Another Modification

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

This is weird – I keep finding these modifications but they’re not
mentioned in the media.

Attention Subjects!

His Royal Highness, Timothy Walz the First, proclaims a modification of
Executive Order 20-20 requiring Minnesotans to Stay Home.

It has come to Our attention that some of Our subjects are in flagrant
disregard of Our proclamations.  In one such instance, the violator
behaved in a loud, obnoxious, and boisterous manner which aroused anger,
alarm and resentment in the Royal Officers who were bravely attempting
to enforce Our order.  This behavior undermines the legitimate authority
of the Crown and threatens public safety.  Effective immediately, no
subject shall express disagreement with any of Our orders, on pain of
immediate and indefinite confinement.  As to such persons, the right of
habeas corpus is suspended for the duration of the emergency.

Our Attorney General has confirmed that Abraham Lincoln himself set the
precedent for this modification, and that it does not infringe the free
speech rights of Minnesotans.  Subjects remain free to express agreement
with Our orders in any form they like: in word, in writing, in artwork
or interpretive dance, even poetry.  The only restriction is on Hate
Speech, which is defined as any speech We hate, and which all decent
subjects should hate, too.

Thank you for your attention.

HRH Timothy Walz the First

Just thought you ought to know.

Joe Doakes

I’m sure I’m not the only one that can imagine Keith Ellison re-purposing the Sedition Act…

56 thoughts on “Another Modification

  1. Once again, King Wally I moves the goal posts on reopening the economy and is on the testing bandwagon. Mayo Clinic says that they can produce 8,000 diagnostic and 10,000 anti body tests per day, but his Highness “urges caution”. What an ass wipe. I know that there is zero chance of this happening, but I hope that the sheeple that elected this horse’s ass are waking up.

  2. Governor Walz mentioned in Order 20-35 (the most recent extension) that the Legislature has the authority to override the Governor’s order.

    Republicans tried – twice – but Democrats in the House shot it down on Tuesday.

    Be nice to see some in-depth reporting on the thoughtful and scrupulously rigorous scientific and economic analysis that went into House Democrats’ cost-benefit determination.

  3. Tomorrow there will be a protest at the governor’s mansion. Liberate Minnesota is the FB site and one of the participants called into Justice & Drew to talk about it. He said that he is not normally prone to protesting, but he will be there and he also believes that this movement will have some wheels. Patriots in Michigan have led the way yesterday and I think that we’ll start seeing more of these going forward.

  4. In the first week of April, Minnesota was averaging about 1300 new tests a day. Then, it started to increase to 1500 and even spiked at 2000. In the last three days, however, daily tests reported have dropped to about 1000, with one day down to 800. Evidently, this is happening across the country: reportedly testing is down. Its almost as if someone has decided to make it look like we’re getting healthy, when we are not. Can it possibly be true that this great nation is incapable of producing tests?

    Under these circumstances it is impossible to conclude that “things are getting better:” Time for the Feds to tell us what is happening to the testing because testing is a necessary component of any effort to restore the economy.

  5. In many cases government officials are acting as though they have a choice.
    They do not.
    In Hawaii, one third of the work force is now unemployed. Our governor may impose a 20% pay cut on the state employees — including school teachers — who are still working.
    Civil unrest is coming to the Lockdown State.
    Governors need to change footing from a universal lockdown to protecting the most vulnerable populations.
    I say this as a male, 60 years old, ex-smoker, type A blood, with surviving parents in their 80s.

  6. Testing. Testing. Testing. There is no way we can get on top of this virus without massive, organized testing. If there is one area where our government has failed us, it is testing. We have no one else to blame but ourselves and by ourselves, I mean our federal government.

    In business, in medicine, all that matters is results. If the money isn’t there you go broke. If the healthcare isn’t there, you get sick and die. TV ratings don’t mean a lot if your are broke or dead.

