The Reichstag Fizzle

Andrew McCarthy  on the media’s treatment of the “pipe bomb” story:

There is plenty of media commentary at the moment about incivility, in the form of incendiary rhetoric and actions. This is entirely appropriate. But I’m at a loss to understand how the climate is improved by spicing up reports with thinly veiled suggestions that President Trump may have triggered a series of potentially murderous attacks on political opponents. When Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson opened fire on the Republicans he targeted and nearly killed Representative Steve Scalise, I don’t recall much Times speculation about whether he could have been set him off by Democrats urging their supporters to get aggressive — “get in their face”; “if they bring a knife, we bring a gun” — when dealing with political adversaries.

Every one of these episodes is like a mini Reichstag fire, a Gliwice incident;  every Democrat from Maxine Waters to Kathy Griffin to the New York Times can openly fantasize about killing the President and attacking Republicans – but let Trump talk smack about reporters and suddenly we’re on civility patrol.

As we often observe after terrorist attacks, everyone needs to take a deep breath until facts begin to emerge. The investigators are doing their jobs. Chances are we will know soon enough who is actually responsible for the pipe bombs. Then we probably won’t need speculation about motive and incitement . . . though there will be no shortage of it, anyway.

As Andrew McCarthy points out, there  is no evidence yet as to who did it – which doesn’t excuse the media’s double standard in covering the story.  At any rate, my speculation is of no more (or less) value than what you’re seeing on the news right now.

So I’ll speculate:

  • – The bombs were amateur productions:…/former-bomb-disposal-officer-weighs-…/
  • – They targeted obvious Democrat figures – the Clintons, CNN, Obama, and George Soros – but only in a way that was practically guaranteed to get discovered long before they reached their ostensible targets (at least some were apparently packed in padded envelopes).
  • – They came out two weeks before the election.

Seeing that, what would YOU think?


74 thoughts on “The Reichstag Fizzle

  1. Once again, we can find out something by looking at the metainformation.
    I am certain that there was no danger of the bombs going off. This was probably intentional.
    You can’t be that bad at bomb building & not have one go off in your hands or in the mail, if they can go off at all.

  2. $10 says they trace them to the ACME bomb factory through Maxine Waters campaign credit card.

  3. I was honored to be cited on Twitchy. If you google detonators, you will find that electronic detonators uniformly have two leads, and do not need to be hooked up via wires pulled from Romex, which is what the “bombs” appear to be. The ends of real bombs are not sealed with duct tape, and the bodies of properly made pipe bombs are of metal, not plastic pipe. I would not be surprised if these “bombs” did not contain explosive (or even propellant) or an actual detonator. Hopefully someone gets to take a good look at these to figure this out.

    Delivery without the Post Office in a few different cities implies a group of people are there to make a political splash. The pictures do not suggest anyone who has even googled the subject of explosives, but has seen the efforts of Wile E. Coyote to get the Roadrunner.

  4. Cui bono, eh? Latest news has the “not a bomb”, and the powder sent to CNN as harmless. Harmless. So who benefits from this whole dog and pony show? The police may be holding back evidence, as it often helps them sort things out in the end, but I am sure we will soon learn that the devices did not contain explosives, nor were they operational.

    Nice reference Mitch. Same old story, same old song and dance from the lefties, so I am dubbing this this incident “The Reichstag Rhumba”.

  5. They’re gonna find out it is Don Lemon’s anal appliance, sent by Anderson Cooper after a lovers spat.

  6. erm, say Kinlaw? Not too sure I want that link found in my browser history.

    “When we decide” is a pretty specific term.

  7. This is no Ted Kaczynski doing this. It was intended to have a political affect on the midterm elections. Let’s quit rushing to judgment about who’s at fault, and wait to see who it really is. Then let’s rush to judgment and have a free for all about which devil made him/her do it.

  8. Emery Incognito with a good point, holy shit I think its a sign of the apoclypse!

  9. The “bomb” CNN received had no detonator. It could not possibly have exploded. It also bore a sticker of Larry the Cable Guy wearing a MAGA hat and saying “Git ‘er done!” Apparently, all the “bombs” had that touch.

    Really? Git ‘er done? Really?

    That’s how we know this was a hoax, probably perpetuated by some junior staffer working for a Democrat. That’s the kind of detail a 20-something True Believing Pajama Boy would add, thinking it would enhance believability. Because all use deplorable bitter clingers say stuff like that, right?

    This stunt is on a par with prying the W keys off the White House keyboards, or digitally altering Obama’s birth certificate, or doxxing members of the Judiciary Committee. A dirty trick and not a particularly clever one.

    Fake News.

  10. EI, I cant wait for you to eat your words, this is most likely someone unaffiliated that belongs in a mental institution.

  11. I was riffing off of JD’s “It also bore a sticker of Larry the Cable Guy wearing a MAGA hat” comment. ;^)

  12. Not real bombs. Even if the contents were explosives, the things had no chance of exploding. The perp(s) will be apprehended in short order. A political statement of some sort, but the bomber is a couple of cans short of a six pack. A toss up if he’s left or right. The timing suggests a lefty trying to pull a mini-Reichstag. On the other hand, the mutton heads who tossed a pipe bomb into the Bloomington mosque were from Illinois. There had to be a lot of mosques way closer. You can’t fix stupid.

