Do You Remember…

…20 years ago, right after 9/11, when some on the left said the overreaction to the terror attacks 20 years ago tomorrow would actually give the terrorists the win they wanted?

I can’t have been the only one thinking Joe Biden’s speech yesterday must have made Mohammed Atta smile in whatever part of the Great Beyond he’s in now.

The nuts and bolts of the speech, to the extent there were any? The “president” wants to use OSHA to enforce a vaccine mandate on companies with more than 100 employees – as if forcing a medication on employees (and the forced sharing of medical records, and the inevitable shielding of employers from liability when those records are inevitably. misused) is the same as safety shields in ripsaws. We’ll await future presidents using the same precedent to force inoculations against smoking, obesity, and, eventually and inevitably, barring some outbreak of sanity, ideas.

Also – not a single mention of natural immuinity. 50 mllion Americans are known to have been infected and recovered (myself included); that natural immunity is at least as effective as any pharmaceutical – but is being pointedly ignored.

It’s hard to honestly say what was the most concerning part of our “chief of state’s” speech yesterday. I’m not the only one to whom it sounded like a desperate muddle of authoritarian knee-jerks.

His little shot at the governors who are pushing back at his misbegotten authority – how he’s going to use the power of the Federal Government and the Presidency to show them who’s boss?

It sounds like he wants to crush the idea and practice of federalism; like separation of powers is the problem.

Much of it was peoples reactions to the “President”. For example, this weasel:

People on the left have a frightening propensity to see government as a “Parent”, rather than the custodian elected by the “Free Association of Equals” in the Declaration of Independence.

Of course, if you can’t get timeless wisdom from Joy Reid and Steve Schmidt of “The Lincoln Project”, where can you get it?

The scapegoating of the unvaccinated – who, notwithstanding the left’s propaganda machcine, are largely the young, the poor, and Black males from 20-40 years old – was perhaps the most chilling thing about the, er, “speech”.

Thing is, a real leader – I’m looking at you, Ron DeSantis – could get a lot of mileage out of something that’s been pushed to the sidelines throughout this pandemic – the truth. John Hayward has a draft of a part of the speech that could have been:

20 years after 9/11, we have government by decree, an out of control bureaucracy that governs more or less as it wishes unless and until someone musters the numbers or. money to try to clip it, a plutocrat sector that buys its own boutique version of freedom, and a population that’s being conditioned to accept a dystopian shredding of freedom as “the new normal”.

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  1. Former President Bush in Shanksville compares Jan 6th insurrectionists to 9/11 hijackers: “in determination to defile our national symbols they are children of the same foul spirit and it is our duty to confront them.”

    Only Trump could make me yearn for the GWB days.

  2. Poor ol’ Emery — always picking the loosing side of an argument.
    That explains his manifold errors in the past — incorrectly predicting that the Brexit vote would fail, incorrectly predicting that Hillary would win over Trump by a “landslide,” and of course, incorrectly predicting that the Mueller investigation would show that Trump had colluded with the Russians to influence the 2016 election.

  3. It is well-known that Democrats luv them dead Republican presidents (except maybe Reagan). I find it annoyingly interesting that Dubya wants that luv without the dying so Mr Compassionate Conservative just drops the pretense and begs for it.

  4. Hmmm. *Foul Spirit* sounds like the name of a racehorse — that would take ivermectin for deworming.

  5. Reading what Emery has to say, it looks like he doesn’t really read the comments.
    I guess it’s no surprise, it looks like he rarely reads the posts.

  6. The New York Post:
    The media told us that President Trump was callous, uninformed, indifferent to facts, unwilling to listen to experts, willing to inflict incalculable damage to our interests — leaving allies abandoned, enemies emboldened and America with its reputation in tatters.
    But now, in a tragic turn of events, so much of what the press said about Donald Trump applies to Joe Biden.

  7. A pic that defines the Biden admin:
    All of America’s ruling elite, including several ex-presidents at a ceremony comemerating 9/11 less than 2 weeks after Biden turned over Afghanistan to the taliban and al qaida, everyone vaccinated, everyone wearing a mask, except for Biden, who has pulled his mask down to yell at someone.

  8. He was probably challenging someone to do push-ups. He’s a tough guy, you know. At least, against Americans he is. Against Islamic terrorists, not so much. What nobody in DC seems to remember is 9/11 was a battle we lost, just like the Afghanistan rout, both battles in a thousand-year-old war that most Americans don’t even know we are fighting. But the Islamic terrorists do. And they’re winning.

  9. Yep, I just loves me all that new found love for Bush. I wonder how hard it would be to find a few of the troll’s comments calling him literally Hitler?

    Inconsistent much, troll?

    Weather vane, weather vane, which way is it blowing today?

  10. Not the own you think it is troll, Bush has been a never trumper all along. Nice to see him cozy up to all the people who called him hitler.

    Just a fuc*ing stooge, don’t wanna hear he agrees with me.

  11. What Bush is doing is signaling to the the elites that he is a dependable ally against those maga people. He will not endanger their portfolios or their ability to hire illegal immigrants from central America to look after their children and their lawns.

  12. Trump apparently was unavailable for the 9/11 memorial service. He was scheduled and paid to announce a boxing match later that evening. Trump also spoke at a Unification Church event because they gave him a check with his name on it. That’s what he does. He takes money to exploit his name. That was his real estate business, it was the Apprentice, and now it’s the Moonies.

  13. When people are able to make choices without government interference for themselves — in terms of their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their family, in consultation with whomever they may choose — we are a stronger society.
    -Kamala Harris, Sept. 9, 2021.

  14. Biden advicer: “So you see, Mister President, no matter how much we try to make things better than the Trump administration — better on the border, better on Afghanistan, better on the economy, better on covid — we have only made them worse.

    Biden; Hmm. How much worse can we make them?

  15. Yeah Troy, that last one was a real non sequitur. Trump was downtown, on the street, shaking hands with real people, first responders, and thats…bad somehow?

  16. The high rate of fully vaxxed people testing positive for covid or in the hospital for covid was NOT foreseen by the people who have been pushing the vaccine for months.
    It is normal, reasonable, and necessary for citizens to demand transparency from the CDC and executive branch about the process they followed in implementing the guidance and policies that they have issued and implemented.
    There is a failure of trusted institutions here.
    If you don’t know where the errors in discourse have occurred, you will not be able to learn from them.

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