    Only the federal government has the financial and logistical resources to manage a national crisis like this. The states can’t print money and most are nearly broke anyway from years of tax cuts. The national guard should be mobilized to distribute food and supplies and set up testing sites. Never happened. Not even close. We just got politics and ratings until the body count got too high.

    Most people would gladly wear a mask in public. Where can they buy one? They are not available.

    The greatest nation in the world can’t even make masks. We can’t set up testing sites like S. Korea did. We can’t make test kits.

    This all stems from a total lack of leadership. What we have instead is a president who seeks TV ratings and blames everyone else.

  7. And what is the purpose of testing, Emery?
    South Koreans used an infrared thermometer & sorted people on the basis of a fever. I do not know anyone who wants a mask who does not have one. N95 may be a requirement for medical people treating covid-19, but not for the 99%+ who do not have the disease, or have it without symptoms.
    You seem to think that we have a choice about how to proceed. We do not.

  8. Chris Cuomo, a man in the public eye, who opposes Trump, and whose brother is the governor of the state hardest hit by covid-19, would not self-quarantine after test confirmed that he had covid-19.
    Tell me again about the miracle of tests? No one is certain that having the anti-bodies is enough to keep from getting covid-19 again.

  9. I know this is a waste of time, because Emery never answers questions with intelligent, well-thought replies, but just for the sake of asking:

    Testing is a snapshot. Just because I’m clean today doesn’t mean I won’t get it tomorrow. Even if we could test everyone simultaneously to prove no person in the entire state had an active case of the virus, that wouldn’t mean the next arriving airline passenger or interstate truck driver is virus-free. So what’s your plan, Emery – close the airport and ban interstate travel until the entire world can demonstrate a clean bill of health?

    Insane. Protect the vulnerable, free the rest.

  10. Woolly the Oracle wrote “”Everything seems to be working out as I have foretold. With covid-19 sick and dead resembling, more and more, a seasonal flu”]

    I’m certain Boris Johnson would beg to differ.

    It’s not difficult to see what might have happened had even fewer precautions been taken

    Everything going on right now is bigger than Trump and his administration’s ability to respond. Certainly beyond their ability to formulate rational well-thought-out solutions to anything.

    Testing is key. But there aren’t enough. Or there are enough of the supplies for testing. Yet, the admin thinks current testing levels are fine. They are not.

    Left unsaid..Due to their late and lackluster response.

  11. Here is how King Mammuthus Primigenius would take us out of lockdown:
    All public places are to reopen. All schools are to reopen.
    Anyone who develops a fever must assume that they have covid-19 and self isolate. Shop keepers will use infrared thermometers on their customers & refuse entry to anyone with a fever. Public use of masks should continue, but not where it is inappropriate (not in outdoor settings). Gloves & masks are mandatory in large groups in close quarters (i.e., buses, trains, commercial aircraft).
    Now get out there & work, spend money, and have fun! We are Americans, not ninnies!

  12. The states can’t print money and most are nearly broke anyway from years of tax cuts.

    *Spit take narrowly avioided*

  13. Emery,
    You keep spewing the same crap, despite being smacked down each time. Your TDS is really bad. Fauci, the left’s poster boy for the smartest doctor in the world, said in early February that the U.S. didn’t have to worry about the virus, that it was OK to take a cruise and said nothing about testing. Trump’s problem was that he listened to a deep state mole. In early March. both Nancy Pelosi and Warren Wilhelm de Blasio both walked around their Chinatowns and encouraged people to come out an mingle.
    Despite that, Trump closed down travel to and from China. Lefties bitched. Funny. China then closed travel in and out. A humanitarian flight into China for masks and medical supplies, was allowed on the ground for only 3 hours.
    Trump stopped travel to and from Europe. Lefties bitched. Funny though. Two weeks later, Europe closed down. Funnier still; last week, studies revealed that Trump was right. The majority of cases in NYC, originated in Europe.
    But, keep making a fool of yourself if you want. Everyone knows that you are just a hypocritical blowhard, ala Penigma and Doggy.

