Chanting Points Memo: Will Susan Perry Ever Stop Treating Readers Like Junior High Kids?

There must be a legislative session coming up; the MinnPost – a local group-blog funded by liberals with deep pockets employing a rogue’s gallery of recycled local big-media people – is back on the gun beat. Last week, Susan Perry … Continue reading

Open Letter To The MinnPost Editorial Team

To:  Joel Kramer (CEO/Editor), Roger Buoen and Susan Albright (Co-Managing Editors) Don Effenberger (News Editor) From:  Mitch Berg, Uppity Peasant Re:  They Get What They Pay For Esteemed Editors: I was never much of a reporter.  I could always do the “who, … Continue reading

A Confederacy Of (Those Who Want You To Be) Dunces

One of the worst aspects of our current hyper-polarized political climate is that many institutions that the American people used to rely upon for something close to objectivity and reliable, politically-untinted information have turned into partisan propaganda. Journalism is long … Continue reading