I Knew Things Were Going Well…

…last night when, after a full day of “it’s gonna be a coin-toss!” chanting from the media and leftybots (pardon the redundancy), MPR threw to Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR) at 9PM…

…just as NBC, Fox and the AP all more or less simultaneously called the election for Walker as returns showed it wasn’t even going to be close.

And the WPR hosts sounded…crestfallen?  Morose?  On suicide watch?  Big gaps of dead air ensued. the kind of thing that you only hear on Public Radio when things aren’t going according to “The Plan”.  The hostess – her name eludes me at the moment, so let’s just call her Greta Leftmeyer – sounded subdued in the kind of way you do when you don’t want to cry.  Or that’s how I heard it, anyway.

And Public Radio at all levels – WPR, NPR and “No Rant, No Slant” MPR – have been working overtime to keep Democrats off the suicide watch all day.  Notice how few Public or mainstream media operations will refer to Walker beating or defeating Barrett (as he most assuredly did).  Their headlines and on-air ledes invariably (!) say Walker “avoided being recalled”, as if it was some closely-decided question, and that that “decisive repudiation of the Democrat, Media and Union petulant push for a mid-cycle putsch” thing never happened.  Winston.

The lefty noise machine is already busy trying to rewrite yesterday, to keep the dream alive in the minds of the low-information voters that are the Democrat party’s main demographic.

And the other words you never hear (along with “Defeat”, “Repudiation”, “Crush” or “Ass-Whooping”) is “Tea Party”.  Last night was most assuredly proof that the rumors of the Tea Party’s demise were not only premature, they were deception and wishful thinking.  The Tea Party is, if anything, much more potent a force than it was three years ago.  Back then, it was about carrying signs.  Today, it’s about turning low-information voters into smart voters (ergo conservatives) and moving them to the polls.

And the media will softpedal that with all their might.

And, increasingly, they’ll lose.

And that’s a great thing for America.

This Great And Noble Undertaking

Sixty-eight years ago at about this time, American, British and Canadian soldiers, supported by the full weight of America’s industrial might, stormed ashore in Normandy to begin the liberation of Europe.

And for that first day – the near-debacle at Omaha, the fierce knife-range duel between the ships and the German shore guns, the Canadians’ brutal house-by-house advance off Juno Beach – the fact was that for all of America’s vast industrial might, the real arbiter of victory, and of the future of Western civilization, was the GI, the Tommy, the Jock, the Canuck, spurred on only by training and fear and guts and the skirl of Lord Lovat’s bagpiper.  It was they – not the wealth and the industry and the sheer firepower…

…who earned that victory, the first domino on the road to the liberation of the Old World.


Yesterday, for all of the GOP PAC money that was poured into Wisconsin (enabled by the Wisconsin Democrats’ stupid decision to try to negate the elections of 2010, which in turn nullified applicable campaign finance laws), the victory similarly belonged to a few million Republicans – and not a few Democrats who had just plain had enough of childish petulance of the Wisconsin Unions and the party they seem to own.

It’d be specious to compare the courage of someone charging off a Higgins boat with someone going to the polls – which is, indeed, just exactly what the kid on that Higgins boat 68 years ago today was fighting for, so that voting need not be a life or death issue in this country.  (But it’s for sure some dim-bulb leftyblogger will claim that I’m making that comparison.  Mark my words.  That’s why I’m writing this here; I’ll mock them in advance).

But as a hard-fought first step toward this nation correction not just one mistake, Barack Obama’s misguided election, but indeed generations of mistakes that led the world’s wealthiest and most powerful significant nation into being a debtor state?  This is huge.

As Walker said, it‘s time for leaders who will make the tough choices, and fight for them.

Are you listening, Minnesota GOP Legislative caucus?

Are you listening, Mitt Romney?

You’ll Never Know Which Way To Look, You’ll Never Hear Us

Scott Walker, and America – real America – win.

It’s not even close.  As this is written, it’s 58-42, with 52% reporting.

It brought things to mind:


And the Democrats, with their plutocrat supporters and smug union leader fatcat commissars gathering around them, have to know that this is not a good omen for the fall.

Because this was a victory for regular private sector working people – the backbone of this economy.

This was a victory for the Tea Party – which has moved from carrying signs to working at the grass roots and winning elections.

This was a victory for conservatism.

The Democrats would have you believe this was a victory for money.  Of course, money always wins elections; that’s why Michael Huffington and John Corzine are sitting in office today.

No.  This was a victory for the people; for real America.

And we’re not done.

Conclusions Written In February

Joe Doakes of Como Park writes:

Yesterday, the Pioneer Press reprinted a long Washington Post article (front page, above-the-fold, continued to page 3A) called Cash Versus Door Knocking.

Plucky under-funded Democrat Barnett and his earnest crew of ordinary citizens gamely soldiering against an entrenched establishment Governor Walker buying the election with dump-truck loads of cash from out-of-state fat cats.

Of course, if the national Democrats and unions who started this fight had delivered on their promises, the money advantage would have been evidence of a sweeping groundswell of popular support and proof the Governor should resign now to save the taxpayers the cost of his recall.

Almost as if the articles are written to fit the conclusion rather than the facts.

Joe Doakes

Como Park

It’s hilarious that the WaPo and PiPress would have you believe that the unions are a bunch of scruffy underdogs.