The Very Definition Of “Treating The Symptom”

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

A commenter posted: “You don’t have to solve — or even understand — complex moral, cultural, and social problems to reduce their lethality.”
If we limit magazine capacity, people still will die, but not as quickly.  That’s what it means to “reduce their lethality.”  That’s not a real solution.
It is ONLY by understanding the complex moral, cultural and social mistakes we made, that we have a hope of reversing the mistakes.
The problem is, Liberals don’t think they were mistakes so they’re not willing to consider reversing them, regardless of how many people die because of it.
Joe Doakes

“Reducing lethality”. As Joe points out, it means – at most – that a spree killer switches to multiple ten round magazines (which most spree killers already use); since they’re pretty invariably attacking defenseless targets, they could be using a double-barrel shotgun for all it matters.

And if you somehow, magically, take away all guns? Psychos will switch – have switched – to gasoline, knives, fertilizer, poison gas, trucks, or God only knows what else.

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  1. Dunning_Kruger spewed, slimely: The guns used in “liberal”, areas to kill those perceived as liberals are being purchased in Conservative areas.

    No shit?

    Well the leftist ghouls used to kill the offspring of liberal Jezebel’s in leftist states operate near borders of clean, American states in order to spread their death cult.

    More babies die at the hands of leftist ghouls on any given day than all the insane flock shooters kill in a year.

    We’re not even close to being equal on that score, thimble brain.

  2. Swiftee, one of my gun-owning pals said that you used a pretty glossed over description of how to buy an automatic weapon. But yes, you are correct and I knew it was true when I wrote it. And it doesn’t change my point that gun control nuts know so little about about guns that they should be embarrassed by how dumb they sound. Should be, but aren’t.

  3. Emery sums up the Left perfectly. They just dont get it. You can throw all the verified statistics you want but they still throw a hissy fit. Hey Emery you know what country has gun laws you like? Mexico. They have one gun store in the country and private, law abiding citizens own virtually no guns. Their country wide murder rate makes Chicago look like a safe haven.

  4. I mean we have to stop mass shootings but regular gun violence that kills many, many more people is okay. Because those people vote democrat and are expendable. That is basically the Leftist argument.

  5. POD, as long as Negro youths contain their slaughter to their ilk, and stay within the boundaries of the urban reservation, leftist reprobates won’t even bat an eye.

    Because, just like adressing the core problem of insane Caucasian flock shooters, solving the ongoing war aming feral Negroes and among Latino’s, necessitates investigations that will inevitably lead to embarrassment for the leftists. Last thing they want is a cogent report on the consequences of their activities the past 50 years.

    This shit, if not precisely foreseen, was accounted as necessary long ago. You can’t destroy a civilized country without spilling some blood.

  6. Swiftee all good points. The 3 debates between Trump and whatever leftist reprobate gets the nomination will be the most entertaining debates in history. He will destroy them and have us laughing our asses off.

  7. Oh and remember Trump promotes violence but the Left, who just basically made a movie that celebrates the coastal elite killing ‘deplorables’ (called the Hunt, its making news everywhere today) arent calling for violence and antifa who openly calls for the killing of whatever their crazy, and frankly ironic, definiton of fascists arent. Orwell couldnt have seen this coming. 1984 is seeming tame at this point. And the irony of the left citing it is to massive as to require comment.

  8. When I was a kid, high school students routinely brought guns to school. We used to hunt for deer on the way to school in the morning, left guns in the pickup all day, then hunted after school. Nobody would have dreamed of messing with a gun during the school day, except the .22 rifles used by the rifle team, which was a school event same as basketball. We didn’t have armed guards or metal detectors, we had hall monitors to check your hall pass and tell you to quit running and not to chew gum, those were our big discipline problems. That was during the 1960’s, two generations ago. What changed?

    Well, lots changed, of course, and so gradually that it’s hard to put a finger on a single cause. Did the Civil Rights Act liberate urban Black youth and thereby free them to become neighborhood killers? Did Welfare destroy Black families, leaving Black youth without strong male role models, which made them feral?

    Did the rise of feminism in the 70’s do it? Maybe dumping kids in daycare so Mom could empower herself with a paycheck caused the kids to feel abandoned, unwanted, unloved, which made it harder for them to form emotional attachments to strangers and therefore easier to kill them?

    Did Roe v. Wade contribute to Americans seeing innocent children as disposable? Did that further corrode empathy and make violence easier?

    Did “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” convince society to close down mental institutions by pretending “liberty” was the same as “responsibility,” leaving the mentally ill on the streets, untreated, unsupervised, violent?

    Maybe the Woke movement finally did it? Blame white males for everything: shun them, scorn them, alienate them, bully them, doxx and hound and vilify them, and suddenly, one of them snaps and starts killing his tormentors. Another, seeing CNN, says “If he can do it, I can do it.” And a third . . . .

    How do we fix it?

  9. Joe, even in the first half of the 70’s I had classmates that brought shotguns to high school. Hunt ducks to and from school.

    Notable event was when one brought a duck bagged in the morning and put it in his locker. He forgot about it at the end of day and left it in his locker. It was Friday. Monday was a maggot-fest.

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