  14. At Johnson’s age & given his “social butterfly” lifestyle, it would not be unexpected for him to get pneumonia, which is essentially what he had.

  15. I can’t get a test to learn if I have the virus. I can’t get an antibody test to learn if I had the virus. I can’t buy a mask or gloves anywhere. Our federal government doesn’t have a plan to address any of this — the only thing I can do is order my mail in ballot so I can vote in November.

  16. Woolly the Oracle: Please show us your MD, MPH, or professional credentialing in epidemiology.

    Otherwise, please have the good sense to defer to actual experts in the field.

    If you want to experience an out of control pandemic, feel free to move to New York City.

  17. I can’t get a test to learn if I have the virus. I can’t get an antibody test to learn if I had the virus. I can’t buy a mask or gloves anywhere. (boo whooo!)

    Sounds like the wet thrashing of a pale, legless grub that has just gotten it’s first whiff of insecticide under it’s rock.

  18. “Otherwise, please have the good sense to defer to actual experts in the field.”
    Oh, go intercourse yourself, Emery.
    I am a citizen, not a subject.
    You are crazy if you think that it is the job of citizens to turn their power of judgment over to “experts,” especially experts who have failed, time and time again, to show that they know what the Hell they are talking about.

  19. Yeah — who’d have guessed testing was key?

    “The White House is exploring ways of dramatically increasing coronavirus testing, as Trump aides scramble to put measures in place that might make it feasible for him to meet his goal of reopening the economy in parts of the country by May 1.”

    Seems as though they’ve been scrambling since January.

  20. Good one, MP. I repeat, I’d like to know exactly what qualifies our so-called experts as such other than occupying a chair in the bureaucracy at the right time.

  21. As MP said, a test is a snapshot. Snapshots are not predictive, or even much use in retrospective, unless you have a series. As Emery said – well, I didn’t read anything Emery wrote, but I’ll assume it was a deep as a dog dish, as usual.

    The assumption going into the lockdown was that ultimately everyone is going to be exposed no matter what we do, and lockdown was meant to drag the process out to give hospitals and caregivers more time to ramp up. We were buying time, not eradication. Time has now been bought, and the cost has been very high. And the assumption still is that everyone is ultimately going to be exposed to the virus. It is untenable to keep everyone on the sidelines until a cure or vaccine is available. At some point, people are going to have to do something productive to feed and house their families, and find ways of doing that that mitigate risk as much as possible. People are going to have to figure it out, and you know what – people are good at that. I may wear a mask for the protection of others when I go out, and I may only patronize businesses that take reasonable precautions (and “reasonable” is heightened now) to help keep me safe. I may buy more hand sanitizer this year than I do on antifreeze. I need to do it in a way that allows other people to produce both sanitizer and antifreeze.

  22. Honestly, this is amazing. In the absence of political and operational leadership at the federal level, states are banding together to find their way out of this thing.

    “Midwest governors of Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky announce partnership to reopen economy”

    Makes one ponder. If there is no Federal leadership and organizational (testing and supply chain) role in such a crisis, what exactly is the point of the Federal government? Trump is officially irrelevant.

  23. Emery has rediscovered the Articles of Confederation, which followed the Revolution and predated the Constitution.

  24. Governor Walz imposed the Great Minnesota ‘Go To Your Room!’ order. He can revoke it this instant. He doesn’t need federal leadership, he needs guts.

    He’s afraid to revoke the order because it would reveal his terrifying prediction of 74,000 dead Minnesotans was either a flat-out lie or a bone-head mistake. Worse, it would mean Trump was right all along. That, the Governor cannot concede, none of them can. So they’re banding together to move the goalposts yet again, hoping a committee will issue a fig leaf to provide cover for them to undo what they should never have done in the first place.

    Hey, I know – maybe Governor Walz can schedule a trip to Duluth, hang a big banner on an ore ship that says “Mission Accomplished.” He can claim is brave and wise actions saved 73,900 lives and the fawning media can strew rose petals in his path.

