There’s really no other word to describe what happened in Los Angeles on Sunday:

“Germany? Nope, Los Angeles”. Distinction without all that much difference anymore.

Nothing small or isolated about it.

I’m old enough to remember when Jews feared the right in America. But barely.

This guy…

…looks like a skinhead reliving his “glory days” from the ’80s. That the modern “Palestinian” movement allies with them tells you something.

And the mayor of Berlin…er, Los Angeles had a predictable response:

Of course, that’s scarcely worse than what POTATUS is doing.

The closest thing to good news?

Apparently The New Kristallnacht isn’t polling well outside LA, Dearborn and, probably, south Minneapolis.

6 thoughts on “Pogrom

  1. It almost seems as if we need to start to make Israeli flag riot shields, interlocking, so that counter-protesters can share a very clear message and reduce the ability of Hamas-cidal protesters to abuse Jews and such. Maybe also “From the River to the Sea = a new Holocaust”, and “Never again–and we mean it”. Maybe even back them with a sound absorbing material so the neighbors don’t hear them as loudly.

  2. Vacuous Adam Schiff, doesn’t acknowledge that he and his ilk in Congress and the Senate, laid the groundwork for these AntiFa bums. They are also the Palestinian rioters!

  3. Yes, the actions of fascists are deplorable. So sad. But what can we do? Is not as if it’s acceptable to resist through some sort of violence.

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  5. So many with a masks or face covered up. Must be Covid or cool temperatures, right?

  6. In ’78 I was on campus, heading to the Student Union for lunch when I encountered the usual gaggle of Iranian student protesters wearing paper-plate masks and waving “Down With the Shah!” signs. It was becoming a tedious occurrence most folks tried to ignore. I was skirting around the group when a protester stepped in front of me, waving his sign and shouting.

    Bored with it all, I reached out and pushed his paper mask up over his head. There was a split-second of silence before he dodged back into his group, which all started shouting, “SAVAK! SAVAK!” and pointing at me. I just kept going, unmolested into the Union.

    I wouldn’t recommend that response today.

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