Question For NPR/MPR, The Strib, Alondra Cano, Betsy Hodges And Every Other Minnesota Liberal Figurehead

To:  NPR, the Strib,  Alondra Cano, and every other Twin Cities liberal that’s spent the lasdt six months romanticizing the NoDAPL “pipeline” protest From:  Mitch Berg, Ornery Peasant and actual North Dakota native Re:  Just Curious, Here All, You all … Continue reading

The Joneses

“Police Reform” is suddenly the hot ticket in Minneapolis’ mayoral “race”: State Rep. Ray Dehn has called for police to be “disarmed.” Mayor Betsy Hodges just ousted her embattled police chief. Nekima Levy-Pounds is demanding a “paradigm shift” in police culture in … Continue reading

Fake Minneapolis

Yesterday, we reported on the fishy use of camera angles in presenting Saturday’s Dreamsicle rally in Minneapolis.   While the media narrative was that the events were well-attended, the photographic evidence from the even couldn’t be shot from angles tight enough to … Continue reading