Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Went to an in-law’s birthday party at a golf course in Wisconsin.  Mask
order in effect, completely ignored by everybody except the bartender. 
A cousin said,”If I hear one more person say it’s all going to end after
the election, I’ll scream.  How can people be so ignorant?”

I didn’t engage, of course, but her comment made me think.  I don’t
believe Covid is as contagious and as deadly as politicians say,  so I
don’t believe the mask and social distancing are necessary.  Why don’t I
believe it?

The numbers are phony, the rules are arbitrary, politicians don’t act
like they believe their own stories, enforcement is inconsistent and the
media won’t admit the Emperor has no clothes.

In his first press conference announcing the Peacetime Emergency,
Governor Walz said our million-dollar computer model predicted 70,000
Minnesotans would die if we did nothing, but only 50,000 would die if we
implemented the strict lock-down.  We did and six months later, there
are barely 2,000 dead and that’s counting every death from respiratory
distress as Covid – even without a test to confirm it – and scraping the
bottom of the barrel to include 100-year-old nursing home patients.  The
justification for extreme measures – piles of dead bodies – was not true.

In later press conferences, Governor Walz announced the new-and-improved
computer model predicted – with a 95% confidence level – that we would
have a surge of Covid deaths coming in May, could be June, possibly
July, certainly by August.  The surge would be so large that local
mortuaries wouldn’t be able to handle all the corpses. To prepare, the
State spent $7 million on a refrigerated warehouse to hold up to 5,000
bodies.  But daily deaths are in the single digits.  The justification
for continuing extreme measures – the surge of deaths – was not true.

Early on, in-person worship service was outright banned but buying
lumber at Menard’s was perfectly legal.  Candy stores were non-essential
until a friend of the governor got special permission to open his
store.  There was no explanation of the medical or scientific reason
some stores could open and some could not, no double-blind peer-reviewed
studies showing why six feet was safe but five was not, no health care
professional explaining how wearing a mask of the most porous material
would still prevent the spread of the virus.  The justification for the
rules was non-existent.

If politicians actually believed Covid was deadly and that anybody could
die from it – infants to seniors – then politicians would implement
strict rules to prevent the spread of the virus and wouldn’t grant
exceptions to the rules for non-medical reasons.  We wouldn’t send
infected patients back to live in nursing homes with the most
vulnerable, at-risk population.  We wouldn’t encourage people to shout
protest slogans when church singing is banned.  We wouldn’t have
funerals for me, but not for thee.  We wouldn’t show up at ball games
without a mask; hell, we wouldn’t go to ball games at all.  No
non-essential activities would be permitted.  The exceptions prove the
virus isn’t contagious enough or deadly enough to require serious rules.

If politicians actually believed Covid was deadly, no group would be
allowed to engage in any protest – peaceful or not.  When politically
favored groups get a pass but politically disfavored groups are
aggressively prosecuted, public health and safety concerns cannot be the

Last but definitely not least, if a Republican governor had told as many
whoppers and achieved equally poor results, the media would be all over
it.  The fact they can’t even bring themselves to ask simple questions
like, “How come Wisconsin is doing better than we are?” or “What
happened to the surge?” is proof the media knows this is all a Democrat
political tactic.

Those are the reasons I believe that if Joe Biden wins, his first act as
President will be to say “We’ve flattened the curve as much as we can. 
Now we need to move as quickly as possible to achieve herd immunity.  We
must get the economy rolling again so minorities, women and working
families can get back on their feet. All restrictions are lifted.”

Joe Doakes

I keep asking Dem politicians on social media – why are Wisconsin and both Dakotas doing so much better than Minnesota is?

The closest I get to an answer sounds more like fundamentalist ministers promising perdition to the impenitent.

40 thoughts on “Science!

  1. Sweden, which never took such drastic actions and let people live their lives, didn’t have a blip on the radar for deaths from the “virus’.

