We Should Have Listened To Larry Pogemiller All Along

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Wow, Governor Walz is a miracle worker.  Despite having the entire state economy locked down for a year with no end in sight, his administration now forecasts a billion-dollar budget surplus. So that should end his call for higher taxes, right?


“But some DFL lawmakers want Walz to stand firm in his call for higher taxes on top earners, corporations and smokers. They say it’s about tax fairness and societal opportunity as much as a deficit fix.”

Hang on, there is no deficit, there’s a surplus, so that explanation makes no sense.  And taxing top earners makes top earners flee the state; taxing corporations makes corporations flee the state; and smokers are overwhelmingly lower income people making that tax the most regressive of all of Walz’s proposals.  Where’s the fairness in that?

Puts me in mind of the when Minnesota Democrat legislator Cy Thao accidentally spoke the truth: “When you guys win, you get to keep your money; when we win, we take your money.”

Joe Doakes

Not to mention that time Larry Pogemiller admitted he really believes government knows better what to do with your money than you do.

9 thoughts on “We Should Have Listened To Larry Pogemiller All Along

  1. i’m told that Pedo Joe is going to be sending us all checks. That’s supposed to be good news, but i don’t see anything good about it.

    Since the Strunk family have no need for $ degenerates have put on our tab, i plan on putting that $ to good use.

    $250 to Marjory Taylor Green re-election fund
    $500 to a worthy primary candidate who runs against the Republican scumbag from my state that voted in favor of MTG being stripped of her committee assignments and in favor of the failed impeachment of DJT.
    $100 to GAB.
    $100 to The Epoch Times
    $100 to the Kenosha Kyle defense fund.
    $150 to the Salvation Army.
    $150 to my private server project.
    $50 for beer for me and my friends to drink while we watch the fancy new Minneapolis Target get sacked and burned from the comfort of my back deck.

  2. “my budget focuses on leveling the playing field to support working families and small businesses.”
    Yet I think that when people in working families and small businessmen get together, they don’t spend a lot of discussing how lucky they are because Walz has their back.

  3. I don’t understand why there are income limits on the checks. If the government can afford to give out checks to stimulate the economy, why doesn’t everybody get one?

    And why is the amount of the checks so niggardly? If the government can afford to give out checks for $1,600, why not $16,000 or $160,000 or shoot, why not $1.6 million and then everyone would be rich?

    Cheap bastards.

  4. As I understand it, married couples making $180K or less get a check, MO. That would work for us, but maybe I’m wrong….maybe it’s just illegals with anchor babies making $180K or less, idk.

  5. Alas, I am still a widower, Dr. Strunk. May marry later this year. As a single person my income last year was > $100k, so I will get nothing, or next to nothing.
    I wish Uncle Joe wasn’t so niggardly. Or is it McConnell?
    Can I still say that? “Niggardly”?

  6. We endorse using the full lexicon available through the wonderful English language at all times, MO. Do not be niggardly with your vocabulary.

  7. Dr. Pete;
    I, too, will use my check for similar endeavors. Epoch Times was top of my list. MTG, Lauren Brobert, because she “intimidated” the commies by wearing her Glock 19 (at least, that’s what it looked like) into the house chambers and several other GOP members and 2022 candidates that are giving the finger to the communists and BlackPac, a black operated PAC that works to get conservative black candidates elected, also got some of it.

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