  25. Did you ever get the impression that Emery does not understand this “America” thing?
    The prez can’t do much but support (or not) the plenary powers of governors. Trump does not have plenary powers in a pandemic. Governors do.
    Trump can certainly push the governors around using federal spending, but if he wanted to issue a ‘lockdown’ order he would have to declare martial law & federalize the national guard.

  26. This is yet another advertisement for South Dakota over Minnesota.

    16,000 South Dakotans have applied for unemployment benefits since the crisis began. Their record unemployment – record setting, mind you – is 3%. Oh, the horror of not having your economy locked down tight.

    In contrast, nearly half-a-million Minnesotans have applied for unemployment benefits since the crisis began. Our unemployment level is 14%. Oh, the beauty of having our economy locked down tight.

    Truly, Emery, you’re the best straight man since Tommy Smothers. Keep ’em coming.

  27. Gee, South Dakota’s covid-19 numbers are similar to Hawaii. Hawaii has been under “shelter in place” orders for almost a month.
    If you are getting your news from WaPo, you need to realize that the WaPo is a TDS rag, and ALL of its news reporting is contaminated by hatred of Donald J. Trump.

  28. The DFL has abandoned the other two letters long ago. Perhaps they now need to call themselves Democratic Indignant Transgender Zealots or DITZ.

  29. White House document gives states criteria for making their decisions and recommendations but leaves decisions up to governors.

    “President Trump’s proposed guidelines for relaxing social distancing guidance”

    So no total authority. Just state autonomy. What a hoax. That was the loudest barking before rolling over I’ve ever heard. 😷

  30. You and the communications experts in the media seem to fall for these “hoaxes” over and over again, Emery.

  31. According to the BLS, in November of 2019 the state of Hawaii had a civilian work force of 669,000.
    As of today, 237,000 people have filed for unemployment benefits in Hawaii.
    That is an unemployment rate of 28%.
    So it’s kind of funny to hear people “gosh, even though the model’s prediction now says 68,000 fatalities nation wide, we should hold off lifting restrictions until at least July.”
    They have an unrealistic idea of the way the world works.

  32. Emery regurgitated:
    “Midwest governors of Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky announce partnership to reopen economy”
    This is a blatant violation of the constitution, Article 1, Section 10:
    “No two or more states shall enter into any treaty, confed- eration or alliance whatever between them, without the con- sent of the United States in congress assembled, specifying accurately the purpose for which the same is to be entered into, and how long it shall continue.”
    All of the governors and staff involved should be arrested and tried for treason.

  33. Even more amazing considering the football rivalries we’re overcoming up here to achieve this partnership.

    Thank goodness for the Governors who are doing their jobs. It is hard to imagine a more incompetent US president than Trump. His press briefing are pep rally events, and his son in law is running a federal medical equipment bazaar no less, while almost no testing is being carried out in the US.

  34. Again, just as I said it would. I have been amazingly prescient on this. Last week, I suggested in a comment on SITD that the end of “lockdown” was nearing, not based on my wishes (I have plenty of money & don’t need to work any more, and I live in Hawaii, fer god’s sake. I can hunker down here forever), but on observing an uptick in media of people claiming that the economic effects of the lockdown were worse than the virus, itself, and an increase in the number of people claiming that they had already had the virus & so were immune.
    BTW, you don’t know if you’ve had covid-19 and developed antibodies to it unless you’ve had a test. and having the antibodies may not make you immune. If you have the antibodies, they may be of too low a count to handle new exposure, or the virus may mutate a bit and your covid-19 antibodies don’t prove that you are immune to the version of the virus you get when a covid-19 person sneezes on you.
    The current crop of covid-19 antibody tests are of limited usefulness because they tend to show a lot of false positives.
    People who are ignorant of everything other than Trump hatred should STFU. For the good of humanity

  35. Jay Dee on April 16, 2020 at 4:30 pm said:

    The DFL has abandoned the other two letters long ago. Perhaps they now need to call themselves Democratic Indignant Transgender Zealots or DITZ.

