The Russians Are Coming!

Remember when excessive concern about the Russians was a sign you were  a simple-minded Cold Warrior?

The good news:  There is so far zero evidence of direct Russian “hacking” of the election.  Influence, sure – but then, Obama was nobody to gripe about people influencing foreign elections.

The bad news?  They were certainly trying to sow chaos and misinformation.

The worse news?  Americans are ripe for political manipulation, and American politics is a fertile field for a seasoned chaos-monger, and our media is the problem, not the defense.

92 thoughts on “The Russians Are Coming!

  1. LMAO…you idiot. Ran right out on a search for something to say, didn’t you SSOLSEmery? Well, you fucked it up, as usual.

    Get your care giver to explain this to you (hint, I’m smacking you down; again):

    “Abigail Lawlis Kuzma, the author of the law-review article, repudiates the plagiarism charges:

    ‘I have reviewed both passages and do not see an issue here, even though the language is similar. These passages are factual, not analytical in nature, framing both the technical legal and medical circumstances of the “Baby/Infant Doe” case that occurred in 1982. Given that these passages both describe the basic facts of the case, it would have been awkward and difficult for Judge Gorsuch to have used different language.'”

    You’re the mental midget in any room you enter, fool!

  2. FBI, Senate and House Investigations have yet to reach their conclusions. Everything else is just opinion.
    These will be opinions as well.
    I expect they will find nothing. Why?
    Nothing has leaked, and the Democrats, in particular, are eager to leak anything they can that makes the Trumpees look bad. I think Blitzer didn’t ask Castro what laws he believes were broken because Castro wouldn’t be able to answer that question. Castro’s purpose in saying that he believes people will end up in jail was to make headlines and excite his rabid base. It was not to inform. Blitzer played along.

  3. Swiftee: Pro- tip
    Don’t pay attention to what they say, pay close attention to what they do. And always, always watch the other hand…

    The most likely explanation for this is that the FBI, CIA or NSA must have pulled Bannon’s clearance. His fingers are obviously all over the secret meeting in the Seychelles between Eric Prince and Putin’s trusted friend, which means that Mr. Bannon has demonstrably committed treason and violated several federal laws. Now that this is publicly known, the FBI is required to apply the law.

  4. His fingers are obviously all over the secret meeting in the Seychelles between Eric Prince and Putin’s trusted friend, which means that Mr. Bannon has demonstrably committed treason and violated several federal laws.

    And just where was Bannon on November 22, 1963?
    Two words.
    “Grassy Knoll.”

  5. What the hell are you babbling about SSOLSEmery? I’m not giving your inane twaddle any attention; I don’t have discussions with dishonest lefty dimwits. The only “pro-tip” you have is on your reservoir tip, rubber hat.

    I’m mocking you and laughing at you, because it’s fun; did you not get that?

  6. The thing that conspiracy theorists like to do is make diagrams and lists that show “connections’ between events and between people. They do this because they can never actually pin down a causal relationship. The ordered relationship created on the page substitutes for the lack of ordered relationships in the real world, or creates a false alternative to a real (but undesired) relationship.
    So the fact that Oswald was communist turncoat becomes less important than the identity of the person who left the door of the Texas Schoolbook depository unlocked.
    It’s a secular version of “the God of the gaps.” Whatever evidence can’t be found must support the conspiracy theory. Jack Ruby could blow the conspiracy wide open, so the CIA gave him cancer and killed him before he could talk.

  7. Remember back in 2002 when Bush choked on a pretzel and they had to call the medics?
    The DU then hatched a wild conspiracy theory that the real story was that Bush was, in fact, blacked-out drunk and had had some kind of alcohol induced seizure. Bush had been alcohol free over 20 years in 2002.

  8. Woolly: it’s taken Trump only 70 days to do what it took Nixon 4 years to accomplish.

  9. Regarding the alleged plagiarism by Gorsuch, it strikes me that the statements in question are footnoted. Now while I cannot find the actual footnotes, I am guessing that both are referencing the same sources, or derivatives of the same sources, and hence there is no plagiarism at all.

    Honestly, that gruel is so thin, I can see through it.

    And Bannon losing his security clearance without that being leaked by “borrowed” Obama operatives in the FBI? Seriously, Emery?

  10. Emery Incognito on April 5, 2017 at 3:02 pm said:
    Woolly: it’s taken Trump only 70 days to do what it took Nixon 4 years to accomplish.

