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The flotsam and jetsam of the left’s social media legion of the invincibly depraved has legs so tingly this morning at the news the POTUS and FLOTUS have Covid, they had to drag themselves hand over hand to the kitchen to make their avocado toast.

Of course, they were in Duluth before the news broke, so the Twin Cities media has jumped into high gear to investigate, not ballot harvesting (oh, good heavens, no) but just how close Minnesota’s GOP congresspeople and candidates actually were to the President.

Strib columnist Jennifer Brooks:

Don’t worry, Jen. John Thompson is on it.

If the FCOTUS recover without complications – fingers crossed, prayers being prayed – I’m almost tempted to send all these “journalists” sympathy cards.

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  1. Statistically speaking, it is “when”, not “if”, although Prez is in a high-risk category. But his infection with the Wuhan Flu had been caught very early. So again, “when”, not “if”. And when that will pass, with minimum implications as case studies so far show, we will finally be rid of this hysteria. We can hope, at least.

  2. It was bound to happen. The problem is they test too much in the White House. This could have been avoided if they’d SLOW THE TESTING DOWN, PLEASE.

    If only Trump could have had access to doctors and other health experts to confer with and find out the best practices to prevent getting the virus. I bet that would’ve made a huge difference in him and his wife getting infected.

  3. On NPR they mentioned Trump getting covid solely in the context of his not wearing a mask.
    The Lt. Governor of Hawaii, a physician and mask fanatic, got covid two weeks ago. No mention on the news about the irony of him saying masks & social distancing could stop (not slow, stop) the spread of covid & then getting it himself.
    Politicians are a high risk profession for covid. They spend all day meeting people, speaking with them, socializing, etc. FYI, Trump could never keep a positive covid test secret, I bet Biden could (or has). Remember how veep candidate John Edwards was flagrant about his adultery in 2004 & the press said nothing.

  4. For those of you who have forgotten, while Edwards was running for prez in 2008, he kept his pregnant mistress in the same hotel that he, and good number of our eagle-eyed MSM “journalists,” occupied. Because she was kind of kooky, Edwards had to pay visits to her room several times each night. That was how he was caught, a real journalist who worked for the National Enquirer saw the hanky panky & snapped some pictures.
    Did I mention Edwards’ wife was ill with terminal cancer at the time?
    Every day, Americans should wake up and thank God that most people rank the integrity of journalists alongside the integrity of used car salesmen.

  5. Max, why do you have disparage used car salesmen so? They have a lot more integrity than MSM journolists.

  6. Wait a minute. I thought the virus was gone — it was in the past and to resume normal activities. You mean it hasn’t disappeared?

    I guess somebody still thinks it is a hoax.

  7. “I guess somebody still thinks it’s a hoax.”\
    You, maybe?\
    As percentag3 of the US population, how many have died of covid?
    The answer is 0.067%.

  8. Health Secretary Alex Azar, on the Trump family’s failure to wear masks at the recent debate despite a requirement for the audience to do so:

    “The first family is a different situation than the rest of us,” because they are in a protective bubble.

    I would have to agree — both Trump and the WH and are in a bubble. One of their own making…

  9. ^^^
    Rather than correct the record, as many have tried to do, I will simply observe: Reading and listening comprehension among committed leftists continues to be the real hoax.

  10. I thought the virus was gone

    More proof that the person who wrote this is suffering from an incurable mental disorder. Because not a single commenter on this blog nor anywhere else for that matter has ever said so. These trollbots deserve our sympathy for their unfortunate condition and state of mind. Nah… I’ll stick with scorn, because it is self-inflicted and they show no inclination to get help and get better.

  11. I decided to come here to see what your reaction to the news regarding the President was. Thinking more than likely you’d be complaining that the left was callous. No, you couldn’t show that, because the left didn’t do that, yet you insult them by saying they are “tingly”, no Mitch, we are not. We are worried about the health and future of our nation. An Italian politico said the following, and I agree with it..

    “In Italy and in the world, whoever celebrates the illness of a man or of a woman, and who comes to wish the death of a neighbor, confirms what he is: An idiot without soul. A hug to Melania and Donald. ”

    THAT’s how we feel – no not 100% of us, but most of us, but hey, thanks for again demeaning the conversation and attempting to use a tragedy for political gain.

