Punching Laterally-To-Down

To: Jason Chavez, Minneapolis DSA/DFL councilbeing
From: Mitch Berg, Obstreporous Peasant
Re: Punching

Councilbeing Chavez,

You tweeted this on Wednesday:

Let’s talk about the term “uprising”.

It usually connotes a group of subjugated, beaten-down people, “rising up” against their oppressors.

Good examples of uprisings that fit some variant of that definition:

Each of these uprisings have a few things in common: the people doing the uprising were being actively oppressed by those up against whom they rose; the targets of their attacks were the actual oppressors; tax authorities, the SS, the monarchy.

In May of 2020, people who considered themselves oppressed (we’ll accept that for sake of argument) “rose up” and destroyed…

…hundreds of businesses, extremely disproportionately owned by immigrants, people of color, people in the neighborhood. Oh, the Third Precinct got destroyed – after a couple of days of generalized looting and arson, seemingly almost as an afterthought, to give the “uprising” some window-dressing sense of political virtue other than “looting and burning cafes owned by first-generation Americans”.

I may be just an obstreporous peasant, but I think “downrising” might be a better term.

That is all.

3 thoughts on “Punching Laterally-To-Down

  1. Will Boy Ellison be there with his pistol and fire extinguisher, in case any White Supremacists show up?

    Reported in Washington Post, June 7, 2020. Now behind their paywall.

  2. Excellent point,SecondRow.

    I couldn’t help but laugh at the lefties at the New York Slimes, highlighting all of the entities aligning forces to derail Trump’s presidency, in the event of his election. They just admitted that they would start an insurrection “in an effort to interfere with democracy.”

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