This Is War

Shizzle just got way too real:

This is getting personal.

Keegans was where I met some of the favorite arcs in my social circle: the NARN guys (Brian, Chad, Ben, Ed Morrissey, King Banaian, Michael Brodkorb), John Stewart and Marjorie Farnsworth Stewart and their kids Patience Stewart and Faith Worley , who at least started the process of meeting her husband Ben Worley (long story) there at a Trivia night one summer. It’s where I first met (socially, at least) David Strom and Margaret Martin, and Christopher K. Senn and Chris Neugent, where we were trivia regulars with Brad Carlson and Nancy LaRoche and Bill Charette and Guy Collins and Peg Kaplan and so many more, a place where Gary M. Miller and Bob Collins shared a table over a couple beers and some sports talk, where I met the likes of Tracy Eberly and Julie Hanson and Mark Heuring and Jacq Smith and Sean Michael and Diane Napper and Bridget Cronin, where I met Don Lokken after 20 odd years. where celebs like Mike Nelson and Lynn McHale’s husband rubbed elbows with a bunch of my other closest friends, and the last place I saw Joel Rosenberg and Sarah Janecek before their untimely passings, and…

…well, so many memories, it’s hard to catalogue them all.

Keegans – and the Savoy next door, both owned by the redoubtable Marty Newman – is closing after Tuesday night. Marty, like Terry (a Marine vet from Vietnam) and Virginia Keegan before him who founded the place, is a classic small businessman, is pretty much SOL.

The place was always jam packed – always – so let’s hear none of this “bars and restaurants close all the time” bullsh*t. This place was killed by the Governor’s ham-fisted quarantine combined with Minneapolis’ unicorn-driven small business policies.

This is a kick in the teeth.

I will be heading there Tuesday night. I guess that would be tonight…

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  1. Sad news, and there’s a lot of sharing of memories going around on SM. A thought occurred to me last night: what will happen to the building? Keegan’s Pub was an authentic Irish pub, built in Ireland, disassembled, and shipped to Minneapolis for reconstruction.

  2. Powerline’s Scott Johnson notes today that 98% of the people who have died from covid-19 in Minnesota had one or more serious underlying health conditions. Speaking of King Walz daily presser, Johnson writes “Every one of these press conferences constitutes a missed opportunity to warn the at-risk population.”
    Why? I suppose it is the instinct of Lefties like Walz to emphasize that this is a problem we all have in common, as they have done with previous health crises like the AIDS epidemic. It will not produce positive results, any more than than it did with AIDS.

  3. In Hawaii, I am seeing ham-handed efforts to reopen restaurants and entertainment venues fail. It is nearly impossible to reopen a restaurant, or nightclub, or theater at 25% capacity while making a profit. So they aren’t reopening. I assume that this is because the people who wrote the new rules, politicians and “public health officials” have never worked in the private sector.

  4. The US is the world’s only advanced democracy politicizing mask wearing in the middle of a pandemic.

    The fragility of folks who won’t wear a mask is truly breathtaking. Wearing a mask is not a political statement — it’s an IQ test.

    The economy cannot thrive while there is a pandemic raging. I don’t know how this continues to be confusing.

  5. The US is the world’s only advanced democracy politicizing mask wearing in the middle of a pandemic.

    And we’re one of the very few with any concept of inseparable liberty and self-determination – not that people on the left would know anything about that.

    And there’s the little matter of the CDC’s deeply stupid messaging on the subject at the beginning of the pandemic – saying masks were useless (to prevent a run on them) before saying they were essential, and then yapping about knit porous cloth face coverings as if they’re not utterly useless compared even to a paper surgical mask.

    The fragility of folks who won’t wear a mask is truly breathtaking. Wearing a mask is not a political statement — it’s an IQ test.

    Sort of like support for constitutional carry. If you oppose it, you’re a moron.

    By the way – no, it’s not. As a Covid survivor (I had it back in March), I could wear a rubber clown nose and get the same effect as a mask. I will wear a mask, largely to keep Karens and ninnies from having an aneurysm.

