Questioning The Narrative

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

A few people have asked me why those wacko idiot Trump supporters don’t
believe Biden won the election fair and square. I can’t speak for other
wacko idiot Trump supporters, only for myself:

An election is announced.
Voters cast ballots in person and by mail.
Election observers gather to watch the ballots being counted, to ensure
it’s done fairly.
Election officials order observers out of the counting room.
Election officials put cardboard over the windows so observers can’t see in.
Election officials secretly count the ballots by machine and announce a
The losing candidate doubts the result.
The losing candidate requests a manual recount with ballots individually
Instead, election officials run the same ballots through the same
machines again.
The losing candidate requests access to the software to verify the result.
Election officials order the software logs wiped.
The losing candidate requests access to the paper ballots to verify the
Election officials order the paper ballots shredded.
Citizens post videos and swear affidavits that election fraud occurred.
Statisticians and computer techs give expert opinions that election
fraud occurred.
The court declines to review any evidence from the losing candidate for
lack of ‘standing’ meaning he can’t bring his case until the Secretary
of State certifies the election results.
The Secretary of State certifies the machine results.
The court declines to review any evidence from the losing candidate on
the grounds of ‘laches,’ meaning he waited too long to bring his case.
The state legislature de-certifies the machine result and sends its own
result to DC.
Bureaucrats in the National Archives decide to accept only the machine
Congress accepts the machine results and declares the losing candidate lost.
The ‘losing’ candidate and his supporters exercise their First Amendment
rights to protest.
Violence breaks out, which is blamed on the ‘losing’ candidate despite
his calls for peace.

After seeing these events, millions of Americans join the ‘losing’
candidate in doubting the machine results and suspecting the ‘losing’
candidate actually won the election but his victory was stolen from him
by fraud committed by Election Officials. Liberals declare people who
question the machine results are obtuse, they’re dumb, they’re idiots
and retarded. People who question the machine results are banned from
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; blocked from Google ads and YouTube
videos; accused by prominent politicians of plotting to overthrow the
government; a national media figure declares the government should take
away their children to be sent to re-education camps; a congresswoman
demands they be blacklisted from future employment; and the media calls
for the ‘losing’ candidate’ family to be criminally prosecuted, their
assets confiscated, their business forfeited.

My response my questioner is: seeing the chicanery, the coverup and the
vicious vindictiveness toward all who seek to verify the election
results, how can you believe Biden won the election fair and square?

Joe Doakes

The usual answer is “why are you a Nazi”.

Let’s see how the usual suspects in the comment section manage.

54 thoughts on “Questioning The Narrative

  1. I won’t be reading the comments. I’ve had enough of E’s blathering and J’s sneering for a while.

    Besides, I’m prepping: there’s an election protest planned for this weekend, Governor Walz has already said he’s calling out the National Guard and I suspect Mayor Carter will impose a curfew from now through the election. Plus, the National Weather Service predicts a 6-8 inch blizzard and St. Paul doesn’t plow the streets.

    I’m off to Cub to stock up on toilet paper, bottled water, SPAM . . the usual. Y’all have fun and be nice, hear?

  2. How much fraud was there in the 2020 presidential contest.
    We don’t know. I doubt if there was enough to throw the election, but I am curious about how much fraud there was, where it happened, how it happened, etc.
    But I guess, as a citizen in good standing in the US, I am not allowed to ask those questions.
    But I can ask questions about the validity of elections lost by dems like Stacey Abrams? In fact, to be a good citizen, I have to ask these questions?

  3. I’m going to a do Mitch Berg ‘debate me guy’ thing on this point, and ask that it be demonstrated where I’ve ever used a Nazi metaphor here at SiTD.  

  4. …or more importantly, where I’ve called anyone a Nazi.  Pete Swift / Tom Strunk bears some resemblance, but I’m a literalist and I just don’t argue in those terms, I require less blurry lines than that.

