Another Modification

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

This is weird – I keep finding these modifications but they’re not
mentioned in the media.

Attention Subjects!

His Royal Highness, Timothy Walz the First, proclaims a modification of
Executive Order 20-20 requiring Minnesotans to Stay Home.

It has come to Our attention that some of Our subjects are in flagrant
disregard of Our proclamations.  In one such instance, the violator
behaved in a loud, obnoxious, and boisterous manner which aroused anger,
alarm and resentment in the Royal Officers who were bravely attempting
to enforce Our order.  This behavior undermines the legitimate authority
of the Crown and threatens public safety.  Effective immediately, no
subject shall express disagreement with any of Our orders, on pain of
immediate and indefinite confinement.  As to such persons, the right of
habeas corpus is suspended for the duration of the emergency.

Our Attorney General has confirmed that Abraham Lincoln himself set the
precedent for this modification, and that it does not infringe the free
speech rights of Minnesotans.  Subjects remain free to express agreement
with Our orders in any form they like: in word, in writing, in artwork
or interpretive dance, even poetry.  The only restriction is on Hate
Speech, which is defined as any speech We hate, and which all decent
subjects should hate, too.

Thank you for your attention.

HRH Timothy Walz the First

Just thought you ought to know.

Joe Doakes

I’m sure I’m not the only one that can imagine Keith Ellison re-purposing the Sedition Act…

56 thoughts on “Another Modification

  1. If I have the virus, I can spread it to people I meet. The more time I spend with them, the closer proximity, the greater the “viral load” I pass to them. So the people most likely to get it from me are people I live with, eat with, drink with.

    We know this – it’s the same as the flu. Families get it from each other first.

    People who happen to be on the same golf course where I exhale do not get enough viral load to contract the virus.

    Viruses do not spread randomly, they spread through personal networks. There is absolutely zero chance President Trump will contract the virus from me, or me from him, because we’ll never meet.

    That’s why the meat packers all got it, but nobody else in the state. Personal connections, personal networks, people who live and eat and party together. That’s why nursing home patients get it, and why New York subway riders get it.

    Other countries lying about the virus affected our early analysis, which affected our initial response. It’s fair to blame them for that.

    Locking down every family in Lac Qui Parle county won’t do a bit of good to protect people in nursing homes in Minneapolis. Their networks don’t intersect. Our later response was too intense and needs to end. Lock down the nursing homes, let the families go.

  2. “We need millions of tests to track and trace. Where are the states getting the tests from? The testing fairy? Target parking lot? Pulling it outta their ass? Where?”

    You keep saying this, Emery, but you can’t explain why it’s necessary.

    Test who? For what? Until when? What would testing tell us that we don’t already know? And how would that affect the decision to open or not?

    At this point, the numbers indicate the people who tend to get the virus are the same people who get the ordinary flu – the old and immunocompromised – and this virus has actually produced fewer deaths than the ordinary flu, even with lying about the cause of death to pump up the count.

    Refusing to reopen, in the face of massive economic damage, for a virus that’s a big nothing-burger, lends credence to Trump’s claim that the panic reaction is all a political hoax.

  3. JD;
    We have learned that Emery has no critical thinking skills. He just parrots what propaganda his Democrat heroes and media masters spew out. He also doesn’t acknowledge that, a. the CDC is still run by holdovers from the black messiah, b. they failed to replenish the supplies after 2009, c. China lied about the virus from the start, d. the idiot running the WHO believed and supported China. e. the initial tests that we received from China, were either defective or they resulted in flawed results, f. our medical supply chain was too heavily concentrated in China, something that Trump has been trying to change since he started campaigning and now, even though Democrats are starting to realize how vulnerable we are, they still want to carry China’s water and g. several high ranking Democrats went out in their communities, causing confusion as to the seriousness of the virus. The Democrats are masters at the blame game. But, if that makes Emery feel good to blame Trump for all of the problems, then so be it. It speaks a lot to his character, because I’m sure that nothing is ever his fault, either.

    I still want to know why the CDC has been counting all deaths as being due to Covis-19. What are they hiding? It’s easy to see why people are calling this a hoax.

  4. I’m essentially paraphrasing Trump’s man: Dr Fauci. Perhaps your concerns would be better addressed by the Trump administration and Dr Fauci.

  5. i am mindlessly parroting a talking head. i haven no idea what it means, or whether the talking head is correct. perhaps you should ask him.

    yeah, that’s kind of what i thought.

  6. Luckily the virus is not contagious in states with GOP governors so all will be well.

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