    The economy cannot thrive while there is a pandemic raging. I don’t know how this continues to be confusing.

    The economy can not thrive as long as even one “progressive” has any power, for that matter.

    The reason I keep coming back to asking if you’re really Eric Austin is because like him, you roll in unearned condescension like a pig rolls in crap.

  6. By the way, EI – of all the posts in which one might discuss masks, why this one?

    Are you doggoning us?

  7. The economy cannot thrive while there is a pandemic raging. I don’t know how this continues to be confusing.
    All things being equal, your chances of dying of covid-19 in the US today is 2.5 in one million.
    The trend of covid-19 deaths per day in the US is downward, as it has been since mid-April, when it was as high as 14 per million per day.
    Get a grip.

  8. Florida’s emergency management director
    Jared Moscowitz

    It is so sad to read the thoughtful analysis of epidemiologists while knowing the Trump administration will continue to undermine public health efforts for political ends. Can an epidemiological model incorporate the actions of bad policy decisions?

  9. These places are not coming back. As a consequence, what do libturds intend to do with an empty husk of a city, without police and a tax base? Who will they govern? Who will they torment with endless regulations? That’s right burbs, they are coming for you. Each and every one of you. You thought your taxes were high now? Ha!

  10. Mitch;
    I’ve referred to this before, regarding Emery’s mindless rants, but you might as well argue with a brick wall. Oh…wait. A brick wall has a higher IQ than Emery.

  11. There is scant scientific evidence that cloth masks of the sort worn by panicked citizens do anything besides signal virtue. Are they better than nothing? Probably. But not by much. Would wearing helmets and putting roll bars in autos and lowering speed limit to 25 mph save lives? Probably. Life has trade offs. The economic and social benefits of living free and open are worth a lot to me. Today I played golf with a friend and 2 strangers about my age (69.) We didn’t wear masks. We shook hands before and after the round. It was wonderful. I’m not spending my retirement years in fear, masked and gloved and home bound. Rather die on my feet than live under house arrest. Moreover, the Minnesota government is flat out wrong about the effects of Covid. When all the numbers are counted, this will be more similar than different to the 1957 flu pandemic.

  12. Wearing a mask is not a political statement — it’s an IQ test.

    Exactly and precisely correct.

    COVID-19 live virus diameter: .012 μm

    Pore size of surgical procedure maskie: .65mm ( 1 μm x 650)

    Here’s what they were saying back in 2009
    Standard Surgical Masks Do Not Protect Wearer From Getting Swine Flu
    “Thousands of news outlets covering the swine flu outbreak are showing people in Mexico and other countries wearing cloth or paper surgical masks that are worn routinely in operating rooms by surgical personnel.

    The only problem with that strategy is that for the prevention of transmission of swine flu this type of mask is essentially worthless. Surgical masks will not block aerosolized particles as small as a droplet containing influenza virions from entering the airway. They essentially stop only spittle from a surgeon’s mouth and mucous from a surgeon’s nose from inadvertently dropping into a wound.”

    There’s video of “expert” epidemiologists (*coff* Fauchi *coff*) stripping their maskies off the second cameras stop rolling at their press conferences. It’s a puppet show to keep up the morale of low IQ, virtue signaling leftists.

    I’d bet my next paycheck that E. Dimwit Esq. drives his 2001 Forrester around wearing one, and runs screaming from anyone not playing along. That’s because he is first among mental midgets.

  13. I remember when Keegan’s was being assessed thousands of dollars in “rainwater runoff” taxes for the little patio they set up out back for cigar smoking. I also remember parking enforcement circled the block writing tickets until closing…that’s why I stopped going down there unless I was riding my bike and could park it next to that expensive patio.

    Evidently Terry smelled what was cooking…tuff luck for Marty.

    Doing business in a leftist shithole is like palling around a guy who bangs married women…sooner or later, he’ll get to yours.

  14. Are you doggoning us?

    Of course he is. He (it?) has no discernible purpose beyond trolling and threadjacking your blog, Mitch.