    Democrat, Financier, Lawyer party.
    HHH is spinning over in his grave.

  36. bosshoss429 on April 16, 2020 at 6:53 pm said:
    . . .
    All of the governors and staff involved should be arrested and tried for treason.

    Well, no, but the congress and prez should make it clear that this new confederacy is okay, for the time being only.
    The feds can’t do this. The states can. This is within the rails of federalism, IMHO.

  37. #lifeOnTheBigIsland.
    I am having a lot of work done to my fifteen-year-old house. Today I chatted with the painter. He says that the phone ain’t ringing off the hook with new work, but he has a fishing boat, and if the economic slow down keeps up, he’ll go back to fishing part time. People always want fish. Though he may have to lay off one of his three-person crew.

  38. “Mr Trump’s plan is to encourage governors and mayors in parts of the country that are less hard hit to take steps to ease measures…”

    That’s been everyone’s plan for some time, to loosen up as soon as it makes sense.

    As usual, Trump adds nothing useful.

  39. Well, Emery, considering that Chinese puppet, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyeusus and the WHO carried the propaganda bucket for them, stating initially that this would be a slow moving virus and chastised Trump for halting travel to and from China, Trump was ahead of every other world leader in slowing down the spread of the virus.

    Of course, like the rest of your TDS afflicted ilk, your whole premise is based on your fellow deranged media types. It’s funny that now, some of those same haters that initially vilified him, are now saying that he was right. Imagine that!

  40. As always, Trump’s “thinking” is running a month or more behind schedule.

    He’s trying to get headlines by “recommending” what the governors and mayors have already been doing.

    On their own initiative, which of course the White House individually authorized and ‘allowed them to do’ because the governors have been in the drivers seat all along.

    We can thank Fauci for the recommendations.

  41. At least we have one thing established: Trump is a slack-a** do-nothing who talks but takes no action. The Governors are the ones who took action . . . to destroy the economy for no reason.

    Put the blame squarely where it belongs. Good to know. Thank, E.

    We’ll remember you said so, come November.

  42. Thanks, it’s interesting just how little blame has been placed at the feet of our own governments these days. Most of our righteous indignation seem to be directed at China, or WHO, or those who are breaking social distancing orders — and this is not wrong — but what about our elected representatives and their officials, the people in actual charge of public health in our respective countries? The very people who asked millions to bankrupt themselves, and still aren’t sure whether they got a hold of Covid-19 after a month?

    Ten Chinas would not have made a difference if we had our house in order. Korea is only an hour or two’s flight away from there and they’ve managed this much better without draconian measures.

  43. Emery has all the signs of classic TDS. Anything bad must be Trump’s fault, anything good cannot be Trump’s fault.
    So the governors shut down their states, destroying the economy. Whose fault is that?
    Trump’s fault,
    So the governors lift their lock down. If the economy starts up successfully without worsening the epidemic, that goes to the credit of the governors.
    If the governors lift their lockdown and disaster follows, that’s Trump’s fault.

  44. This isn’t a plan. It’s barely a powerpoint.
    No provision to ramp up testing. No standard on levels of disease before opening (“down” is a direction, not a level).

    We need millions of tests to track and trace. Where are the states getting the tests from? The testing fairy? Target parking lot? Pulling it outta their ass? Where?

  45. A day late, but:

    Fully half of South Dakota’s infections are related to a single meat processing/packing plant. 80% of the cases in the state are in the county in which that plant is located. Who works at meat processing plants? If it is anything like the pork plant in Huron, the vast majority of the workforce is Hispanic immigrants. If those people/families are anything like the immigrant families in Huron, they are larger families who all live in the same area of town.

    This is a statistical anomaly and says absolutely nothing about the consequences of Noem’s refusal to lock down the state.

  46. What it does prove — is when you have 1 or 2 individuals who are infected and they soci@lize in a group, the virus spreads exponentially.

    There’s some logical conflict between blaming other countries for our inadequate response and also saying our response has been too intense and needs to end.

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