Remember Back In The ’80s?

When pop culture went through a phase of giggling at videos of school kids “ducking and covering” to practice for nuclear attacks?

I have a hunch that people in the 2040s are going to do the same with video of some of today’s dimmer, more dissociative bulbs:

That is to say, if they stop winning all the elections.

14 thoughts on “Remember Back In The ’80s?

  1. That is to say, if they stop winning stealing all the elections.

    There, fixed it for you Mitch. You are welcome.

  2. My biggest concern is that the fuckers who caused people like that guy to have a mental breakdown along with killing thousands due to the vaccines, using remdesivir/ventilators, rejecting ivermectin, and quarantining the healthy will never experience any consequences, much less punishment.

    The one bright spot in all this is that our arch-enemy, the CCP, was, is, and continues to be hobbled by its own version of zero-Covid insanity. The People’s Republic of China Has Become A Zero-Covid Hell

  3. “jdm on October 11, 2022 at 9:15 am said:
    . . .
    The one bright spot in all this is that our arch-enemy, the CCP, was, is, and continues to be hobbled by its own version of zero-Covid insanity.”

    The spot would be brighter if we weren’t dependent on China for everything from cat food to Iphones.
    I’m not seeing any signs that the elites who imposed lockdowns in the US think China’s covid policy is wrong, far from it.

  4. jdm, at this point, based on mounting evidence about how wuhan flu affects CNS, I am inclined to believe CCP knows and acts on something elites do not want the peeons to know and MSM is suppressing.

  5. Maskies are 21st century tin foil hats.

    Personally, I’ve come to appreciate them though. Until we can get numpties to believe wearing a “I’m an idiot” sign around their necks is a signal of virtue, maskies are the next best thing.

    Bikebubble, does your maskie have a trendy bicycle logo on it?

  6. The video was funny except not really because it all happened. I remember my personal face palm moment when I watched a girl ( probably a Macalester student) riding a bike on Summit Ave wearing a mask. Numerous people driving while masked were equally disturbing but nothing tops your first ( fill in the blank.)

  7. Our first hero™ moment was spotting a person wearing a WWII surplus gas mask complete with a canister in a line, outside, dutifully spaced 6′ apart, to get into a food store. Wish I could post a picture!

  8. I am inclined to believe CCP

    Phhh. Except for their willingness to incarcerate and even kill anyone who gets in their way, I am absolutely not impressed with intelligence or wisdom or competence of the Chinese version of the global elites.

    There’s nothing going on there (CCP) that can’t be explained by stupidity and malevolence. Some people, one of the commenters at that link, proposes that the actions of the Chinese are simply practice for when the riots break out there. Meaning they have nothing to do with the Kung flu and everything to do with maintaining “order”.

  9. jdm, I hope you are right, because my version is much more sinister and infinitely scarier.

  10. ^ jpa, I accept your concern, but that image at the beginning of the article says an awful to me in terms of competence and intelligence.

  11. I honestly don’t know what to cheer for; a Giant Meteor or Insect Overlords, because I highly doubt that an intelligent virus that just wipes outs these nut cases is a possible solution.

  12. I always wanted a “Wolf-Man” mask, but never bothered. I personally hope some of the excesses of the ‘rona response get recorded so we can avoid it in the future, but perhaps that hope is misplaced.

  13. I participated in none of it. These people are sickening and ALL leftists. Prove me wrong.

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