    Meanwhile, I am incredibly bummed that Keegan’s will be no more. Great place, great people. I didn’t go as much as I would have liked, but I always had a great time, whether the MOB was there or not.

  15. The question of what will happen to the building is interesting. Whenever I see restaurants close and then reopen, there is almost always a giant dumpster filled with perfectly good furnishings in the process. I hope that doesn’t happen to Keegan’s. A huge waste in most cases, but especially with Keegan’s.

    Maybe if we’re lucky, somebody in the suburbs will purchase the furnishings and re-open it. Hopefully the owner doesn’t take it in the shorts much worse than he already has.

  16. Regarding masks, if you’re wearing them in your car and you’re not an UBER driver, you’re virtue signaling. My general thought is that despite the big holes in masks, they would help if, and only if, people did not change their behavior because of their face condom. Sad to say, they do.

    In doing so, they keep their social contacts high and the likelihood of transmission high, while those who do not wear masks are reducing the # of social contacts. Hence the net effect is not measurable.

    Another thing I’m not sure of; whether those “one way” aisles in stores help. I tend to walk 2-3x further in a store when I’ve got to follow that, and in the process, I get at least as many social contacts as I would have otherwise, plus I breathe more of the store’s air. Thanks, guys.

  17. Even before Covid, O’Gara’s in Saint Paul closed, so developers could build a yuppie high-rise. It broke my heart.

  18. Just finished watching the interview with Kegan’s owner, Marty Newman, on Fox9.

    Dayum, more than a little bitterness towards the City Council, the last 3 mayors, and the general governance in Mpls. He’s out of there, for sure. I suspect you might see something somewhere else, but he’s certainly not going to be coerced into reopening in Mpls.

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  20. O’Gara’s closed? Geez… Talk about passing of an era.

    If masks work, why are we under lockdown? And if they don’t – FUCK OFF!

  21. Bars are being closed again in Texas and Florida because the Governors of both states refused to follow CDC guidance in ending lockdowns.

    US taxpayers pay a lot of money to have world class medical and scientific advice — which is then ignored by political leaders.

    At least Europe followed the advice of US scientists.

  22. The whole Covid problem would go away, Emery, if we simply executed the infected. Kill them all, the rest of us would be fine. It’s what some of us suspect the Chinese government is doing – using this as an opportunity to liquidate the opposition – and it wouldn’t be the first time government has done it.

    Of course, that would involve weighing political benefit against medical advice. And it would have an economic consequence, which would require weighing costs versus benefits. Same as the shut-down in various states.

    No US scientist is capable of making those decisions. They lack the education, experience, and authority. Political authority in the US does not descend from the annointed in their laboratories, it arises from the consent of the governed because they were given authority over their own lives by God himself.

    The refusal to turn over management of society to the High Priests is not a sign of failed leadership, it is a sign of advanced civilization. Demanding we stand six feet apart and wear masks to appease the Dread Demon Covid because the Witch Doctor insists we must, is reversion to savagery.

  23. A cartoon:

    Woman and man face each other across a chainlink fence.
    Woman: I am wearing a mask to protect me against the virus.
    Man: I am building a fence to prevent mosquitos from getting through.

    When science fails, SCIENCEtm takes over. About them TX case spikes – there is a fascinating video my wife found of a recent council meeting. Unfortunately I cannot provide a link since it was on FB. It was about a half hour of dryness as a healthTM official was questioned about a recent change in Wuhan flu case reporting that resulted from what before was considered a single confirmed case, now being reported as 19 probable while reporting of confirmed cases was dropped in favor of probable. Once you parse my run-on sentence, let that sink in for a minute… or two.

  24. Wearing a mask made a huge difference in just about every other civilized country in the world. None of them are making this a political issue and they all have dropped their COVID cases dramatically.

    Too bad wearing a mask became politicized — if it hadn’t we could be on the other side of this already.