  5. From one wacko idiot Trump supporter to another, I’d like to say thanks to Joe D for a most excellent catalog of reasons as to why we don’t believe Biden won the election fair and square.

  6. Allen, quality trolling more brainpower than you have, and you’re too old to learn

  7. ^ If you want to tell us your life story and make it clear to everyone you’re a combat veteran, just do that. It doesn’t have to be this awkward “look at me”.

  8. I really think it’s time to bring back dueling.

    The right to demand satisfaction would cleanse nearly every aspect of Amerucan life.

    Sure, you can refuse the gauntlet, but doing so will exclude you from any job with the government, or a government contractor, any taxpayer funded service or benefit will be denied…you’re on your own. It would put cancel culture, and the current practitioners right out of business.

    I think folks are ready for that.

  9. they’re idiots and retarded

    I’ve been reminded over the past couple of days that last word is considered very offensive, except it seems when leftists apply it to conservatives.

  10. I think its useful to look back 4 years for perspective on this. About this time in 2017, the “Russia Collusion” story was shifting into high gear. As we look back, we know that the genesis of that bit of fiction was very questionable at best – one might almost argue the justification did not exist.

    Even so, those who believed in “Russian Collusion” received a 2+ year DOJ special prosecutor investigation, funded with a bottomless pit of money, and headed by a group of leaders who, at least to an outside observer, desperately wanted the topic of their investigation to be true. This investigation had all the powers of government, including use of force, arrest, jail and every other tool used to ensure cooperation with the investigation. At the end of this process, despite the best efforts of virtually half or more of the government – no such collusion was ever found, but the true believers got their investigation.

    Now, lets move to the 2020 elections. We have a number of direct “on the record” claims by people who’ve put their names on the complaints. Further we have statistical evidence that defies any logical explanation and serious changes and breaches in normal election procedures. The result when the people ask for an investigation is for the same people who engaged in the behavior at question to perform a brief, perfunctory review using the same equipment, personnel and procedures that are under question and declare that no issue exists.

    One might understand why those questioning the result consider these answers insufficient at best and fraudulent at worst. Isn’t something as critical as an election worth at least the same level of effort as “Russia Collusion” investigation with the same level of zeal on the part of those engaged in the inspection?

    If you look at this disconnect between how the two are treated, its easy to see how we have reached where we are and why out institutions are not granted the automatic trust.

  11. I see the population inhabiting the vacuum between Faphammers ears is growing like, well, crazy.

    It’s got to be getting a little crowded. How many Nazis you got in there, Faphammer? tia

  12. Tom to be clear, a Nazi comparison to you probably only succeeds on the race hierarchy / white supremacy / pure racial homeland stuff.  One assumes it’s not true that you fulfill the other attributes of being a national socialist.  As I say, I need less blurry lines than that, so “bears some resemblance” is as far as I would go. 

  13. It doesn’t have to be this awkward “look at me”.


    Bwaaahahahaha! Says the legend in his own mind, the towering intellect of the left!

    Can you imagine having to deal with this kind of insanity irl? That nutcase at work who’s cube is decorated with “No H8”, “Fukc Trump” and Darwin shark stickers…lmao

  14. Look at me according to my Army records —

    I was drafted into the Army on 20 Jun 1966. My basic training was at Ft Leonard Wood effective date 21 Jun – 26 Aug. Went to Advanced Infantry Training at Ft Gordan GA, 12 Sept – 10 Nov. Became a paratrooper at Ft Benning GA, 10 Nov – 20 Dec (3 week interruption for pneumonia). Was assigned to B Company 2nd Battalion of the 325th Infantry 82nd Airborne Division. Was with the 82nd from 20 Dec 1966 to 25 Apr 1967 when I joined a newly formed unit of the 173d Airborne Brigade. Was assigned to A Company 3rd Battalion 503rd Infantry. Was wounded in Vietnam (gun shot wound) on 27 Dec 1967. Spent 3 months in a hospital in Japan until I was healed enough to rejoin my unit in Vietnam on 2 Apr 1968. Wounded again on 17 May 1968 (shrapnel was treated in the field). Left Vietnam and got out of the Army on 13 Jun 1968.

