Back To The Future

Just in time for the 1984 Olympics, the hot new social trend ripped straight from the world’s streets:

Coming up in the 2028 games? Streaking.

4 thoughts on “Back To The Future

  1. Yet another reason not to watch. Streaking? Naw… nude weightlifting!

  2. I am reminded of my freshman year in high school, and having gotten to the classroom before the bell rang, we spent some time naming “loser sports on TV”. Even back in the 1980s, we had a long, long list, but thankfully, it did not include breakdancing, which had just gotten popular.

    Also on the light side, I sure hope that it’s not the superheavyweight female (?) weightlifters doing it. Ick.

  3. Just looked at a list of Olympic “sports.” Holy crap. Lamest ones, in no particular order: breaking, surfing, rhythmic gymnastics , sport climbing, trampoline , equestrian, and skateboarding.

  4. Just remember – even when they are streaking you won’t be able to determine their gender by sight alone!

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