    The point Ms. Brooks made is simple, this President didn’t wear a mask, not really anywhere, while in Duluth, neither did Hicks. He needlessly and recklessly placed people at risk – and we now know it was a very real risk. That’s got nothing at all to do with being “tingly” and your allegation is ugly and disgusting. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    For someone who bitches whenever you think that happened – and someone who bitches when others use family references, where is your own filter or your condemnation of Trump for criticizing Biden’s son?

  12. Thus we see one of Emery’s greatest weaknesses in forming an argument: over reliance on his own poorly formed opinions.
    It is very possible that tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after, Biden the Masked will announce that he, too has the covid, leaving Emery’s empty intellect exposed (again).

  13. Well, dip stick Emery, as usual, you cherry pick your same talking points. You obviously missed the point that Hope Hicks, the main aid to President Trump, wears masks all the time, yet, The President and First Lady are suspected to have contracted it from her. Yet MORE proof that masks don’t work! Incidentally, earlier this week, Pennsylvania’s fascist dictator Phil Murphy and his aide, were caught running around w/o masks. When asked about it, he was caught on an open mic, laughing and stating that “masks are just political theater”. AGAIN, the observation that masks are about control and not the virus, is lost on you true believers.

    Further, doctors are now focused on the viral load of those that have contracted the WuFlu. They announced that while lower viral loads can make people more contagious, the infected people have not become symptomatic.

  14. I’m pretty sure that returning the focus of the news to the one thing Trump will do anything not to focus on — his COVID response — is not 3 dimensional chess.

    Gone: his disastrous debate performance. Gone: Melania saying f*ck Christmas or whatever. Once again, it’s now all about him.

  15. Gone: his disastrous debate performance. Gone: Melania saying f*ck Christmas or whatever. Once again, it’s now all about him.

    This is self-parody, isn’t it Emery? It’s not about him anymore so it is all about him?
    Are you legally permitted to vote? Because that would be sad 🙁

  16. Max, remember, mental institutions are on the libturd vote harvesters route. They will make sure the resident trollbot vote is cast – regardless of his mental capacity or legality to do so himself.

  17. Yeah, JPA, during week when Trump’s supposed inadequate disavowal of white supremacy was at the top of the news cycle, Trump is terrified that the media is spending all of its time on his covid response.
    So are you willing to put your money where your mouth is, Emery? Are you willing to give odds of, say, a thousand to one on Biden’s victory in November? You seem absolutely certain that Trump is doing just awful compared to his opponent, as you did in 2016 when you predicted a Hillary landslide in the electoral college.
    Cue the crickets . . .

  18. The Star-Tribune did badly, and their client publication, the City Pages, did far, far worse. Keepin’ it classy, it seems, is par for the course on the far left.

  19. The President got an experimental anti-body treatment. That is NOT a treatment your or I can get. I hope it works. If his outcome ultimately is good, it should not be seen as reflective of his strength or in any way typical. He is morbidly obese, does not exercise, has both heart disease and high cholesterol, and will get the best care available in the world, including early treatment with Remdesivir and Dexamethasone if those are seen as likely to help, far earlier than a peer patient will be provided. Ultimately, the nation is not, as he is not, “rounding the corner.” Dark, hard days lie ahead for this man fighting this illness, as do they for the nation. Happy talk doesn’t change reality. I will note, he did not take Hydroxychoroquine. This isn’t a hoax.

  20. Bubba, is saying the left is rejoicing in the President’s diagnosis “keeping it classy”?

  21. Just listening to a doctor talk about how treatments developed in NY, specifically anti-coagulant treatments, helped to greatly reduce mortality. I hope that is being done for Trump. Maybe, Mitch, you could acknowledge the sacrifices of people in NY aided the rest of us, you know, the rest of America, including DJT, a man who constantly derided NYs response?

  22. Boss, you truly are a ijit. First, it’s not Flu, second, the initial breakout in the east coast was from someone from Italy. Blaming China is just racist yellow-baiting. You guys bring this outcome on yourselves by ignoring and belittling the risk. Jeez, what will it take for you to take this seriously?

  23. Paddyboy, perhaps…..take a look at what the City Pages did? You may not be doing this, but they certainly did.

  24. I believe the initial case in NY was from someone who came from Italy, but I think it was a Chinese person from Italy. One of the reasons Italy was hit so hard right off the bat was the new trade agreement between Italy and China, allowing Chinese to work in China-owned textile mills in Italy so that China could stamp “Made in Italy” on those products.