    Again, Emery, the only crimes that were committed appear to have been committed by Democrat partisans.
    Where is the fire? What crime are you accusing Trump or his people of committing? What is the cover up covering? What is your epistemology?

  11. Apparently having Emery Incognito attach “thing” to your name or some situation spontaneously creates a committed crime. Or he’s just babbling.

  12. I’ve read the stories Emery refers to. They come from the fever swamp of the Left. The only time the Lefties stop whining about being called unpatriotic is to curse the United States or accuse conservatives of treason.

  13. Swiftee; how am I supposed to distinguish the genuine fever swamp stuff Emery cites from the imitation fever swamp stuff he makes up?

  14. If we are going to talk conspiracy theories . . .
    What makes you think that Trump was the only GOP candidate Obama’s people surveilled? If Cruz or Kasich had won the right to sit in the Big Chair, what would be leaked to the press about them?
    Apparently there is a big loop hole in the FISA process. Warrants are routinely approved if the subject is not an American citizen. Unscrupulous people could get FISA warrants with the intention of surveilling Americans in contact with non-Americans. I heard whispers of this back when the Iran deal went down, except then the targets were Americans with contacts in Israel.
    Obama won his senate seat in 2004 after an Obama-friendly judge unsealed the divorce action of his GOP opponent. The documents showed that the GOP guy (Jack Ryan) was accused of trying to get his then-wife (Jeri Ryan) to go to a swingers club. The Russians refer to this as “compromat,” compromising information used to gain a political advantage.
    Ryan dropped out of the race and Obama won by a landslide. And there’s your Star Trek connection, Jeri Ryan played ex-Borg “seven of nine” in Star Trek: Voyager.
    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

  15. Still waiting for eTASS to deliver a motive why russians would prefer strumpet over shrillary. I see instead he decided to advance the fever swamp libturd talking points de jour. Afraid people are no longer willing to move along, eTASS. Why else would your dear leader be hiding out in south pacific? Getting too hot for him in amerikkkkka?

  16. FYI, it is instructive to compare the bio’s of Obama NSA Susan Rice and Trump’s NSA H.R. McMaster. McMaster is a West point graduate, a “fighting general” with no clear political ideology. Rice is an academic foreign policy specialist whose career has been spent in political appointee positions in Democrat administrations.
    McMaster is an odd pick for a president who, the Left assures us, is a treasonous patsy for Vladimar Putin.

  17. JPA wrote
    Still waiting for eTASS to deliver a motive why russians would prefer strumpet over shrillary.

    Isn’t it obvious? Take a sheet of paper. Write the name “Donald J. Trump” on the left (it has to be on the Left because English script reads L to R). Put the name “Vladimir Putin” on the right. In between them, write “Alfa Bank.” Now draw a line between Trump’s name and Alfa Bank, and Putin’s name and Alfa Bank. Put arrow heads on the points of the lines.
    Isn’t it crystal clear now, like you were shot through the forehead by a diamond bullet?
    Wheels within wheels, my friend. Wheels within wheels.

  18. Rice is a hack. She got put as NSA because that way congress couldn’t supeana her about Bengazi.

  19. Woolly: You seek to distract by blaming Democrats for Trump’s failures, at a time when the Democratic party is at its most electorally irrelevant in a generation. Your comment attempts to steer away from the central incompetence of Mr. Trump by trying to bring others down to his level. If Trump can be stopped by others making fun of him (the full extent of the Democrat’s political strength), what use is he?

  20. TFS: What’s amazing to me is how Trump’s administration keeps shooting itself in the foot.

  21. The fever pitch, the obfuscation of the obvious criminality of the previous administration, the shredding of the Constitution, ignoring the laws and making shit up as they went along by the DemoncRATS, the utter incompetence in foreign affairs and attempt to stamp out the decency in the western world, the ratcheting up of gender, racial and class wars, that is what you are defending. And all YOU have, is innuendo and (so far) unconfirmed, unverified and unproved allegations, while lacking a motive. You are one delusional, sick puppy. You need to visit DG, I am sure she can stroke you until you can sleep again at night.

  22. Sessions recused, Nunes recused, Bannon demoted, Flynn seeking immunity. Is this more of the “swamp draining” we’ve heard so much about?

    All that Trump has accomplished thus far is to create a cesspool.