    I have my Wage and Tax Statement from 1967. I made $1664.73, paid Fed tax of $141.48 and FICA tax of $73.22.

    Now, go ahead and give everyone an aspect of your life, John K, we could use a good laugh.

  15. How about this? In one precinct, at least, there were 3.5 times as many votes “counted” for Biden than there were paper ballots with Biden’s name on them. In another, there were 75 Biden ballots on the top of the pile, all in a row– a statistical near-impossibility. And these supposed “mail-in” ballots had no creases in them. In one county, there was a 9,000 vote swing after midnight. In the state, Biden got 70,000 more votes than any Democrat, and Trump got 70,000 fewer votes than any Republican. An odd coincidence, at least. We know Republicans were prevented from observing the verification of ballots, and from the counting rooms, and in most cases from observing the Post Election Review process. Court challenges were ALL dismissed on one technicality or another, rather than on the evidence.

    All that said, the election WAS stolen, there is no doubt, and saying there was no “fraud” is a smokescreen to deny that a theft took place.

  16. Dr Pete
    the beauty of dueling is that when your opponent declines the challenge they are publicly acknowledging their craven cowardly nature and even in this day and age of the memoryhole that acknowledgement persists.

  17. Allen, I wouldn’t say what’s going on here at SiTD is actually a meeting of minds, but take your shit to Facebook where it belongs.  I’m sure you’ll get a basket of likes and the dopamine hit you’re looking for.

  18. In general, I don’t believe in conspiracy theories.


    Because few people know how to keep their big mouth shut.

    As for the “Stolen election”, sure, a few things will come out, they always do – but anything that big would require too many people to shut up for too long.

  19. Greg the point is they don’t shut up — that’s what Project Veritas proves time and again.

  20. You’ll get no respect for your military service from “John Kraephammer”?
    How very surprising. *eyeroll*
    Be all you can be, John. Even if it’s only being the biggest jackass in the world, swing for the fences.

  21. Probably just a coincidence that everyone at the Trump riot had people in their personal lives who couldn’t wait to turn them in.

  22. The whole notion of service was introduced into this discussion accidentally, by an elderly man who doesn’t participate in the conversation coherently. Its a distraction, and I’m not distracted.

    I have a view of service, and I haven’t shared it one way or another.

  23. The public square has become partitioned into silos. Opinion can be siloed; rule of law cannot.

    But there can only be one justice system and rule of law operating in a society. Trump and his followers have endlessly broken if not trashed “norms.” But now they have been found to be systematically breaking the law. That becomes existential to society: either the law reigns or we return to a more tribal state where raw power rules social life.

    Congress is the law-giving institution of life in America. When one is overthrowing it, one is not taking back the country. One is attacking its very basis.

    I’m more concerned about political violence during inauguration next week t. Not because of impeachment — but because Trump refuses to admit he lost a free and fair election.

  24. So Emery has finally discovered what it means to be a ‘Denier’

    and now every accusation he has leveled against ‘Deniers’ in the past apply to him!

  25. As for the “Stolen election”, sure, a few things will come out, they always do – but anything that big would require too many people to shut up for too long.

    I don’t get it. There’s plenty of info out there – as JD listed. There’s no hidden conspiracy – it’s right out in the open. The problem is that “the authorities” rejected it all – as JD also listed.

    … oh, whatever… never mind. We get the government we deserve.

  26. take your shit to Facebook where it belongs

    Imagine the lack of self awareness and imagined self-importance it takes to make a statement like that.

    Cognitive deficiency, mental illness and an almost genetic predisposition to be a raging twat. It’s a combination we see among the fetid ranks of reprobates again and again.

    When everyone is laughing at them, all they hear is the applause of the crowd living in their empty skulls.

