Not Merely Evil

Planned Parenthood – or at least one of its constituent groups – also says face-palmingly stupid things:

Planned Parenthood black community outreach group is claiming that what happened in Orlando was due to “toxic masculinity.” “#Islam doesn’t foment the violence alleged gunman Omar Mateen enacted, toxic masculinity & a global culture of imperialist homophobia does,” the group, PP Black Community, tweeted on Sunday. Now, I’d agree it wasn’t motivated by “Islam” generally, because I understand the difference between “Islam” and “radical Islam.” However, I am also not so completely brain-dead and delusional as to think that this attack was motivated by absolutely anything but the latter. How do I know? Because I’m a psychic? A genius? No, because the shooter, Omar Mateen, &*%$-ing said it was.

No teenager with car keys and a bottle of Brass Monkey is as stupid as a “progressive” non-profiteer with a Twitter feed.

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  1. Note from Mitch: Again, I’m dimming out Dog Gone’s comment until she ends her practice of leaving condescending, loooong, and invariably factually-vacant posts in my comment section without discussing the, um, frequent and complete demolition of her entire case by the rest of the comment section.

    When she begins to treat this comment section as a discussion, rather than a meta-blog, this policy will cease.



    Ah, too bad Mitch; you fail again to be factual.

    Those who actually pay attention to factual details (like names) have looked at a number of recent mass murderers and characteristics that define hypermasculinity.

    They include items like a history of domestic abuse of women and children, restraining orders against them, etc. — which is true of the shooter in Orlando.

    The case of the Orlando mass shooter — in the case of Orlando, I suppose we should qualify that as the most recent mass shooter — is reported to have abused his wife. He also apparently had a history of claiming connections to radical Islamic groups that were not true. In fact he made such statements to intimidate his coworkers in the past as well as to the FBI. That is why the issue of his connections to any Islamic influence now is in question.

    But the biggest new factors are that the shooter apparently led a double life, one as a gay man who attended the nightclub where the shooting took place for a period of at least three years, and the other life trying to please his family, especially his father, by appearing to be a straight man who was a religiously conforming Muslim.

    The other interesting development is that the shooter appears to have had an accomplice, who has been identified by law enforcement and who is apparently going to be arrested soon.

    So, once more, you fail with the facts. And conservative hypermasculiinity is properly blamed for the failure it really is.

    So is conservative reporting / journalism. AGAIN. STILL.

  2. Dog, if he was gay, he was probably looking for a transgender bathroom, got lost, frustrated at the injustice of the moment and decided the least micro-aggressive way to wrest his way out of the situation was to unload his AR-15. He was a self-hating gay, that’s all. Happens every day, right, Dog. They can’t match their slacks with their ascots and, BOOM, murder. Blame the gun.

  3. dg;
    ” And conservative hypermasculiinity is properly blamed for the failure it really is.”
    speaking of epic fails, you’ve failed again DG. Unless you know something specific about his alleged gay persona you haven’t made you case that his behavior was either conservative or hypermasculine. If anything you’ve described someone who was, within the parameters of his cultural background, living a normal life.

    Was “hypermasculinity” the word for the day on your 2016 Misandrist’s desk calendar?

  4. Kel, it is very common for hypermasculine men to shout Alahu Akbar while spraying bullets, dontchaknow?

    Note to self – avoid gyms of all kinds. They are full of hypermasculine men.

  5. DG – never call the cops, the fire department, or paramedics. Bastions of hypermasculinity.

    And if you go to pakistan and get kidnapped, it’ll be some hypermasculine soldier who comes rappelling down to try to save you.

    Gender-Identity Feminists are downright medieval.

  6. Mitch: Here’s your premise expanded:

    “You’ve reached the Metrosexual Police. Press One if your emergency is fashion related. Press Two if you’re the victim of a microagression. Press Three if you are experiencing gender confusion. If you’re mortally wounded or bleeding to death, please hold the line and your call will be transferred to the Hypermasculinity Police and Emergency Services.”

  7. If hypermasculinity causes terrorism, we would expect that the NFL and bodybuilding conventions would inevitably erupt in terrorism. What went wrong? Or right?

    And let’s be real here; if you went back 20 years and suggested that crimes committed by homosexuals are due to an excess of masculinity, you would have been met with derisive laughter. Go to certain places today, you’ll get it still, and there has even been research into the hypothesis that homosexuality results from a lack of testosterone for the child while in the womb.

    So to put it mildly, the hypothesis that PP advances and DG defends is at the very least strongly counter-intuitive in light of evidence. But since when does a lack of evidence stop either?

  8. So Mateen was a hypermasculine homo, driven to kill through self loathing. Huh; who knew.

    Does that mean we should prepare for news of a white leftist mowing down a pile of his ilk at a Democrat virtue signaling rally?

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