trial.

Everyone and everything in our society today is a metaphor, it seems.

There Are Many Ways To Destroy A Civil Society

Incenting people to snitch on each other over personal and business decisions is one of them.

“But wait, Mitch – the fact that you didn’t say anything against the Texas abortion law’s incentives for filing actions against abortion providers or customers speaks volumes“.

It sure does. I’m not necessarily wild about that part of the Texas law – although the decision to abort affects more than just the mother; in many cases, more than just the mother and child, as well.

But in this case? If you loved East Germany under the Stasi, you’ll love a second Biden term.

Walz: Rules Are For Suckers

People filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Data Practices Act (DPA) requests over the past few years have wondered how it is that Governor Walz leaves such a light state-documented electronic trail.

Could he just be old fashioned? Or, like Paulie Cicero in Goodfellas, maybe he just never does business electronically?

Well, no:

Because information is privilege. And privilege is power.

It’s Veterans Day

I’ve said it in the past; I’ve always found the practice of thanking veterans for their service to be a little…off.

Nothing against those that do say it – but it’s always felt a little strange to me.

“Thanks for taking a couple years out of your life, in many cases going around the world and undergoing a lot of unimaginable stress, danger and horror. Thanks so much!”.

So for my part – to all you veterans out there: I’m glad you made it home.

Let’s make this nation worth your time, and the sacrifice of those who didn’t come back.

In The Bag

This blog was founded primarily to lend my small, relatively insignificant voice to pointing out the growing bias and ethical turpitude the mainstream media.

That was in 2002 – a much more innocent time, relatively speaking.

As we’ve documented the proceedings in the Rittenhouse trial, I’ve noted the scabrous, depraved slant in the coverage.

Someone actually put ’em in the same place:

Local media is no better; most ran headlines similar to the above during Monday’s proceedings – only Channel 11 made a quick headline reference to the fact that Grosskreutz incriminated himself and upheld Rittenhouses self-defense claim against him (without saying it in as many words, naturallly).

Public media? NPR and MPR this morning ran a report from Wisconsin Public Radio about yesterday’s proceedings that focused on a dispute over whether the owner of the used car lot where the incident started did or did not pay, or even ask, civilians to provide security – which will have no impact on the verdict, other than perhaps gulling any potentially dim jurors…

…and ignored the county Medical Examiner and photographer Nathan DeBruin, who largely upheld Rittenhouse’s self-defense claim.

I tend to give people the benefit of a doubt. Reporters aren’t largely lawyers. Many of them aren’t curious enough to go much past the press releases that seem to make up so much of one’s morning newscast.

But this goes way past ignorance, and given the amount of reliable information that is available, incompetence as well.

They are pushing a narrative; protesters good, protests mostly peaceful, resistance entirely depraved and motivated by white supremacy.

To the narrative, the battle is a reductionist cartoon with white hats on one side and MAGA caps on the other, counting on news consumers to be too dim to know the difference.

As the 2020 elections, the California recount, and the recent election in Austin Texas show, its not wrong.


There are so many reasons to flush the Biden administration like a bad tequila and gas station burrito bender the next morning.

This story is merely one of them. But it’s a big one:

Veterans that chose not to get a COVID-19 vaccine and are dismissed from their posts will not receive any special protections or preferential evaluations for veterans’ benefits eligibility, with the decision being ultimately determined by their discharge status.

The decision of whether to give these veterans other-than-honorable discharges will be left to their local commanders.

I don’t care what Betty McCollum and Ilhan Omar have to say about this – it’s perfectly predictable.

Now Dean Phillips and Angie Craig? That’s an opinion I’d like to get.

So Then This Happened

During testimony yesterday in the Kyle Rittenhoue trial, Gaige Grosskreuz – the “medic” with the illegally-concealed who was shot while chasing Rittenhouse with an illegally-concealed Glock – this happened:

In this, Grosskreutz admits – after a half-hour of cross-examination by defense attorney Chirifisi – that his actions justified Rittenhouse’s claim of self-defense against him, and likely Huber as well. The admission above takes place at 3:23 of the video below; the preceding several minutes of the defense cross-examination is fascinating….