    Allen’s, Faphammer would have been what we called in the Navy, a “bug”. Not that I doubt for a minute he wouldn’t hike up his sundress and run for the border if he ever faced compulsory service to defend the US.

    After all, the reprobates goal is to destroy America from within.

    But I do know that anyone that completes jump school is a cut above the average soldier, as is anyone that has had bullets fired at them. Thanks brother.

  27. Pretty hard to have self awareness and self-importance when you’re living in mom’s basement.

  28. Say Faphammer? I’ve got questions…

    I thought your little friend “Tom” was a Nazi. Is this a different one, or does he swing between the Klan and the 3rd Reich?

    When they, or he (or xe?) Lights off a cross or snaps off some Heil Hitler’s in your fantasy, do you climax right away, or do you have to fiddle with yourself a bit?

    Asking for a head doctor friend.

  29. More Than 1.1 Million Attended President Trump’s Rallies Since Labor Day — Not a Single Window Broken, Policeman Attacked or Attendee Killed

    The implications are actually worse than that. Think of it. They didn’t, until Trump asked them too.

  30. TKS, our reprobate Qanon nitwits are operating on the same cognitive level as the nitwits that are convinced GWB flew jets into WTC 1&2 with an X-box controller, specially modified by Halliburton at Cheney’s orders.

    It’s not hard to convince people with room temp IQ’s that the Martians are coming. Our 2 reprobates prove that every day.

  31. room temp IQ’s

    As if! More like freezer IQ’s based on the discourse offered here. C’mon, it should only take a single digit IQ to comprehend the concept of a threadjack, and yet…

  32. Thousands of airplanes flew by the WTC before 9/11 and not one hit it until that day.

    At his rallies Trump didn’t tell his followers to go to the Capitol and fight. On January 6th he did.

  33. Sorry, Emery, you lying asshat.

    Please post the part of the speech, you know, the one that Trump didn’t even finish before paid left wing goons started the violence, where he said to go storm the capital.

    Your stupidity continues to provide us with laughs. Had Trump ACTUALLY said anything remotely close to your bogus claim, your lying media heroes would have been playing it on a continuous loop 24/7.

  34. One thing that strikes me about the aftermath of last week’s riots is that the FBI seems to be doing a great job at identifying and arresting the participants.

    Gosh, I wonder whether they could do the same good job if they’d have set their minds to punishing Antifa and Occupy activists for the past 20 years. The techniques are the same. And that reveals a lot of why a lot of those people were at the Capitol; they have learned through hard experience that the law seems to be applied only one way.

    The interesting thing, in my view, is what’s going to happen when defendants start introducing as evidence statements by congress-critters defending previous riots. Obviously they didn’t think those riots were worth prosecuting–what’s changed now? It is my hope that the Democrats will learn by exoneration and dismissal after exoneration and dismissal that it matters whether they apply the law to “their own side.”

    Recipe for enjoying the results; 1 ounce simple syrup, 4 drops congress-critter tears, 3 oz. bourbon, mint, and an ice cube.

  35. ^ Tard Joe is a lawyer, so he could weigh in on this… But I can also explain.

    A congressman’s speech is not a legitimate or persuasive trial rebuttal to a duly made criminal charge.  And federal trials of darn near anything have in excess of a 95% conviction rate.

    So fear not there.

  36. Say, Faphammer?

    How much time did Tim Kaine’s degenerate son get for invading the MN Capitol, destroying property and assaulting elderly citizen’s?

    Insurrection and assault…sounds bad. The Obmama DOJ probably squashed him like a cockroach.

  37. Tom, follow along, dipshit.

    I think it was by some great luck that kid Kaine and his friends didn’t get shot dead by guards.  It would have easily passed muster.

    It was a state crime though, so no federal charges.  I agree with Merg, they could have been charged more aggressively.

  38. Can you ever shut off the various voices in your head, Faphammer?

    Dr. Strunk’s field is Engineering, not psychiatry (or Community college). But I can hook you up with someone that might be able to help you. Were you cruel to animals as a child?

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