  25. NW, there you go with facts again. Pshaw! Dontcha know Wuhan Flu (yes it is indeed a flu by definition, just caused by a different variety of a virus, namely SARS-CoV-2) was NOT first diagnosed in Wuhan, China? Just ask penny, he has a neighbour who’ll tell you all about it!

  26. “Precautionary measure” is almost exactly how Boris Johnson’s hospitalization was initially described.

    Trump is 74 years old. He is obese, but otherwise doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, has the best healthcare in the world. The percentages will tell you he’s unlikely to need to go to the ICU, but it’s a real possibility.

    Trump cares more than anyone about his appearance and never looking weak. Heading to the hospital for a few days is the last thing he’d want to do.

    Glad he’s listening to the experts, finally. And I hope he recovers.

  27. I’m genuinely puzzled by the Left. How do they think Covid plays out, long-term? Are they expecting the virus to mutate and simply disappear? Are they expecting someone to develop a cure that eradicates the virus from the entire Earth? Are they expecting a world-wide Stay Home order? Because if not, if the virus continues to exist somewhere on Earth and people continue to travel all over the Earth, then sooner or later, everyone on Earth will be exposed to it, everyone on Earth will test positive for fragments of Covid DNA or antibodies to Covid, but virtually nobody will die from it. As it is now.

    Fine, Trump has Covid. That’s not the big news. The big news is Trump got Covid AND HEDIDN’T DIE. He’s not even sick. Because Covid isn’t that big of a deal. It’s just the flu, as he said last January.

    Actually, I wonder if this is a campaign stunt? Trump’s out here saying “Yeah, I got it, and I beat it because I’m tough. I’m not like Hiden Biden, cowering in the basement. And you shouldn’t be either, because Covid isn’t as bad as Democrats are trying to scare you into believing. Hell, it didn’t even kill me and I’m the Democrats worst nightmare!”

    I’m thinking t-shirts:

    “Covid came, I got it, I KICKED IT’S ASS!”

  28. The politicians were handling the pandemic okay until back in March when they decided to turn over our constitutional republic to un-elected epidemiologists and public health officials. Since that fateful decision was made, with politicians following herd instincts, things have gone from bad to worse.
    Just two days ago, Fauci put on his grave face and said that he was “very concerned” about FL opening up.
    What a bureaucratic ass. Never say anything that can be used against him, never make an actual prediction in your area of expertise (epidemiology), because its chaotic and no human being, no super computer, can predict the course of a pandemic.
    And when I say “herd instinct” i mean the real thing, it is not a metaphor. In a herd the outlier gets killed. It makes sense to every individual buffalo do what every other buffalo does, even if it means the herd goes off of a cliff.
    Courage, please? Human beings can choose to be courageous (or cowardly). We aren’t F’n animals, for God’s sake.

  29. Perhaps Trump is setting up a context for losing — one which he doesn’t have to admit he lost. Another thing this does is he’ll be able to say to himself: “if I were out there on the trail and able to make my case and have my rallies — I could have won that race. And its one more way this virus has screwed me.”

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  31. Ha! That is a more likely outcome for Biden, Emery. I am just waiting for him to suddenly come down with it, despite the statements from his wife and camp that they are clean. His minions are doing everything they can to stack the deck in his favor for the debates, but to say that he has the wu flu and can’t participate in any more debates, would be right out of the the left wing play book to keep him from going off the rails.

  32. That must be why the President is campaigning in Northern Minnesota, famously Democrat territory: he’s trying to throw the election but it hasn’t been working – he’s more popular than ever – and now he’s faking Covid so he can quit shaking hands and giving speeches to sit in the White House basement watching Netflix.

    Thanks, E, your explanation makes everything so much clearer.

  33. Does anyone else find it odd that no prominent Democrats have had the virus but the list of Republicans goes on and on.

    Republicans have had all the same scientific and precautionary information as Democrats and yet have scorned it and fussed over it and refused to follow it. They prefer conspiracy theories and party allegiance to common sense and concern for public health.

    When Trump wants to present a skewed picture of the virus and what it requires, he sends out Dr. Atlas, who has no background in public health or epidemiology, to parrot the party line.

    When Trump requires treatment, he seeks out experts who know what they’re doing.

