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Is She Perchance Samoan?

You’re a radical “Progressive”.

As such, you pretty much despise most of the things that allow you the wealth and leisure to be a radical “Progressive”: commerce, the free market, individual wealth (beyond whatever is needed to give you everything you want), and the cheap, safe energy, whether petroleum or fission-based, that makes that wealth and leisure feasible. Oh, yeah – and the people who produce it.

As such, you may have wanted to to participate in the extended squat against the Dakota Access Pipeline a few years ago – where you and a few hundred of your fellow leeches protested against a pipeline carrying Bakken crude oil to market, because it’s so much better to have it transported by truck and train through rural America, after all. You (or people you sympathized with deeply) came, rioted, got tossed, and left one of the most disgusting messes in the history of a very tidy state – because hey, it’s not really pollution when it’s something you’re inflicting on Red America, is it?

(No, the new “red America”. Your antics turned out to be potentially catastrophic for the original “red” America. But as we know, Urban Progressive Privilege means only the purity of your “progressive” motives really matter; actual consequences are irrelevant).

And – as, to some extent, you (plural and singular) hoped for, the law stepped in. You – the larger “you”, maybe actually You, maybe some other Yous – got arrested and charged for all sorts of mischief. In a state full of people who are not amused by your juvenile hijinks and not impressed by the adoring media coverage you got in the Twin Cities.

You needed legal help. And legal help takes money.

And some people stepped in to provide it. Because it’s what progs do for other progs.

But what if a group were to raise lots and lots and lots of money from progs with deep pockets to seek “justice” and pay for a legal defense for all your fellow litterbugging shrieking ninnies?

And then decide “justice” would be best served by – allegedly…

…telling you and your snowflake friends to plead guilty, while they just keep all that money?

I said allegedly

I came across the podcast “A Mexican Crossing Lines – Scandalous Accusations” that discusses vast sums of money that was raised by the non-profit “The Freshet Collective” and raises questions about what happened to all of this money. Specifically, on this podcast, an activist named Duke Gomez-Schempp claimed publicly that this organization was failing to pay its legal bills and was instead “getting everyone to plead guilty and keeping the money.” Freshet was registered as a Minnesota Non-Profit Corporation on August 30, 2016. This Non-Profit appears to be closely affiliated with Attorney Tara Houska, who has ties to Honor the Earth, a Minnesota Non-Profit, and is a “Native American Adviser” to US Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders.

Oh, darn.

And again – we don’t know anything yet.

Other than the fact that a lot of money got raised, and it seems to have stayed put.

Yet Again

You could almost sense it, coming everywhere from Democrats on social media to progs in the dead tree media; this was going to be the UK election that set so much right in the UK, undoing Brexit and re-setting the left’s agenda…

…and telegraphing the public mood about Trump and the rise of other populists in the west.

Well, they were half right.

Mr Johnson’s snap General Election gamble paid off as he romped home with an estimated majority of 78.
The ecstatic Tory boss said his “stonking” win has given him a “powerful mandate to get Brexit done” as humiliated Jeremy Corbyn vowed to quit.
The results mean Britain’s political chaos could finally be over, leaving Mr Johnson with the numbers to finally push his Brexit deal through Parliament in just weeks.

I’m trying to remember the last time anyone had an absolute majority. Under Thatcher?

The final count:

  • The Tories: 364
  • All the rest: 284. Labour was 203 of ’em.

So Jeremy Corbyn, the standardbearer for European-style Democrat Socialism, who explicitly walked hand-in-hand with his closest American counterpart, Bernie Sanders, has gone down in flames.

So that leaves Democrats in the US with a rousing anti-mandate from the UK (which has at times been a bellwether for sentiments in the US as well, as in the 1979 contest that put Thatcher in office), with a field of frauds, flyweights and, well, Labour candidates.

Which will leave them to flog their impressively vacuous articles of impeachment into a rallying cry for the legion of the invincibly ignorant.

Which, history shows, isn’t a bad strategery for them, but isn’t necessarily airtight.

Christmas Deadline

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Before Christmas, Democrats in Congress expect to vote on articles of impeachment to remove President Trump from office.
Before Christmas, funding for the federal government runs out, unless President Trump agrees to continue the funding.
This creates an opportunity for President Trump. I can’t wait to see how he uses it.
Joe Doakes 

Me too. Unlike the Boehner-era Republicans, Trump and McConnell might just do the right thing with an opportunity like this.