  13. I’d suggest people listen to Walter Hudson’s show from last night on the lesser talk station. He continues to make good points about the difference in media coverage based on who the intended victim is, as well as the difference in sources of ugly rhetoric and actual violence from the Left and the “Right.”

    Personally, my knee-jerk reaction when I hear about attacks on democrats is to assume that it’s been perpetrated by a democrat. Too many instances have been hoaxes from a Woke Progressive trying to manufacture anti-Republican sentiment.

  14. Looked at the X rays of one, and there’s a little can at one end of one thick wire with a coil of wire coming out the other end, which is connected to the other thick wire. It almost looks like someone took cigarette lighters out of old cars, pulled the nichrome straight(er), and hoped it would ignite whatever was in there.

    Or, perhaps, knew it wouldn’t, but that even looking like Wile E. Coyote’s work, knew it would get attention.

  15. It also bore a sticker of Larry the Cable Guy wearing a MAGA hat and saying “Git ‘er done!” Apparently, all the “bombs” had that touch.

    Right. They were obviously intended to be seen…not something you do with a bomb you expect to detonate. Eye candy for the fake news media.

    Guess what MSNBC has been running with since dawn?

  16. Meanwhile, anyone seen an update on where the caravan of low IQ, uneducated border jumpers is today?

    Bueller? Bueller?

  17. Shifty: The Caravan, sadly, is a straw man that Trump will use with his base. As you may have read, he is ordering 800 troops to the Mexican border. This is only symbolic. It won’t make a difference. Crack down on outlaw employers instead.

  18. The Caravan is a straw man? You mean like it doesn’t exist or won’t exist when it gets to the border?

  19. This is a joke:
    PVC? I know that style of clock, its a $5.99 thing you might put in your car. It has no “timing” capability, no alarms, just buttons to set the time. It still has the faux film protector over the face with the time “11:35”.

  20. Trump, as usual, presents a false binary choice. The minute real employment enforcement happens, separating employers from their cheap labor, the GOP will be forced to discuss immigration more honestly. You can bet on it. Right now, the Democrats allow Trump to have it both ways.

  21. You nailed it MP.

    Yesterday, the FBI answered questions about the viability of these bombs by saying “We are treating them seriously.”

    That’s a flat out denial.

    If they are serious, they will catch the perp. Way too much stuff for them to find clues with. Not unlikely they will find a fingerprint on the sticky side of the tape. Ever try to apply tape with gloves on?

  22. There is nothing to see here folks, I have already pardoned this brave patriot, believe me.

    Hey, look at this squirrel running across the lawn…

    Eyes on the ground are reporting that the suspect’van are cover with Trump and MAGA decals. So much for the right wing media’s conspiracy theorists democratic “false flag” operation. Trump created this guy.

  23. A guy with a long criminal record with a history of terroristic threates. While a Trump supporter not just a average guy off the street. Someone that should have been in prison 5-10 years ago, at least

  24. Tell me Emery, what did Trump do in 2002? This guy literally had a history of bomb threats and should have been in a fucking looney bin a long time ago.

    Sayoc has a criminal record in Florida and was arrested in 2002 for making a bomb threat, according to Miami-Dade County court records. He pleaded guilty. There were also two arrests, one in 1992 and the other in 2014, for petit theft.

    In the latter theft case, Sayoc tried to walk out of a Walmart with a shopping cart filled with $239 worth of merchandise, according to an arrest affidavit.

  25. So much for the right wing media’s conspiracy theorists democratic “false flag” operation. Trump created this guy.

    I want sources and no Trump didnt create this guy, steroids did. This guy is literally a psycho and was long before Trump came to power

  26. only if we can call the shooter that nearly killed Steve Scalise the Sanders Socialist Shooter.

  27. “Can we start calling him the MAGA-bomber now?”

    Call that lone-wolf loonie whatever you want.

    And Woody Kane is “The Big Tough Son of the Dems Vice Presidential Nominee, who Sucker Punched a 17 year old girl”.

  28. So, it wasn’t a false flag. I’m actually surprised, but I still give Zero fucks about leftist tear squirting.

    When Hakim X Ellison apologizes for promoting Antifa, and renounces them for the putrid pile of shit they are, have your people call my people.

    Until then, GFY is the standing order.

  29. Oh BTW, before that standing order is refunded, Maxine Waters will have to crawl across a stage, kiss a wytmans foot and beg forgiveness.

  30. Say, Dunning_Kruger? Do any of her “special friends” call your mother “Mommy”?

    If so, please proceed.

  31. This is a really deep Democratic false flag operation. Those Democrats are so devious and deceptive. That is why they control everything in the government. They recruited a loyal Trumper to do their dirty work. I wonder how much Soros and DeNiro paid him. /s

  32. You have to actually bomb something before you can be called a bomber.
    This story has been a hoax from start to finish. If you’ve ever heard any law enforcement types identify what explosive material the faux bombs contained, let me know. Taping a clock and wires to a plastic tube does not a bomb make.

  33. A fundamental truth in life is that if you need to posit a conspiracy in order to make your argument, then you’ve effectively admitted that you have a pretty weak argument.

    False flag? Fake news? Let’s see how the creative Alt-right spins the truth on this one.

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