The Problem With Philadelphia…

…is that a few hundred thousand mouth-breathing morons ruin the good name of dozens of Philly sports fans.

I mean, I’m glad the Iggles won, if only out of homer pride (I went to high school with Carson Wentz’s father, and high school and college with his uncle. Have I mentioned that North Dakota is a small place?) and because Pats fans aren’t a whole lot better.

But I’m always amazed people don’t remember it’s a game.

9 thoughts on “The Problem With Philadelphia…

  1. It’s the need for pleas like this why I was rooting for the Patriots (barely, I tuned in just in time to watch Brady fumble).

    I lost interest in watching any more football about 1 1/2 quarters into the NFC Championship…

  2. I didn’t watch the game at all. I haven’t watched a Super Bowl from the opening gun to the checkered flag since the Greatest Game Ever (Bears vs. Pats, 1986).

  3. I thought the game itself was actually entertaining, the half time show was OK for what it was. For me the commercials were mediocre, the advertisers must have blown their budgets on air time rather than compelling content.

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  5. Call me a bit harsher than Scott; game was good, but the half time show was one of those “what on earth were they thinking?” kind of things. And the commercials….it strikes me that what made the old ones great was that they were built on a story with a cultural reference. Today, the feather that used to be used has been replaced with a bludgeon, and the commercials are by and large no fun anymore.

    And I’m still waiting on a punch line for Swiftee’s comment. :^)

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