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  1. Some people might, but I doubt your serious discussion proposal will amount to much.

    The comments in the Strib article yesterday about Governor Wally’s extension of house arrest (thanks to JD for description) were generally in favor. Some even strongly.

    I am reminded how many people will step up in favor of the police who shut down lemonade stands.

  2. Everyone should call in and report Wally and Flanny for discrimination against the businesses and workers of Minnesota for shutting the state down.

  3. I was going to bet dollars to donuts that it’s mostly Democrats harassing Asians, but in many places, donuts cost more than a dollar. May I should change to betting donuts to dollars.

  4. Sorry to be a comment hog today, but Glenn Beck is talking about this on his show today, if anyone’s interested. He just made a statement that rings true, regarding the left wing governor of Rhode Island sending her National Guard house to house to find New York residents:
    “Can you imagine the uproar if Trump were to send the National Guard house to house looking for illegals?”

  5. ALINSKY RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

    I often ridicule keyboard conservatives, correctly, for their unwillingness to get up off their asses and get in the fight. But this is an instance where KC’s can actually do something constructive.

    Scour the vast MN leftist alt media for examples of discrimination and hate of white people; even the most cursory 5 minute search will come up with hundreds of reportable instances. Start with City Pages and the Minnpost and work your way out from there. Be sure to copy the spittle flecked comment threads as proof that the content is inciting hatred.

    Be sure to document your intercourse with the Department of Human Rights because they are sure to ignore your complaints. After you generate enough documented complaints, compare them to the complaints that are acted upon. They will be indistinguishable but for the race of the victims.

    This should give Berg enough material to keep this blog and his radio show going all the way through the dempanic and beyond.

    Get to it, lads.

  6. If only someone could have seen the potential impacts of this disease months ago.

  7. The most effective leadership is by example.

    We need to send the president a few people that are experts in economics, medicine, technology and infrastructure but all just claim to be psychics. He won’t listen to Dr. Faucci but if it’s Ms Cleo he’d take that advice.

  8. Lads, it occurs to me that Lo_IQ_Em is actually a plant. No one is as enthusiastic about parading stupidity and shameless lack of self-respect as Lo_IQ_Em unless they’re trying to get something you have, or to sell you something.

    Lo_IQ_Em isn’t Dr. Strangelove, he’s Verbal from the Usual Suspects substituting stupidity for physical defects.

    If I were Berg, I’d have a look into his IP…do a little tracking.

  9. Emery wishes Trump has listened to Dr. Fauci.

    Dr. Fauci published an editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine on March 26, 2020, titled: “Covid-19 – Navigating the Uncharted” in which he concluded:

    “This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.”

    I’ll translate into short words for those of us with reading comprehension issues.

    It’s the flu.

  10. When you’ve lost the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page.

    Trump’s Wasted Briefings
    “A friend of ours who voted for President Trump sent us a note recently saying that she had stopped watching the daily White House briefings of the coronavirus task force. Why? Because they have become less about defeating the virus and more about the many feuds of Donald J. Trump.”

  11. Does this anonymous person who voted for Trump thing work anymore? And besides those feuds exist because of asshoes like you.

  12. In moderation, I’ll try a rewrite.

    Does this anonymous person who voted for Trump thing work anymore? And besides those feuds exist because people at at the WSJ won’t fight for those of us on Main St, but Trump will.

  13. We are in the middle of the worst disease outbreak since The Black Death, when every bureaucrat in the country is busy suspending our Constitutional rights to save us from dying a horrible death, but the news media doesn’t want the public to hear what the President is doing about it.

    Does that seem odd?

  14. Other countries responded quickly and aggressively to combat the spread of coronavirus.

    The president failed to do the same — and now the US has the most cases in the world.

  15. It’s astonishing how bad some people’s math skills are.

    1% of not very many people is not very many.

    1% of a hell of a lot of people is a hell of a lot.

    We have the most cases in the world because

    (a) we have more people (Italy is about as big as California and New York combined); and

    (b) China is lying.

  16. Population-wise, it’s not surprising that the US has the most number of cases. What will be more important metric is per capita.

    Having said that, Trump still effed up big time.

  17. The following countries have more deaths per million than the US:

    So using Emery’s metric, Trump and the US have done better than the most populous industrialized nations.

  18. MP: What do most of those countries have in common? The EU’s “doors wide open” unchecked immigration policies and the subsequent overrun by 3rd world “immigrants” who have brought levels of homelessness and filth that were unimaginable 5-10 years ago.