    We also have another illustration of how flawed the reported number if cases is. Nine Vikings players were quarantined after testing positive for the “virus”, but they ended up being false positives. Since March, reports about flawed tests, with high numbers of false positives, as well as positive tests for people that weren’t even tested, yet. the praetorian guard media and true believers (like a couple of SiTD commenters), don’t acknowledge or even report on it. The very terms “cases”, implies that people are sick and/or dropping dead from it.

  2. Epidemiologist: “We know the virus is extremely contagious, we know the virus is extremely deadly, and we know that it can be spread by people who appear healthy. Therefore you must surrender your civil and economic liberties to slow its spread.”
    Me: “Explain Sweden’s low transmission rate, or the low death rates of South Dakota and Wisconsin compared to Minnesota.”
    Epidemiologist: (Sighs and deepens voice dramatically) “There is a lot we don’t know about this virus.”

  3. The Brits say that 2/3 of hospitalized Covid patients say that they followed Britain’s strict social distancing rules.
    The Brits also say that 20% of hospitalized covid-19 patients contracted it while in the hospital for another ailment.
    There are well-known vectors for the spread of the disease: confinement of the very old & people with existing health issues. Presumably they get it from a health professional.
    Yet, New Zealand had its first case in over three months of ZERO cases, with a very hard quarantine. And the considerable resources of the Kiwi government cannot determine how the new cluster began. They can trace it to an individual, who contracted the disease a few weeks ago & spread it to his family & a few acquaintances, the tracing dead ends there. They have no idea how the guy got it.
    The state of Hawaii has a quarantine. Case load was never large, but it began to increase in mid-July, as it did in other areas of lower geographic latitude (southern US states, Latin America, Australia).

  4. I don’t wear a mask and every so often a “Karen” will challenge me about it (its always a woman, men never bother me) and attempt to shame me for being a racist, xenophobic, Trump supporter. A couple months ago I decided to go on the offensive and actually shame them.
    Every Monday for the last 6 weeks I print up an some index cards with the following information on one side:

    MN as of Monday August 24th 2020
    number of total cases = 69,584
    number of total deaths = 1,767
    deaths as % of total cases = 2.5%
    number of deaths in LTC = 1,310
    Death in LTC as % of total deaths = 74.1%

    number of cases < 60 yrs of age = 58,098
    number death < 60 years of age = 138
    Death < age 6 as % of cases for < 60 yrs = 0.23%

    number of cases 60+ years = 11,486
    number of deaths 60+ yrs = 1,629
    deaths as % of cases over 60 yrs = 14%

    On the flip side of the card is printed:
    a term embraced to describe the mathematical equivalent of illiteracy: incompetence with numbers rather than words. Innumeracy is a problem with many otherwise educated and knowledgeable people.”

    When Karen confronts me I hand her the card, with only 1 exception the response has been something like “what does this mean?” or “this doesn’t change anything” or “this is just numbers” or “I don’t understand this”. I then ask them to read the back side of the card and tell them they can keep the card.
    Usually they turn red in the face and march away but one did throw me out of a store.


    Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. I believe the Yogi Berra principle that predictions are hard, especially about the future. My take on post inauguration Covid policy if Biden wins is that restrictions will increase because the Dems platform for introducing economic change along neo-Marxian lines relies on a subdued, scared population. We have always been at war with Eastasia, Winston.

  7. golfdoc is probably right – if Biden wins the Democrats likely take the Senate too, so they will need to keep everyone in masks and terrified until at least the end of May 2021 while they pass the legislation they need to make things better again (gun control, reparations, AFFH, single payer healthcare, etc)

  8. Greg on August 24, 2020 at 7:17 am said:
    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Memory hole, like “fifteen days to flatten the curve.”
    Workin’ on day 150, now.

  9. Ha! Well played, Loren.

    Predictably, we have heard nothing further on that abuse of power by Mooslim for convenience Hakim Ellison. My bet. Some defense lawyer got the charges dropped.

