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Ilhan Omar – DFL endorsed candidate for Congress in the 5th CD – is a raving anti-semite.

State representative Ilhan Omar has yet to complete her first term in the Minnesota legislature, where she has accomplished approximately nothing of substance, though she has now secured the DFL endorsement to succeed Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison in Congress. In the brief Weekly Standard article “The anti-Israel seat,” I conclude with observations related to Omar’s frank hatred of Israel. She doesn’t sugarcoat it. She calls Israel an “apartheid regime.”

That is a defamatory falsehood with a shabby provenance. In Omar’s case, it is something more than an impulsive comment in a recent tweet. It represents her considered judgment. One can see it at work in her remarks on the floor of the Minnesota House in opposition to a bill (HF 400) opposing the boycott of Israel promoted by so-called BDS groups harking back to the “Zionism is racism” lie of the 1970’s.

And it’s fascinating how local media treats Omar’s anti-semitiem; exactly the same way as they treated her dubious family history.

It makes sense; their editors and producers know they’ll never get another invite to the Oceannarie if they do.

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  1. A muslim is a raging anti-semite?! Say it aint so Mitch. Its not like their holy book calls them pigs or says they should be treated as second or third class citizens or anything. Oh wait…

  2. And it’s fascinating how local media treats Omar’s anti-semitiem; exactly the same way as they treated her dubious family history.

    Exactly as I commented on two posts ago: if neither is reported, do either exist?

  3. Omar hails from the quintessential shit hole country. A filthy, stinking pile of rubble her kinsman and women scrabble over like cockroaches looking for an opening to kill one another.

    We sent our military to their shithole to guard shipments of food and supplies, charitably donated by Western countries to ease their suffering. They repaid our kindness by killing our troops and dragging their mutilated, naked bodies through their filthy streets.
    Somalis are a rude, arrogant utterly worthless people. They are even shunned by other shithole countries in Africa.

    Minnesotans elected her to state office, and will very likely send her to infect the US Capital.

    I don’t blame Somalis 1/2 as much as I despise the leftists that have inflicted them on the rest of us.

  4. It all shines on POTUS Clinton we’ll be a generation sorting through the damage.

  5. I have to wonder how the previous (Jewish) occupant of that MN House seat feels after being displaced by a rabid anti-Semite.

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