This is as concise a riposte as I’ve seen:

I’m a little saltier about this: I think abolishing the Electoral College is ample grounds for dissolving the Republic.

9 thoughts on “Pretext

  1. The founders wisely balanced the interests of rural and urban voters with the Senate and the Electoral College – – – – – – too bad they failed to consider the metro power of the DFL.

  2. More than ample. Any “adjustments” to the original Bill of Rights I consider to be more than ample grounds.

  3. “Our team sold more tickets to the series than yours; plainly, our team is more popular and therefore our team should win.”

    “Half you tickets were fakes, sold by scalpers.”

    “Series Denier!!”

  4. The downfall didn’t start with the direct election of Senators, but that was a major milestone of the Progressives flipping the Constitutional Order and mal-educating people about civics.

  5. Matt Yglesias isn’t the worst liberal put there, but I’d definitely classify him as a neo-liberal. He’s been mugged by Reality, and the Leftists in particular, but firmly believes Progressive ideology.

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  7. John, not enough booze in the world to provide for the drinking games that would be needed to tolerate that….and I don’t have an extra liver to cope.

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