    Now get back deflecting to Clinton and Obama and Rice. ;^)

  23. Again, Emery, you are changing the subject. You began by accusing Trump of treason. Now you say that he is merely incompetent.
    If you were wrong about his treason, why should you be right about his incompetence?

  24. At the risk of repeating myself:
    The FBI, Senate and House Investigations have yet to reach their conclusions. Everything else is speculation and that would include my comments as well as those of others on this thread.

    Cleary ethical behavior is a left wing conspiracy and Republicans are having none of it.

  25. “ethical behavior is a left wing conspiracy” is an odd way of describing a situation where felonious leaks of classified information are being used by the left to attempt to hamstring the Trump administration, Emery. And that much is certain. We can debate whether it was merely unethical, or outright criminal, for Susan Rice to unmask Trump administration personnel, but we cannot debate the fact that the leaks that sunk Michael Flynn were felonies.

    Plus, if the left had a “conspiracy” of ethical behavior, please explain to me why they’re not clamoring for Hilliary to be put in jail for mishandling classified information and selling favors to the Russians. Again, this much is not in dispute–anyone not named “Clinton” and married to or descended from Bill Clinton would be behind bars for that.

  26. Regardless of the outcome of any investigation, it should be clear that Susan Rice had no business conducting an investigation. Illegalities are investigated by the FBI. It is what they do. Illegalities or threats by foreign powers are investigated by the CIA. Both the FBI and the CIA are, in theory, non-partisan. They have decades of experience in investigation. They are packed with lawyers. They know the rules. Susan Rice did not. Exactly what was Rice investigating? She told Andrea Mitchell that she needed to unmask the names to “contextualize” the report. Mitchell did not follow up (of course!), but contextualize what? In what context was she working?

  27. Will the House Ethics Committee go far enough to “unmask” the WH operatives who leaked information to Nunes. Will Trump go after them, charge them with treason? Or are leaks favorable to the administration somehow different from leaks which put it in jeopardy? I guess we’ll have to ask Mr. Sessions’ his opinion regarding this matter.

  28. Of course not, Emery. Unlike the WaPo reporters to which Obama operatives leaked information, and unlike the guys who maintained Hilliary’s server, Devin Nunes has a security clearance, and so do the guys who showed him the documents. Hence it is not an illegal leak.

  29. If you were wrong about his treason, why should you be right about his incompetence?

    Oh, me… me… me.. eTASS was SO right about Brexit! His predictions were SO on the money!

    And of course, he is deflecting, changing he subject and WILLFULLY ignoring the criminal misdeeds by his ilk. How convenient. How gauche. How typically eTASS. What a maroon!

  30. My, my, my… I doubt this is April Fool’s, and I doubt this will be reported (alternate news and facts, you see). I winder why. And yes, I bet on the latter. eTASS to spin, obfuscate, deflect, change the subject and blame sTrumpet in 1… 2… 3…

    Dr. Carson dug into the agencies records in a sweeping audit wherein he found substantial bookkeeping “errors”, which only prove either the incompetence or the corrupt nature of the previous administration led by former-president, Barack Obama.

  31. Do you live on another planet? If this were Clinton, Obama or any Democrat for that matter, Republicans would go ballistic. They would be spending hundreds of millions of tax dollars investigating with no end in sight.

    “Entirely false and politically motivated” is a great quotation. It pretty much sums up Nunes’s conduct throughout this investigation, doesn’t it?

  32. We were asking the same about you, Emery. Fact of the matter is that while there are crimes committed here and ethical lapses, they are so far all by Democrats. So why you want to investigate the Republicans for things done by Democrats just boggles the mind.

  33. I only want the truth and wherever that may lead. That said,I believe Trump has delivered optimism to a group of people that were pessimistic for the past eight years. Time will tell if their optimism is any more justified than their pessimism was.

  34. One reason I do not believe that any bombshells will be forthcoming regarding Trump and the Russians is that the intelligence was widely shared in order to make it more “leakable.” I’ve heard that as many as 500 officials may have had access to the intelligence with Trump’s associates named. What you give up when you do that is message disciplining. Someone would have leaked more, if there was more.

  35. I only want the truth and wherever that may lead.

    hahahahahahaaaahahahahaaaaahhaaaaaaaa, choke, chortle, hahahahahahahahahaha

    Thanks SFB eTASS. Now go draw yourself another red line to jump over. Preferably in Bengazi.

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