Reign Of Terror

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Emery keeps bringing up the fact that Trump’s lawyers quit as proof there was no election fraud.

Trumps lawyers quit because they were personally threatened with violence by the mob.
Evidentally, Emery supports mob violence as a tactic to prevent proof of election fraud from seeing the light of day.

Why doesn’t he want it seen?  What is he afraid would be revealed?

And if mob violence against some people is okay, is it okay against everybody?  Or is this another “rules for thee but not for me” situation that seems so common in the Biden Administration?

Joe Doakes

Part of me wants to start updating my “Climate of Hate” page – the ongoing of attacks, shootings, beatings and attempted mass murder by lefties against normals.

But it’s to the point where it’d be a whole blog in its own right.

28 thoughts on “Reign Of Terror

  1. It’s interesting to note that racism is alive and well right in front of Uber racist Nancy Pelosi’s house. Violent attacks against Asians, by primarily black utes, have been on the rise since November. Not to be left out, in Herr DeBlasio’s New York City, an Asian man’s face was slashed by a black ute with a box cutter. But hey; only Black Lives Matter, right?

  2. Just for the sake of consistency, Stacey Abrams should have her twitter & facebook accounts deleted and her lawyers should be threatened with mob violence & professional reprisal.
    I mean, fair is fair.

  3. MO,

    After Abrams’ failed election bid, that she continues to maintain that she won, she claimed that she was allegedly receiving death threats from white supremacists, yet she failed to provide proof. Like most black attention whores, virtue signaling and gaslighting are her specialty

  4. Trump used the impeachment trial to push a political argument over the objections of legal advisers. The result is that there has been a major expansion of incriminating evidence put on record and broadly seen and understood by the American public. So the “stolen election” thesis will probably die a miserable death.

    If there are hundreds of convictions from the January 6th MAGA riot, it will be hard to say that it was all the result of “immaculate conception” at the moment.

    Throughout Trump’s presidency, he has been remarkably oblivious to the fact that we live in an environment of ubiquitous e-evidence. We are at the front end of a series of

    The Senate may be correct about incitement, but Trump has personally been in the center of so many conspiracies that it is more of a question of just which conspiracy will undo him. My vote is that the Ukraine conspiracy against Hunter Biden could be explosive because Rudy Giuliani is so central as the president’s agent in the conspiracy.

    The Democrats now control the evidentiary gathering capabilities of both the executive branch and the Congress. That’s a lot of horsepower.

  5. Reek is an excellent example of how low IQ, mentally ill reprobates have shifted gears from TDS to Bidophelia. They are incapable of detecting the irony.

  6. A lot of what is reported on the MSM & web is opinion-laden leftist journalists reporting on one anothers’ reporting.

    Is this an example of the “Daisy Chain” that the late Nick Coleman used to rant about? What they’re doing isn’t “reporting” in any sense of the word, it’s dry-humping one another.

  7. Say, I’m kind of curious why the law enforcement and intelligence agencies of the US haven’t managed to finger this “Q” person. Kind of makes you think of the Scarlet Pimpernell. Must make it kind of embarrassing to tell people you work for the FBI or whatever.

  8. They seek him here, they seek him there
    Those Frenchies seek him everywhere
    Is he in heaven or is he in hell?
    That demned elusive Pimpernel
    He meddles with the Frenchie Revolution
    Popping in and out each week
    Spoiling every lovely execution
    La, what cheek!

    That damned elusive Umbrella Man!

  9. The evidence is clear that Trump entered politics as a scheme to make money, and that he mounted legal challenges to the vote for the same reason. He made more than $200 million in a fund raising scam that he put forth as an effort to challenge the election, but that enabled him to pocket a large percentage of the take.

    Many conservatives have pointed out that Trump is not a true conservative. That is very true. Trump’s only agenda is self enrichment and self aggrandizement. If politics was removed as a venue for pursuit of these objectives, he’d give it up and do something else.

  10. “Trump entered politics as a scheme to make money” and therefore, it’s okay to threaten to burn down his lawyer’s house.

    “Trump is not a true conservative” and therefore, it’s okay to threaten to rape his lawyer’s wife.

    “Trump’s only agenda is self enrichment” and therefore, it’s okay to threaten to kill his lawyer’s children.

    Kinda bloodthirsty today, aren’t you, E?

  11. “Trump entered politics as a scheme to make money”

    JD, I wonder if Bidon elected to draw salary which the previous president did not (A SURE sign of a scheme to make money)? Did Bidon put his criminal enterprise headed by his son on hold? Divest from China interests? Did not allow the Dope Fiend to capitalize on the presidency of the Big Guy by writing a book?

  12. Curious….Did Pedo Joe take Russian and Chinese money:

    A. He hates America
    B. He wanted to make money

    tia REEK!

  13. Ah, I’ve found your blog Red. I will be reading you….it will probably lead the FBI to you, but we can’t have everything can we? 😉

    Stay tough girl. The reprobates will not win…we outnumber them, and we have all the good shit.

  14. Emery the lame actually believes that Trump is the only one in politics that has made money off of their office. He must have missed that two days before Pedo Joe announced his green energy wet dream of banning all cars run by fossil fuels, Pelosi’s husband invested $1 million of the family’s ill gotten gains in Tesla.

    Many others, especially on the left, have funneled campaign funds into entities owned by family members, aka Ilhan Omar’s second husband’s (third if you count her brother) PR firm, then married him to make sure the money was accessible to her. Bernie Sanders, Fauxcahontas Warren and big mouthed poverty pimp Maxine Waters represent a couple more.

    Face it Emery. The DemoCommie party has made an art form of money laundering for personal wealth. Nancy Pelosi’s corrupt, mob connected father is smiling up at her from hell.

  15. REEK! Are you going to punish Faphammer’s imaginary friend for your utter failure to invest those sweet Burger King checks wisely?

    That’s #sad

  16. So — for all the trees killed in the name of fundamental analysis — P/E, Sharpe etc — turns out the stock market has exactly the same supply/demand dynamics as anywhere else.

    Massive wall of retiree money, QE money, and savings chased out of 0.05% deposit accounts meets a terminally shrinking number of publicly traded stocks.

    There will be some minor differential behavior — people will avoid airlines and love tech — but the underlying current is surely unstoppable under the lower-for-ever, never-scare-the-401k monetary policy at work globally.

  17. “Trump entered politics to make money….” Yes, and that’s why he gave his salary to charity for four years..

  18. REEK! Does all that blather mean you have lost your pitiful little pile of paper?

    What about the trips to ski the birkie????

    The REEK!

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