Mode$t Propo$al$

A friend of the blog emails a PiPress story in which it’s noted the Twin Cities ranks 92 out of 100 metro areas for racial equity, according to the NAACP:

They dont even give us the official name of this survey so to properly look it up?
Of course I find a link to how more money would help this. Convenient these stories come out after a PROPOSED budget surplus.

Of course. The story isn’t about informing people who think critically. It’s about starting the process of shaking down taxpayers…

…to set the stage for the next shakedown.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Wake Me Up When December Ends

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I hate December. It’s cold. It’s dark. And all my year-end bills come due. Annual attorney recertification, vacation condo maintenance fee, hangar rent, Christmas bills plus all the usual expenses. It’s that wallop at the end of the year that annoys me. I hate to see money going out of the checkbook, it should be coming in. Makes me what to cut back,  spend less, live poor. 
“Darkness was cheap, and Scrooge liked it.”
I know exactly how he felt.
Joe doakes

I make a concerted point of enjoying the whole holiday season – which has made me, oddly enough, enjoy the season.

But I get it. I really do.

“The Simple Fact”

Start running down the list of bald-faced lies – stuff no rational person believes – that Democrat politicians say with a straight face, straight into the camera, over and over and over.

It’s a long, long list:

  • “Trump’s election was illegitimate!”
  • “We’ve got more ‘gun violence’ now than ever before!”
  • “The ‘Republican War on Women'”
  • “Nixon won because all the racists came over to the GOP, and stayed”
  • “Nobody’s coming for your guns!”
  • “We’ve got twelve years to solve manmade global warming!”
  • “Increasing public school funding directly benefits The Children!”
  • “Children! In cages! It’s Trump’s fault!”
  • “90% of the people want “universal” background checks on guns!”
  • “Abortion is about womens’ health!”
  • “Trump attacked women!”

I’ve only scratched the surface, of course (Indeed, I should start compiling a master list).

Why is this?

This tweet really explains it:

And the Dems’ leadership knows it to be a fact.

Which is why they keep flooding the zone with so much utter twaddle. If their “market” weren’t buying, they wouldn’t be selling.

When The Title Says It All

Goons disrupt a showing of Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla’s No Safe Spaces, in – where else – California:

“After all of the previews and ads were over and the movie was just starting, two thugs sporting hoodies, masks, sunglasses and carrying huge duffel bags ran, not walked, up the aisle and sat at the back of the theater right behind us. They looked like bank robbers, home invasion criminals… they were trying to act scary,” a moviegoer named Vanessa, who asked for her last name not be used, told Fox News.
“As you can imagine, I was nervous that they were planning something even more nefarious than just visual intimidation,” Vanessa said.
Vanessa and other moviegoers complained to the theater and called the police. She said she was issued a refund and left.
“When the manager went in to check on them they had removed all intimidating items. They knew what they were doing,” Vanessa said. “Potential criminals got to stay while we had to leave because we were afraid they might do something violent. My son did not want to leave because he didn’t want them to succeed in their plan of intimidation and free speech suppression. But I told him a movie was not worth our lives in case they had weapons or something.”

I figured this would happen. The movie commits, to Big Left, the ultimate sin: it tells the truth about it.

By the way – I highly recommend you see it. I caught a screening a few weeks ago – and it’s everything I’d hoped. I may have to do a proper review.

In re this incident? The cops never filed a report.

“They came full sprint to the top of the theater with bandanas on their face,” another attendee, Scott Stroud, confirmed to Fox News.
Stroud said that he pressured management to call the police, and they eventually obliged after initially downplaying the situation and assuring that the backpacks of the men were searched. Stroud said he explained the subject matter of the movie to theater workers in an effort to be taken seriously.
Stroud said police told him theater management didn’t think it was necessary to investigate further, but he disagrees.

It’s California. Progs get a pass. Sort of like Saint Paul.

Not that I want to see anything terrible happen, but it’d be just a shame – a shame – if one of those wannabe thugs gave someone just enough reasonable fear of death or great bodily harm to get his face legitimately blown into the next county.

No, I said a shame. We just do not want this to happen.

“Good Faith”

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Even if the FBI had a good faith basis to open the inquiry, it did not have one to continue the inquiry.  
And what about all those unmaskings? FBI wiretaps Trump campaign, gives information to Susan Rice in the White House, and it ended there? Nothing got forwarded to the Hillary campaign? Do we believe that?
Joe Doakes

If The People can’t trust the institutions that ostensibly protect democracy, then democracy is in trouble. 

