Remember, Always…

The situation in Racime looks awful, and the rioters in Wisconsin (so far) are certainly running with it.

Video below is disturbing:

But remember – Berg’s 18th Law was written precisely about this sort of episode.

I wager a shiny new quarter we’re not getting the whole story.


11 thoughts on “Remember, Always…

  1. If he is being pursued by cops (slowly), why was he trying to get into a driver’s seat of a car? I have no judgement to pass at this time, just asking questions. But I do have a shiny nickel to bet that Drugs are Bad. MMMMMMkey?

  2. I say reserve judgement at this time until ALL the facts are in, them base any conclusions on the actual evidence not hyperbole and political agenda. I said from the start of the reporting of the Floyd fiasco that the cop body cam video and the toxicology report would be critical in sorting out what the actual events were that lead to Floyd’s death, and I’m certain in the long run that will be the case. Hakim X be damned!

  3. If not a single policeman killed a single black individual anywhere in the United States for this entire year, that would not reduce the number of black homicide victims by one percent.

    Wish the rioters realized this.

  4. With incomplete information the only tentative conclusion I can reach is that the cops got outmaneuvered by the perp. Were tasers deployed? Don’t know. What about blurry object in perps hand seen on enlargement of video? A knife? Cell phone? Weapon inside the car? Don’t know. I do know that the Wisconsin Governor is an idiot equal to Walz based on his comments.

  5. Today is the start of the Republican Convention – what better way to preempt coverage than with a high profile BLM/Antifa event followed by a bit of looting and rampage for the peeps.

  6. Ex-cop John Cardillo has some different interpretations about this Kenosha thing. He actually has a fact or two to back up his opinions. I have no idea who is at fault or what even happened as per Berg’s 18th Law, but I do wonder something.

    How is it that when a black guy has a violent encounter with the police in 2020, portions of the city in which it occurred go up in flames? Almost immediately. There’s a video of a Kenosha car dealer’s stock in flames. Or this short video might be of interest. “It should alarm you how normal this is” or, as someone else wrote. “Do these people have combustibles on hand at all times? WTF?

  7. It always struck me as odd that whenever foreigners want to stage a spontaneous protest march on our consulate, they just happen to have a bunch of American flags handy to burn, and signs printed in English. Really? People over there can’t get clean drinking water or reliable medical care but they always keep a closet full of American flags? Is it a cultural thing, like hummus?

    Similarly, I wonder about the spontaneity of American police shooting riots. How does word go out? Are there assignments, “Black guy shot by White cop, Jason, you burn the Dairy Queen; Billy, get over to the car lot with your gas can and light ‘em up.”

    Do you suppose Billy ever replies, “Ah, sorry, dude, I needed that for my car last week. I’m a little short. Can you help a brother out?”

  8. Geez, Joe, I found a Red Chinese Embassy – not just some piddly consulate – in Milwaukee. Isn’t Kenosha right near Milwaukee? I’m sure Billy could get that gas there, don’cha think?

  9. So many questions….where were the officers’ tasers, why not just let the guy get in the car and shoot out the tires and radiator, what was the back story about why they wanted to arrest him, why is he even alive after seven shots at point blank range, always some supplies on hand to make a riot nastier….

    ….it also strikes me that if I were a poor Kenosha (wherever) resident, I’d be pleading with the activists to “get off my side”, because those were the cars that I could plausibly afford. and because they chose to attack a car dealer who had nothing to do with the issue, I was going to be walking to work, if in fact I still had a job after the riots.

  10. I also find it very suspicious that this incident occurred on the day the RNC was scheduled to start. You know, kind of like the virus cases mysteriously rising in Florida and Texas, just in front of their GOP events.

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