  34. lol. The trolls are all fluffed up…I especially enjoyed the concern padded cell boi is displaying!

    He doesn’t realize it, but the contrived concern is actually more nauseating than Troll #2’s incessant babble. Go ahead and pump your little fist in the air; It’s OK paddy cell boi, I danced for joy when RBG’s last aborted baby stem cell treatment failed to keep her above ground. No one will judge you for it. You hate us, and we hate you right back.

    Besides, you’re gonna need your reserves of strength when Trump wins in November.

    it’s America in the 21st century.

  35. Emery falls for the fake news DPRK_News account. Again.

    In fact, the DPRK News Service, which first tweeted in July 2009, is the work of a West Coast data analyst and a North Carolina attorney who also blog at, a self-described “group complaint about law, liberty, and leisure” started in 2004 by former federal prosecutor Ken White.

  36. ^^ This is a morality play, to be sure, of the Greek kind. Of Hubris brought low by Nemesis.

    If you want a biblical reference, here’s one:

    Proverbs 16:18: “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”

  37. Dr. Scott Gottlieb just said on Face the Nation that it was likely Trump was symptomatic on Wednesday. It’s very VERY unlikely he was on supplemental oxygen Friday if he only started showing symptoms Thursday night. He’s also tested in the morning, given he was likely exposed on 9/26, it’s very unlikely he was negative Thursday morning and positive Thursday night.

    So, Mitch, he came to Duluth Wednesday almost certainly showing symptoms, and definitely at peak for being a spreader. He behaved carelessly, may well have infected his most ardent followers and if he was experiencing symptoms probably KNEW he shouldn’t be around people. He certainly should have been more careful.

    And yet, YOU and your lick-spittles, are mad because someone said we should fumigate Duluth? Turns out, we probably should.

    Who did the most harm here? Exactly?

  38. Anybody else tired of this mindless threadjacking? Wish there was a way to lock a thread that had gone to shit.

  39. Justplainangry on October 4, 2020 at 7:09 pm said:

    Anybody else tired of this mindless threadjacking? Wish there was a way to lock a thread that had gone to shit.

    Ditto. Waste of pixels.

  40. With prospect of Trump soon to be discharged from Walter Reed, the AP is frantically spinning stories designed to fuel panic. “Oxygen saturation went below 94 at one point! Doctors give contradictory info! He had a high fever!” Our own troll PB must have to had to change his shorts a few times. I don’t know if the general public will put this together but it’s worth summarizing: Covid 19 victims are largely elderly (median age 83) and 75% lived in nursing homes or assisted living. Besides age , decedents also possessed serious comorbidities. We will be better off reaching herd immunity rather than prolonging the economic and social catastrophe produced by lockdowns. Wear masks if you want. If and when a vaccine appears it will likely be as effective for the vulnerable as current influenza vaccines: not very much. Despite pretty much universal flu vaccination in nursing homes, every year thousands fall ill and die. Read the annual CDC reports if you think I’m lying. It’s just that there has never been any political capital to be made. When the 2009 flu pandemic killed thousands of mainly younger Americans under the watch of Saint Barack, nobody cared.

  41. Also saw a blurb about Sweden’s death rate compared to neighbors. They had mild flu seasons the last two years so they had “dry tinder” when Covid came around.

    Remember our conversations about the “at-risk” population, there are more old sick people in Florida than Wisconsin so obviously more of them die? This is part of that discussion and an element that Democrats/media never mention.

  42. golfdoc50: There’s a long history of White Houses lying about the president’s health — Kennedy, Eisenhower….

    The distinction here is the incompetence.

    JD: Politically, it’s too late for Trump campaign to embrace mask using and social distancing. Their strategy is Trump recovers and says it’s no big deal. Horrible for the country but re-election is the priority.

  43. No, E, it’s not too late for the Trump Campaign to embrace masks and social distancing as a cure to Covid, it’s too stupid. They don’t work. They never did, never have, anywhere, ever.

    Trump will recover because Covid is no big deal; it’s basically a bad flu as we’ve known all along. For him to shrug off the Worst Virus In The History Of Mankind is the best possible thing for the country because it will give the nation living proof they’re being lied to by Democrats.

  44. There are now more recorded cases of COVID-19 in the White House than in New Zealand, Taiwan, and Vietnam combined, and they have 124 million people. Let that sink in.

    The White House seems like over achievers.

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