  19. In the state of Hawaii, 80% of current covid-19 cases were brought here from out of state, and 10% are from close contact with that 80%. Foreign workers (in whatever country they reside) tend to be poor and to live together in crowded quarters. If you treated them humanely — on the order of how the host country’s citizens expect to be treated — there is no cost advantage to having foreign workers over local workers.

  20. JD commented: “It’s astonishing how bad some people’s math skills are.”

    The lack of critical thinking that a person must have to look at estimates being revised down and think “well, that must mean we didn’t need to do these things that they told us would help keep illnesses and deaths down!”

    If you used an umbrella during a rainstorm and got home dry, you wouldn’t think “well gee, I didn’t need the umbrella after all,” would you?

    Or, “The decline in crime rates indicates that the increased policing put in place was unnecessary”.

    Thanks to all the governors, local officials, and everyday citizens who have recognized that social distancing and shut downs are the only weapon we have against the coronavirus. No thanks to the President who is peddling misinformation and intentionally confusing “aspirations” with facts.

  21. This whole analogy thing is tough, I get it. Let me help you out.

    Using an umbrella when it’s actually raining = sensible. Nailing plywood over the windows and hoarding bottled water because the weatherman predicts the possibility of rain = not sensible.

    Refusing to come outside after the rain has slowed to a drizzle because, hey, it might start again in two weeks, that’s just bat-shit crazy.

    We started out with sensible precautions, based on what we knew at the time. Cover your cough. Wash your hands. Keep your distance. Same precautions as we’d take for any flu. If the Chinese hadn’t lied about the virus, the CDC might have gotten aboard the ‘wear a mask’ train earlier, which might have helped, don’t know how much.

    Now? Not sensible. Insane over-reaction.

    Protect the elderly and those with compromised immune systems because they’re the ones at risk. Liberate the rest of us to pay for it all. Because poverty kills a lot more people than the flu.

  22. Emery is narrative-building again.
    He segues from “people in the future are going to die in their millions because Trump did bad things in the past” to “fewer will now die in the future because in the past people listened to people like me and ignored Trump.”
    Since the “millions of dead” never existed, it is a narrative, a story, not a feature of the real universe.

  23. We haven’t seen the bottom of this crisis yet, the US still has to reach peak pandemic, flattening death toll in Europe doesn’t mean much without clear post lockdown plans, which nobody has in Europe or the US. There is no vaccine so we will be in semi-lockdown for another year. China has a plan and is recovering, but can’t recover on its own in a global depression. I must be reading different news than you.

  24. But Emery — your track record shows that you are wrong about everything! There is hard empirical evidence that shows that your predictions about future events are wrong.
    Simply put, if you say “buy,” the smart money sells.

  25. Yes, the economy will snap back like a rubber band.

    By July 1, unemployment will be back to 3.9 percent, the Dow will be closing in on 30,000, airlines and cruise ships will be packed, stadiums, cinemas and beaches will be crowded and lines at Disney World will stretch all the way to Miami. All of this will be a bad dream.

    Except, it won’t — and somewhere, deep down inside, most people know it.

  26. By July 1, unemployment will be back to 3.9 percent, the Dow will be closing in on 30,000, airlines and cruise ships will be packed, stadiums, cinemas and beaches will be crowded and lines at Disney World will stretch all the way to Miami. All of this will be a bad dream.
    Yet another bad prediction by Emery. Are you seriously going to stand by this? It is insane.

  27. An greasy, legless insect burbled: “By July 1…the Dow will be closing in on 30,000.

    Negro Jesus’ last gasp…

    The Dow Market Happenings For Monday, November 30, 2015
    The Market Premarket today, the Dow was indicated to open p +23 points. Friday, the Dow was down -14.90 (-0.08%) at 17,798.49. Year-to-date the Dow is down -0.14%


    Dow Jones Industrial Average
    Last Updated: Apr 9, 2020 at 3:08 p.m. EDT
    243.52 ^1.04%
    Previous Close

    This is why intelligent people mulch greasy, legless insects into the compost pile.

  28. Come to think of it, greasy, legless insects are by nature incapable of either intelligence or self-respect. Verbal was actually very intelligent…I think I have zeroed in on what’s going on here.

    Forget the IP search…it’s guaranteed to trace back to the underside of a wet rock.

  29. Man, all the topics the Little Weasel covers… it’s as if there are multiple persons behind it. Or multiple personalities in one.

  30. “The economy will snap back.” I can’t tell if E is that stupid, or thinks we are.

    No, E, it won’t. It’ll take time and effort. Every day we lose to over-reaction is another day the hole gets deeper. That’s why we want to start climbing out now, despite the risks.

    If every single person in the nursing home died of COVID-19, firing up the economy still would be the right thing to do, because it would make the country able to afford to care for all the rest of us, the productive people, and especially the children. Poverty kills more people than the flu, just look around the world.