    Historians are going to be really puzzled trying to understand how the US let the Coronavirus get out of control because GOP governors and public health officials wanted to avoid hurting Trump’s feelings and because Americans refused to wear masks to “own the libs,

    The President’s failure to advocate forcefully for masks ranks as the most straightforward failure of leadership in my lifetime.

    It didn’t even have to happen that way either. This could have actually been Trump’s unifying moment.

  25. cut and paste, cut and paste, cut and paste from thread to thread. Agenda? What agenda? Not a single original thought. Yawn…

  26. Huh, regarding COVID, we have mass demonstrations all around the country, nobody lifts a finger to stop them based on the potential for getting people killed, and two weeks later, we have a huge surge in COVID infections. So therefore, people who were nowhere near the riots have their liberties abridged. Makes (non)sense to me. I guess we could indulge our sadistic sides and suggest that it’s a great thing that Antifa and such are risking their lives to help the rest of us achieve herd immunity, but….never mind, NO.

    Can’t blame Neumann for being a bit bitter about this deal, either. Established cities have so much capital to build on cheaply, and it’s just a huge shame that regulations, taxes, minimum wages, and tolerance for crime and riots prevent this capital from being used. On the bright side, it looks like most of the furnishings are just bolted into the premises, so if the Neumanns want to revive it in the suburbs soon, they can do so.

  27. Man, quite the quandary I’m in. Mr Mask blathers on completely immune to any reason or logic. Is that due to being genuinely terrified to the point of mindless ranting or is it all just politics as usual to the point of mindlessly ranting. Hard to tell the difference.

  28. Bubba, I am wondering and willing to bet that first step towards “rebuilding” from the apparatchiks will be to try and lure businesses by reducing taxes. First step and a half will be to raise taxes on remaining sheeple to pay for it. Second step – force businesses to relocate to DT by annexing burbs and raising their taxes there.

    And if I were independently wealthy, I’d sure like to have that bar in my house. I was always impressed by it and it was not that big from what I recall.

  29. Back to the thread. I went to the Keegan’s farewell last night. Per the COVID rules for restaurants, you had to have reservations and you had to sign-in when you arrived, no doubt for contact-tracing purposes. The format last night was “instant reservation” – just walk up. And there was no sheet to sign, which disappointed me. I was planning to sign-in as – in honor of the occasion and the Irish vernacular – Jacob Fookin’ Frey.

    Keegan’s is also in Frey’s former ward prior to him becoming mayor. I wondered if he’d come by his friend Marty’s place for the final evening. He didn’t show. Probably afraid of a lot more “Go home, Jacob” chants.

  30. Emery’s mind has already been made up, so he is immune to reason. Despite the fact that the evidence is becoming clearer that masks are just fluff, which even Fauci admitted and that herd immunity has been pretty much achieved, according to real doctors, pathologists and epidemiologists, he continues to beat the same dead horse. Even Tony Robbins, one of the top motivational speakers and authors in the country, is providing fact based information.
    But, that’s OK Em. Stay in your mommy’s basement so the big bad virus doesn’t get you. Then, make sure that you’re first in line to get Bill Gates’ mandated vaccine.

    I found it very interesting that in the state’s tracing of the virus, trackers were not allowed to ask if the person attended the riots. God forbid that Walz’ flawed and secret models would be altered by real world incidents. WTF is he worried about? Further exposure of his stupidity?

  31. JPA, agreed on having that at home–though I’d rather see other people enjoy it, too, beyond just myself and a few friends.

    Regarding attracting people back downtown, I think it’s going to take not only more reasonable taxation, but also better regulation and police protection that is predictable. The business owner doesn’t need to be assured that there will be no riots, but he does need to be assured that the police will arrest the instigators and actually prosecute them–that will put the kibosh on Antifa “trust-funders” when they realize their behavior will render them unemployable.

  32. If you were a banker, and someone came into your bank seeking a loan to open a liquor store at Chicago and Lake in Minneapolis, would you write the loan? Would that be a prudent investment for your depositor’s money?