Cultural Cleansing

“Progressive” bosses won’t hire Trump supporters:

It’s not legal in most cases, and certainly not right, but 1 in 5 left-leaning bosses “will not hire” supporters of President Trump, and huge majorities of hiring managers want to know the positions job candidates have on highly controversial issues including race and immigration, according to a sweeping new survey.
What’s more, job seekers reluctant to cough up their views and positions in interviews can’t hide them because nearly all employers sift through social media posts, mostly Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, of those they are considering for jobs.

Now, I didn’t vote for Trump, and I’ve certainly made my Trump-skepticism a matter of public record – but I’ve run into this, and in fact it’s not just Trump. Some “progressive” management practice cultural cleansing of all Republican and conservative thought their offices.

I pretty strenuously keep my political beliefs, this blog, and my show out of the workplace – eschewing political conversations even among friends. But I’m fairly certain my blog and / or show played a role in two contracting gigs not being renewed over the years, and I’ve got suspicions about one reorganization at a direct job back in the 2000s as well.

Of course, in every case it turned out to be their loss rather than mine – each of the teams I’d worked on has developed a reputation for incompetence and venal, petty, backbiting institutional culture and…

…well, some punch lines just write themselves, don’t they?

The Camel’s Nose

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Democrat activist psychiatrists support impeachment because President Trump is mentally unstable.  They’ve confidently diagnosed him, without having met him, and without his having committed any specific dangerous act.  But Congress must take them seriously, they’re doctors, they have lab coats and everything.
Next up, gun control activist psychiatrists support seizing your guns under Red Flag laws.  They will confidently diagnose you as mentally unstable, without ever having met you, without your having committed a single dangerous act.  The judge must take them seriously, of course; they’re doctors, they have lab coats and everything.
Joe Doakes

This should surprise nobody who’s read their history. It’s in the America left’s DNA.

Machine Against The Rage

SCENE: Mitch BERG sees a flatbed cargo bike, with a parka-clad rider, bogged down in a snowdrift. He pulls his car over to help…

only to see that the driver is Avery LIBRELLE.


BERG: Uh, hey, Avery. Looks like you’re stuck…

LIBRELLE: Don’t change the subject. Elizabeth Warren, like Kamala Harris before her, is falling in the polls because of sexism!

BERG: Sexism among Democrat primary voters?

LIBRELLE: Stop deflecting! She’s being targeted because white cis-males can’t stand an angry woman!

BERG: Huh. So even as the guardians of White Liberal Progressive culture tell us that “female rage” is a positive virtue, something to be celebrated on pain of social ostracism, you’d have me believe that Fauxcahontas, seeking the support of the people that support this view, is suffering from a patriarchal disdain for female rage?

LIBRELLE: Hey! You called her Fauxcahontas! Show some respect!

BERG: Warren has admitted she lied about the whole thing, and I have no respect for her whatsoever. So – either Warren is just a terrible candidate, or it’s the Democrat voters who can’t deal with “female rage”. (BERG gives a mighty push and dislodges the cargo bike)

LIBRELLE: (Pedaling merrily away) Clearly you’re a misogynist!

BERG: (Yelling after h…er, hi…er, LIBRELLE without any especial gusto) Clearly.

(BERG resumes trudging up the street)


Misleading Advertising

In a state with functioning truth in advertising laws, the DFL would be forced the change its name from the “Democrat Farmer Labor” to the “Democrat Public Employee” party.

The DFL’s numbers among private-sector labor unions have been eroding for decades. That’s the subject of another post.

But the DFL’s support in rural Minnesota has pretty much collapsed. The DFL lost the First CD, and likely will not get it back anytime soon. The 7th – aka “East Dakota” – has always been a positive GOP district for every office other than state Representative; Trump took the district by nearly a three-digit margin. And if Colin Peterson ever retires, it will never vote DFL again. Ever.

And the reversal in the 8th – as the DFL, a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of the Metro public employee/big progressive money/environmentalist racket, continues its generations-long stomping on the mining industry – appears to be nearly complete; the district, a DFL sinecure up to the last decade and blue enough to toss Chip Cravaack for Rick Nolan’s re-animated head in a jar, went for Trump by two digits and sent Pete Stauber to Congress.

So in the parts of Minnesota where people respond “the Met what ?” when the Met Council is brought up, the DFL is about as politically current and on point as a Beach Boys tour.

Which perhaps is behind Speaker Melissa Hortman’s faintly desperate-sounding kumbaya op-ed last week in the Strib, “Minnesota’s Urban-Rural Divide is a Myth“.