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  11. If you have a disability, don’t wear your mask. It is your legal right not to wear a mask, and it is illegal for a business to ask you about the nature of your disability, or treat you differently in any way.
    I notice pro-maskers like to link to studies that show that mask wearing definitely will help slow the spread of cotonavirus, but these promaskers do not seem to have read the actual studies they are promoting. Most are about N95 masks worn correctly, and of course that is not the legal requirement at all. The best study I’ve seen that was done pre-corona (and so not tainted by politics), was done by the Aussies and used a test sample of muslims going on Hajj. Apparently people who do this often wear face coverings (rather than n95 masks) when in crowds, when not eating, when not with family, etc. This is very similar to the way face coverings are worn in parts of the US with mask mandates.
    The study found no significant difference in the contraction or transmission of ordinary flu among people who wore face coverings and those who did not.

  12. Biden says, if elected, he will dictate nation-wide mandatory wearing of face coverings.
    I wonder how he thinks he will enforce it? The sherrif in my county in Wisconsin says he will not enforce Evers’ face-covering oorder. Will Biden sic the FBI on ordinary citizens walking outdoors w/o a face covering?

  13. ^^ We tried what the president and Dr Woolly wanted with the southern states ignoring CDC guidelines and opening early.

    It turns out Trump and Woolly are not very good epidemiologists.

  14. Is the glass half empty or half full?
    You look at the carnage in Minnesota’s nursing homes and you think — no hoax.
    You look at the claims that x number of previously healthy young people have tested positive for covid & you notice that the number of false positives is not reported, nor that the young people who correctly tested positive had no symptoms or light symptoms, and you think “hoax.”

  15. I’ve been thinking about who ought to receive Covid vaccine, assuming it will need to be rationed. My suggestions: health care workers, particularly those who work with vulnerable people in LTC facilities. Second: people in 30-40 age group, which has the largest number of infected individuals and therefore needs to be stopped from transmitting the virus. Lower the R nought. Do not waste vaccine on old people (including me, age 70) because immune response is much poorer. I can social distance and wear (ugh) a mask if I choose.

  16. More flim-flammery from Emery, goes without saying.
    Correlation is causation all they got, and the reason causation is causation is a really bad to solve problems is that it allows the thinker to cherry pick correlations and call it causation.
    Three months ago, The Swedes (no lockdown, no face coverings) were doing poorly compared to the US, and this was supposed to be a lesson for other nations to learn from.
    Now that the Swedes are doing much better than the US, the claim from the pro-maskers is that this is unique to Sweden, no internationally applicable lesson can be learned.
    You see it in Walz’s covid updates, where his health experts want to compare MN’s death rates to Michigan’s death rates, not to Wisconsin’s death rates.
    It is not a way to rationally approach a problem, it is a way of hiding the truth.

  17. Of course the numbers drop after 6 weeks, it’s due to a feedback mechanism. No matter what the local jurisdiction tells people to do, people are inclined to protect themselves. With rising cases in a community people will start to become cautious, increase personal hygiene and socialize less.

    That doesn’t change the fact that thousands of Americans died needlessly and hundreds of thousands suffered unnecessarily because the US had no federal plan to tackle the pandemic. Trump presided over the largest casualty count in peacetimes in one hundred years.

  18. There ws, of course, a federal plan to fight the spread of the virus. It began with ban of flights from China, and moved on to supplying tests, supplying ventilators, and the search for a vaccine.
    What we now have is masking and social distancing as the new unobtainium. Who is to blame for the spread of the virus?
    Those bad people who disobey or even question arbitrary government edicts on mask wearing and social distancing.
    The jig was up on that when epidemiologists fell all over themselves claiming that the #BLM riots — tens of thousands of strangers commingling on the streets — were not contributing to the spread of covid1-19, but sitting quietly at a concert or a funeral was so dangerous it had to made illegal.
    In a sense, it doesn’t matter what mandates the governors make anymore. People have lost confidence in the elites who decided that quarantining the healthy was a proper response to the pandemic.