…as Chirifisi slowly backs Grosskreutz into telling the truth, is fascinating to watch.

As was the prosecutor’s classic facepalm.

Defense attorney Andrew Branca blogged about the day’s events. He’s scathing to ADA Binger.

As I stepped through the cross-examination of Grosskreutz today, I identified no fewer than 19 substantive portions, nearly 50% of the total time spent on cross by Attorney Chirafisi, that were substantively destructive to the State’s narrative of guilt, and helpful to the defense narrative of self-defense.   It was harder to identify the parts to leave out of today’s end-of-day post than it was to select the parts to keep in.

“Directed verdict” – a judge telling a jury that the facts leave only one possible choice – is what the lawyers in the windows on the left of the screen start yelling. I suspect that’s unlikely, although less so than the belief in some quarters that the judge should toss the whole trial, which just isn’t going to happen; someone would gin that into grounds for an appeal, and then you’re one judge away from having to go through the whole thing again.

In the course of this trial, I’ve learned one important thing; the big lesson I took away from carry permit class 16 years ago has changed. The defense no longer has to prove the major elements of their case; they have the burden of providing evidence of self-defense; the prosecution then has to prove that any one of the following five standards for self-defense wasn’t met:

1. Innocence – the defendant didn’t start the altercation

2. Proportionality – they used only the force necessary to stop the threat

3. Imminence – the lethal force was used in response to something going on at that moment; not the day before, not some future threat.

4. Reasonableness – the defendant reasonably believed they were going to die.

5. Avoidance – the defendant tried to avoid the episode. Note – even in a Stand your Ground or Castle situation, judges will often advise juries it’s best to try to avoid the use of lethal force.

It seems obvious that the prosecution’s case in the Huber and Grosskreutz shootings fell apart yesterday. The Rosenbaum shooting may be a little closer fought, but I think there’s at least reasonable doubt so far…

…and the defense still hasn’t presented its case.

Just to be clear – killing is a tragedy, and it’s best not to be where one expects violence to happen. The law – and, in places like Minneapolis and Kenosha, politics – aren’t fond of citizens defending their property. Be aware of this.

But hopefully this past two years, and a good mid-term at the state and federal level, start changing that.

There Was A Time…

…when I would have looked at an event like today’s 83rd anniversary of Kristallnacht and nodded and thought “good thing our society is smarter than that these days”.

Because November 9 is the anniversary of the largest pogrom in ihistory:

In a statement to representatives of the foreign press, Goebbels responded to the outrage at Germany’ assault on its half-million Jewish citizens by challenging the Western democracies: “If there is any country that believes it has not enough Jews, I shall gladly turn over to it all our Jews.” But not one country said they would take the Jews of Germany.

After this last couple of years, I’m really not so sure.

Antisemitism is back on the rise…:

It’s incredible how little has changed in eighty-three years. Children’s textbooks are filled with anti-Jewish hatred in the Palestinian territories while others call Abbas and his underlings “moderates. “Islamic Clerics throughout the world call for the death of Jews, and a recent AJC study reported that Antisemitism runs rampant in France.

And given our crippling tribalism, and the dehumanization of other ‘tribes” that runs rampant in tribalist societies (Rwanda, Bosnia, Burma and India for some modern examples), I’m not exactly sanguine about everyone else either.

Compare And Contrast

SCENE: It’s the studio at Minnesota Public Radio. MyLyssa SILBERMAN, reporter for National Public Radio’s Saint Paul bureau, covering the “Fake News” and “Diversity” beats, is guest-ghosting “MInnesota Insights”, a program of insights about Minnesota,. She is interviewing Gretel STROMBERG, Executive Director of “Minnesotans United for All Progressive Causes”.