Minnesotans have a lot in common with each other. We care about our neighbors and our shared future. We want to see everyone succeed in our communities. No matter our differences, including where we live, we all want good jobs that can support our families, good schools for our children, clean air to breathe, clean water to drink and affordable, high-quality health care.

MIners in CD8 might well be wondering when that concern for their “good jobs” is going to materialize.  

And given that Democrats in Minnesota as nationwide are quintupling down on the same identity politics that performed so well for HIllary Clinton three years ago, this next paragraph should insult the intelligence of even Hortman’s base, to say nothing of readers with critical thinking skills:

There are those who seek to divide us. Some people seek to score political points by contending that there is an “us” and a “them” in Minnesota. Some people focus on what they contend divides us — whether that’s geography, race, religion, national origin or some other characteristic — rather than focusing on the values that unite us. (“Minnesota’s urban-rural divide is no lie,” July 28; “I’d like to expand on my thanks to the president,” Oct 15; “The Twin Cities don’t speak for the entire state,” Nov. 11.)

Now, I’m not going to say that the DFL has spent the last decade or so trying to create a cultural civil war between the Blue and Red parts of Minnesota, with its:

But if the D”F”L were trying to wage a cultural red-blue civil war, I’m at a loss to think about what they’d be doing differently.

But as our friend Gary Gross at Let Freedom Ring points out, the proof of the DFL’s urban-uber-alles philosophy isn’t just in their numbers, their policy, their legislative priorities or their results.

It’s in their org chart:

Of the 7-person DFL Senate leadership team, 1 person is from northwest Minnesota (Kent Eken) and another person (Tom Bakk) is from northeast Minnesota. The other 5 people (Susan Kent, who is challenging Bakk for Minority Leader, Jeffrey Hayden, Carolyn Laine, John Hoffman and Ann Rest) are from the Twin Cities.

And that’s the Senate – where the DFL has to “moderate” their approach, being in a slight minority.

And I eirect you back to their 2018 state convention, where the activists in the party advanced a “crazies-only” slate; Erin Murphy, Erin Maye-Quade for Governor and Lieutenant Governoer, Matt Pelikan for Attorney General and the rest. It remained for the DFL’s statewide voters to opt for the – this is rich – more “moderate” Tim Walz and Keith Ellison in the primaries.

Nope. No catastrophic urban focus there.

Our Annual Budget Ritual

The “state budget report” tells of a $1.3 billion dollar overtaxation – called a “surplus” in pure accounting lingo, but really, it means the government grabbed a lot more in taxes than they had budgeted. Progs think that’s a good thing. Progs are also comically innumerate.

A friend of the blog writes:

When will the stories come out of how many programs are underfunded?How many new crisis’s will be reported?

Top of the Monday news cycle right before the session starts, my friend. Like clockwork.


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Every Democrat candidate favors paying reparations to Americans held in slavery.
Last American slave died in 1971, nearly two generations ago.
Too late to pay reparations to someone who was actually owed them.  Everyone else simply has an interesting family history to tell.
Joe Doakes

Not to mention the fact that there were not a few black slave owners – some owned quite a few.

So it’s entirely possible, given the number of generations that’ve descended since 1865, that we’d be paying “reparations” to the descendants of slave owners as well.

Because I’m going to tactfully suggest that the business of identifying which blacks are descended from slaveholders is going to be pretty dang dilatory, if you catch my drift.

Soft Targets

We’ve had the second active shooter episode in a couple of days on a Navy base – first Pearl Harbor, now Pensacola.

Which has prompted some of the usual suspects to mouth the usual jibberish:

For sake of argument? Perhaps.

What it does do is show that banning guns is no defense against violence. Navy, like all military bases, and indeed all federal offices and installations, are “gun-free zones”.

Like Fort Hood. And the Little Rock recruiting station. And the Chattanooga one…

…well, hang on a minute. There, an officer, Lieutenant Commander Tim White, had a sidearm – against the rules – and returned fire at the murderer this likely played a key part in the fact that the death toll at White’s Naval Reserve center was limited to one sailor (the murdered had killed four Marines at a “gun free” recruiting center shortly before). The Navy pondered charges before demurring under an avalanche of public condemnation (although I can find no word about how the Navy treated LtCdr White afterward; I’m going to guess his career ended not long after, although I’d be happy to find out otherwise).

Anyway – this is the logic and concern for fact a Harvard degree gets you these days

The Season!

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Heartwarming holiday story.
Joe doakes

In more ways than one.

Not sure if Democrats get it yet – whenever they threaten to take guns away (and it’s become pretty much the norm over this past few years), they create a wave of new owners.