  19. “It began with ban of flights from China, and moved on to supplying tests, supplying ventilators, and the search for a vaccine.”

    The US policy was full of holes. It did not apply to immediate family members of American citizens and permanent residents returning from China, for example. In the two months after the policy went into place, almost 40,000 people arrived in the United States on direct flights from China.

    Even more important, the policy failed to take into account that the virus had spread well beyond China by early February. Later data would show that many infected people arriving in the United States came from Europe. (The Trump administration did not restrict travel from Europe until March and exempted Britain from that ban despite a high infection rate there.) ~ NYT

    Why, at an early stage, Trump decided to promote miracle cures and magical thinking instead of following the science is the question that will be debated for years.

  20. Remember the prior threads, where we tried to get Emery to tell us what Trump should have done, and when, to prevent Americans from dying of the virus? Now we know.

    Answer: He should have banned all travel into the United States, from anywhere in the world, while Congress was in the middle of the impeachment hearings.

    But that alone wouldn’t have stopped the spread from state to state, would it? New Yorkers fleeing the city, snowbirds? He should have done more.

    Answer: He should have banned all travel within the United States, from anywhere to anywhere, to prevent the spread of the virus. Ground all flights. Close all freeways. Stop all trucking, yes, including toilet paper and hand sanitizer. It’s the only way to contain the plague so it can be fought.

    Democrats gladly would have gone along with a total national lockdown. Hell, they were clamoring for it, demanding he do it, Goveror Cuomo especially, just not in public. But privately, they were all for it. Nobody would have run to a federal judge in Hawaii to get a nationwide injunction to overturn the travel ban. Not this time.

    Trump should have done all those things to protect the nation from a virus that so far, rounded to the nearest whole number, has killed zero percent of Americans.

    Zero percent.

    He failed so we must elect Harris/Biden because they have a secret plan to end the war.


  21. Geez, Emery. Thanks for showing your elitism AGAIN. Those U.S. citizens had every right to be allowed to return home and Trump knew that. Idiots like you that are critical of that action, show your true colors; it’s OK for thee, but not for me”. I really do hope that you experience being stuck in a foreign country, unable to do anything about it, so that you can understand how utterly stupid your comments are. Of course, that’s not likely, because you will never come up from your mommy’s basement.

  22. I take it the bleach and UV lights didn’t work then?

    Populist deceit and incompetence costs lives

  23. For the economy to work, the virus has to be under control. Missing that connection between public health and economic health, has been the fatal flaw of the Trump administration’s thinking.

  24. How many of those 500 were hospitalized? How many died?

    How many were simply curious students who signed up for testing for the hell of it, and learned they were asymptomatic only after the test results returned.

    Oddly, none of the important facts are reported. I wonder why not?

  25. FDA Walks Back Claim of Dramatic Benefit From Covid Therapy

    An embarrassing mistake between relative and absolute risk reduction. I think it says a lot about basic epidemiological and statistical literacy in this country. Maybe those who don’t understand these topics shouldn’t have a role in control our response to a pandemic?

    The most valuable assets the FDA has are expertise and public trust. In this case, the agency forfeited both in a political maneuver designed to satisfy a failing President who has mismanaged every single aspect of this pandemic from its onset.

  26. I hear convalescent plasma is 145% effective when taken along with MyPillow guy — Mike Lindell’s herbal Covid cure.

    A bleach chaser is optional…

  27. Actually, it’s not relative vs. absolute risk reduction. It’s the difference between an explicit control and an implicit control in studies. Now, if you’ve got a hunch that the plasma will improve survival, by what ethics can you deny the treatment to your control group?

  28. What ethics bubba? Your question implies reporbate libturds have ethics to begin with. Boy are you wrong!

  29. emetic literally does not want there to be an answer, rather people die so his party can win

    can you guys possibly imagine what an incredibly unhappy person he is

  30. Maybe you missed the doctor on Fox extolling it’s virtues. Her patient showed vast improvement. Until he died.

    Facts are uncomfortable. Statistics are more pliable.

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