SILBERMAN: So, big news in Los Angeles. The city is banning gasoline-powered leaf blowers. What’s your take on that, Gretel?

STROMBERG: (sounding audibly giddy). I could hardly be happier! That noise every fall just drives me crazy. And sturdies show that a leaf blower creates a biggest carbon footprint in an afternoon than a car driving from Minneapolis to Fresno.


STROMBERG: But it’s also the fact that it’s just a horrible sound.

SILBERMAN: Oh, same for me!

STROMBERG (sounding like she’s trying to head off a faux pas), let me say that what I’m saying is from the perspective of a white woman of privilege…

SILBERMAN: Of course…

STROMBERG: Because white woman privilege is huge and powerful.

(Scene cuts to a community clinic in Coleraine, Minnesota, where Angela PULJUU, an LPN, is driving home from a 12 hour shift in an assisted living center)


(Scene cuts to a tony home in Deephaven, facing Lake Minnetonka. Karen BERHEIM-WOLD, part-time realtor, ex-wife of a successful entrepreneur and current trophy wife of a bank CEO, is having a cup of Nespresson in her three season porch overlooking the lake)

BERHEIM-WOLD: That is so true.

(Scene cuts to a small farm in Goodhue County, where Janelle HELMBACHER is looking at price hikes in the meat aisle at the local grocery store)

HELMBACHER: What, now?

(Scene cuts to an opulent mansion in Chicago, where for whatever reason Oprah Winfrey is listening to the live stream)

WINFREY: Testify!

(Scene cuts to a school bus in South Saint Paul, where teachers aid Pauline SCZEPANSKI is wrangling a bunch of junior high kids who have gotten un-used to being around kids or following rules).



Continue reading


I’ve had a few commenters point out that the site has gotten rather slow.

The site was recently moved to a different server at my hosting service. That likely means your IP path to this site has changed; if your browser has the old IP address cached, that might cause a problem.

Trying from a different browser, or an incognito browser, or perhaps flushing your cookies, might help.

If it doesn’t, I’ll talk with my hosting company and see if it’s something on their end.

News You Can Use

When your dumbass Karen of a sister-in-law asks for just one bit of “scentific” proof that acquired immunity isn’t in fact “nonexistent”, but is for sake of argument at least as important as vaccination in dealing with Covid?

Give them 64 bits, and counting.

And then 96 more, although some may overlap.

I authorize the use of extreme force to force them to listen to every one.

You’re welcome.

Privilege In Action

“Anti”-Fa / BLM “proteszters”, led by a man who is putatively George Floyd’s nephew, mostly-peacefully break into the home of the judge in the judge in the Kim Potter case, live stream the whole thing:

Among the many problems, here?

  • If no legal consequences befall these “people”, confidence in the “justice” system will get smacked.
  • And consequences happen here, but not for regular citizens – and they generally do not – then that’s another self-inflicted hit.
  • And when people stop trusting institutions to create the order (combined with justice) that makes regular life possible, they do it themselves. And that’s usually a very bad thing.

Worst part of all? If Mike Freeman does something about this (which seems unlikely to this cynic; what, arrest George Floyd’s nephew?), that’ll be the good news – since whoever replaces him (Ryan Winkler?) will be even worse.


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Conservatives have been warning Liberals for years that if cops won’t arrest thieves and carjackers, citizens will take the law into their own hands.

This is what that looks like, at first.

Except if this guy gets convicted, everyone else will learn a lesson from it. It’ll end differently next time. The next guy won’t call the cops. He’ll finish the job, leave the body in the street, and drive his van home.

Because that’s what happens if cops won’t arrest thieves and carjackers, but Will arrest citizens who had no alternative to taking the law into their own hands.

And the next step after that? If honest citizens are forced to conclude the cops are as much a problem as the crooks? Who gets shot then?

Joe Doakes

Even the mob knew enough to keep hands off of cops.

But it is not a big stretch for civilians to figure out “never talk“.