Which means “gun culture” becomes more ingrained in our society – at least the parts of the society that take freedom seriously. And it’s already pretty ingrained – maybe irreversibly so.

When Out And About This Weekend

For my band, “Elephant in the Room”, it seems to be feast or famine.

This weekend is “feast” – or as I’m calling it, our “Winter Tour 2019”.

Friday night, we’re at “Neighbors”, in Albertville. It’s our first time out there, and we’re looking forward to our first gig in the Northwest exurbs! We’ll be playing, roughly, from 9PM-1AM.

Then – Saturday night, we’re back at the Stillwater Bowl and Lounge. Don’t let the name fool you – it’s a fun room, good crowd, and they have those edge-of-the-metro food and drink prices that make going out a *lot* more fun!


Hope you can stop out!

The Plan

The Minnesota DFL – and of course, the likes of the “Reverend” Nancy North Benson – don’t dream of sugarplums and fairies.

They dream of making the US just like the UK.

“You must not defend yourself with something that can hurt someone”.

Apparently, all you need is love.

Choose Your Story

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Santa Clause: “Thanks for coming, Larry.  I understand you’re not happy being an ordinary elf, making toys and wiggling your ears and saying “hee hee” and “ho ho” and stuff like that.  Is it true?”
Larry the Elf: “Oh, no, Santa. I love making toys and singing in the elf choir.”
Santa: “Larry, this is me.  Santa.  I know who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.  Straight up, Larry, are you happy in your work?”
Larry: “Okay, yeah, it’s true.  I’m tired of manual labor and I hate singing.” 
Santa: “So what would you like to do, instead?”
Larry: “Well, Hermie got transferred to the dental clinic.”
Santa: “You want to be a dentist?”
Larry: “No, I want to be an accountant.”
Santa: “It’s worse than I thought.  Okay, tell you what.  I’m creating a new position for “Regulatory Compliance Officer.”  It’s a big responsibility but I’m sure you can handle it.  Want to give it a try?”
Larry: “Would I?  Oh, thank you, Santa, it’s Christmas come early for me.  I won’t let you down.” 

Three weeks later . . . 
Larry: “Thanks for seeing me, Santa.  I have a few things that need your decision.”
Santa: “Sure thing, Larry, fire away.”
Larry: “First off, I have letters from Norway, Greenland, Russia, and United States, all claiming jurisdiction over the North Pole and asserting we owe delinquent taxes.  How should I respond?”
Santa: “Tell them to pound snow.”
Larry: “Our no-fault insurer wants to know if you use your sleigh in business and how many miles per year.
Santa: “Refer them to Clement Moore, he documents all my travel arrangements.”
Larry: “The INS denied your application for a one-night visit.  Without a visa, we’ll have to cancel Christmas in America.  What are you going to do?”
Santa: “I aim to misbehave.” 
Larry: “Santa, I’ve got another hour’s worth of issues from liability waivers for walking on slippery roofs, to appeals from naughty children who didn’t get toys, to those animal-rights activists with the “Free Rudolph” signs. But I’m getting the impression that you don’t care about complying with regulations.  So what’s the point of my job?”
Santa: “You see, Larry . . . .”
Choose your own story.  What’s Santa’s reply?
Joe Doakes

It’s Good To Be King

As this is written, Saint Paul is getting around the plowing non-emergency streets. Sort of. Tonight and tomorrow will be the big nights for clearing Friday and Saturday’s fairly significant snowfall.

Guess who didn’t have to wait?

Mayor Carter.

And Public Works director and former City Council boss-lady Kathy Lantry:

But the city’s plows got everyone in the area – right?

Please. It’s Saint Paul – AKA “Animal Town”. And it appears some animals may just be a little more equal than others:

So that’s why property taxes are rising – to make sure our ruling class gets the level of service to which it’s accustomed.

Fair Is Fair

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Liberals insist Citizens United was wrongly decided and must be overturned.  Really?  The Supreme Court made a mistake?  A mistaken decision must be overturned? 
Okay, I’m good with that.  But Citizens United concerns a narrow area of free speech as it applies to political campaigns. Let’s start with cases that have broader societal impact, because the errors those cases cause are much greater.  
Miranda v. Arizona
Roe v. Wade
Obergefell v. Hodges
Each of these stole the power of self-government from the states, where it rightfully belongs.  Let’s reverse all of them, then we can discuss why Hillary should be exempt from criticism. 
Joe Doakes

You notice, over time, how “logical consistency” isn’t much of a prioriity to Big Left.