    It’s an ugly trade-off. Economics always is. Public policy economics included. Lying about it won’t make it easier.

  31. It will be interesting to see where people go to get away from the new Stasi. In good old East Germany, it was nude beaches, because it was hard to hide a wire when one was in the altogether.

    No kidding. Might be a little bit rough here in the winter, though.

    Regarding what Governor Honecker is doing, far be it from me to doubt his motivations, but ordinarily, you build a case for a new program off of data, and….if a person is being illegally discriminated against, isn’t there a group of people called the “police” whose job it is to “investigate”, “arrest”, and then assist with “prosecution”? What’s the need here?

  32. So Emery;
    Apparently, you missed the two CDC “experts” Dr. Brix, who admitted that any deaths where the deceased has Wuhan virus, but didn’t die from it and is still being counted as dying from it. And, Robert Redfield announced that they over estimated Wuhan virus deaths and that they kept some of the early models to themselves.
    Further, Senator Dr. Scott Jensen just revealed that he received a 7 page document from the CDC that tells doctors to count deaths in the state the same way. Wally’s magic data models are being kept secret. He’s not sharing them.
    Just like you, your left wing propaganda spewers are predicting doom and gloom, covering for China. Their irresponsible reporting will probably lead to more deaths from suicide than from the Wuhan virus.
    But stay in your bunker until your master Wally tells you that it’s safe to go outside. Since you already cut down all of the trees in your yard, because you were sure that there was a Russian hiding behind every one of them, waiting to steal your election, you probably don’t have anything to do but post your drivel anyway.

  33. You know, I can see keeping two counts–deaths with clear COVID diagnoses vs. those with only a set of symptoms–because it’s not always been possible to get a good test going for this, but what I cannot see is treating the two categories as if they were the same. You can say “here are clear cases, here are likely cases, here is the likely total”, and I’ve got no problem with that. On the flip side, lump everything together without explaining your methodology, and there I’ve got a huge problem. One is honest; the other is not.

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  35. Well, I was a victim of the citizen narcs last evening.

    Several friends (about 20) and I, that visit Cowboy Jacks in Bloomington often enough that we know everyone that works there, met in the parking lot last evening to support these people. Our main organizer let the manager know that we were coming, so we called in food orders from the parking lot when most of us were there. It was a little chilly, but we were maintaining distance, sitting in lawn chairs. We noticed a woman, who appeared to be in her mid 40s, drive into the parking lot and park in a space close to the building. She didn’t get out of the car, but a couple of us noticed that she got on her phone and glanced at us several times. We were about done with our food, when a BPD officer pulled up. To his credit, he was very polite and told us that he knew that we were only supporting the restaurant, but they had received a complaint, so we couldn’t congregate, even though we were outside. Two of our party were watching the self righteous bitch in the car, who had put down her phone a watched as we were packing up to go. They reported that she had this self satisfied smirk on her face and as the police officer left, she did, too. We urged him to drop it. At least the officer allowed everyone to finish their food before we left.

  36. Sorry. Missed a key sentence. One of our party wrote down her license plate number, which I assumed was to retaliate. That’s what we urged him to drop it.

  37. I don’t think you should drop it. I think you should find out who she is, find her photo on social media, download a photo of her house from Google Maps, and have flyers printed.

    “Governor Walz extends hearty congratulations to Mrs. Grundy of 123 Wistful Vista. She saw four people standing outside a restaurant waiting for food and called the police on them. You can be proud that your friend and neighbor is watching your every move. Citizens! Be glad! Your Neighborhood Monitor is on the job. She is a Hero of the Revolution.”

    Post the flyer on light poles. Hand them out door-to-door. Send them to the local newspapers and to the Associated Press, Reuters, UPI, the Guardian UK, National Enquirer, anybody who might pick up the story.

    After all, she’s a hero.

  38. I’m with you JD, let all know who she is. Make her apologize or treat her like a pariah.

  39. Leftist reprobates have no fear of being doxxed. They know the chances a conservative will follow through are 1 in 10,000.

    She was on her phone typing to her Fedbook page “I’m taking action against a mob of white males right now (obviously Trumpers) who are resisting our Governor’s lawful and correct lock down order. When I boldly informed them I was contacting the Minnesota Hate patrol, they scattered like birds. Every car driving by honked and gave me a thumbs up.”

  40. The correct way to respond to this nonsense is to drive around, look for groups violating “social distance” rules & report them to the police. But only if they are groups of Black people.
    Every so often the people have to make the effort of showing the government why rule of law & due process are necessary.

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