  33. Silly JD… they will be FORCED to write a loan.

    bubba, yes, but unless Neumann is willing to reopen on the east side of St. Croix, he may be faced with yet another forced relocation. Also, since demoncRats are all about looting and stealing under the guise of taxation and regulation and individual property rights mean jack to them (unless it is their own, see Durkan), how long will it be before they pass a law that anyone shutting their business must forfeit their property and leave it behind so it can be used by the next owner (likely one of the elites living outside of the laws and regulations which sheeple are subject to)? For public good, of course!

    And because likelihood of MSP, and MN in general, to elect anyone but reprobates is next to nil, I am afraid the path I describe is the most likely one.

  34. The funniest part of all of these morons and their defund the police edict, is that they might as well level the convention center and turn it into a skate park. I have several friends that are in the event planning industry, some of them in other states. One of them told me that, coincidentally, before the corona virus scam, her company was strongly considering bringing their national sales conference of about 430 people here. Apparently, their SVP of Sales is from Eden Prairie. Now, all bets are off.

  35. ^^ I’m sure Texans are standing tall and proud of their leadership, as they realize their decision did not go as planned. But, blame Fauci as accountability is not a conservative man’s strength.

    Even more infectious than COVID-19 is terminal stupidity.

  36. Regarding the notion of leveling the convention center, it strikes me that would actually be a great idea. We don’t have convention centers included in the bonding bill every year because they make money, after all, and quite frankly, given the choice between most convention centers and a nice hotel in the private sector with meeting rooms, give me the private sector hotel 9 times out of 10.

    And regarding COVID-19 and openings, sure, Emery, the recent rise in infections has absolutely nothing to do with all the protests, but everything to do with southern states opening up their economies. That’s why California, which has its state locked down but allowed a lot of protests/riots, has had a huge boost in infections.

    You were talking about terminal stupidity again? Gotcha.

  37. Hey bike,
    Updated US 7-Day Avg CASES vs DEATHS graph which highlights the cases upturn beginning around June 9. The CDC reports mean time from symptom onset to death of ~14 days. Cases are now skewing younger & milder, but still no deaths curve inflection despite the marked increase.

    graph background. Now remember, this is from the Atlantic magazine that, as Mr Mask will probably assert, is *not* staffed health care professionals.

    One of the comments too is from Alex Berenson who answers the question, “Wondering what’s really happening in Texas?”. But who wants to know that when there’s mindless ranting and political points to be made.

  38. I must admit that I am torn between the notion that we ought to let the young and healthy get this disease to get herd immunity, and the possibility that the type of immunity we’re achieving is only temporary–and so we might be keeping the disease in circulation to get us even worse later.

    Hopefully we achieve the former.

  39. immunity we’re achieving is only temporary

    Ever wonder why flu vaccines are only marginally better than useless? After Wuhan flu, there will be Lanzhou flu. And then a year later, Urumiqi flu. Just like there were other flus before that, albeit unnamed. Lather, rinse, repeat. And just as we do not have a cure for common cold (a coronavirus), we will NOT have a cure for Wuhan flu – guaranteed. So you have a choice, retreat into a cave and let the world economy collapse all around you leading to anarchy a la Mad Max, or learn to live with it and deal with consequences. That’s it! This is NOT Sophie’s choice for fuck’s sake, no matter what slaves to SCIENCEtm tell you.

  40. @ jdm It’s all very sad and could have so easily have been different.

    If only Trump had decided not to be the mayor from Jaws. Now the economic consequences for the us will be even worse.

    (I’ve read all but one of Berenson’s books —he’s a good storyteller.)

  41. jdm – you missed my earlier post, they changed the way cases are counted in TX. They went from confirmed to probable. In the case presented at the hearing (available on video with all the gory graphics), that number changed from 1 to 19. Spike much? To paraphrase Joe Soucheray, “more proof of global SCIENCEtm”

  42. Emery-if only Sweden has instituted a lock-down

  43. E. Dimwit Esq: “Now the economic consequences for the us will be even worse.”

    Also E. Dimwit Esq: “So glad I locked in my gains and cashed out Jan 1”

    DJIA Performance

    3 Month

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