The “Governor” Dayton Pool

UPDATE: The contest now has a prize.

The winner of this contest gets a $150 gift certificate at the St. Paul Grill. So you can eat – for a night, anyway – like the DFL plutocrats who rule you!

Gift certificate courtesy the sponsorship of…

… Well, I can’t actually say. They want to remain anonymous. I can neither confirm nor deny that it’s the Koch brothers. I can also neither confirm nor deny that is Grover Norquist.

RULES UPDATE: When the prize was nothing but bragging rights, I wasn’t going to fuss too much about duplicate entries.

However, now that there’s an actual prize, I will allow people with duplicate entries to make one change to their submission.


Now, if you’ve followed Minnesota politics this past four years, you know that Mark Dayton has been “Governor” is the same sense that Danny Bonaduce was the “bassist” for the Partridge Family.  He’s been a marionette, a flapping jaw revealing the will of the special interests who installed him in office.

And his health is not at all good.

And once he cut the crap and made it official by bringing Tina Flint Smith on as his running mate (putting Yvonne something or other out to pasture), the plan’s been pretty much common knowledge:  “Governor” Dayton is going to resign and turn the office over to Tina “The Butcher” Flint Smith.

The only real question is when.

And that calls for a pool.

The Pool:  Pick the date that Mark Dayton resigns from office.  Whoever is closest wins, and earns – I dunno, a drink from me when we have another get-together.

Closest – before or after the actual retirement, counted in calendar days – wins.

Leave your predictions in the comment section, in the form of a date and year.

Example:  July 1, 2015 (that’s my prediction, BTW).  I’ll make sure this thread gets saved for the long haul – not that I (obviously) think we’ll need to save it for that long…

The deadline will be the beginning of the next session.

UPDATE:  See current selections and standings here. 


75 thoughts on “The “Governor” Dayton Pool

  1. November 9, 2016, right after he loses both houses of the state legislature with a veto-proof majority due to his incompetence.

  2. (Loren, let me know if you think I ought to change, since I am guessing we had about the same idea)

  3. July 14th 2015 right after his Lt Gov negotiates a “successful” conclusion to the govt shutdown the Rep House forced on the state while the Gov is recuperating from another elective surgery.

  4. Black Friday 2015, November 25th. That way he can resign when no one is noticing, then people find out they have a new Governor when they wake from their turkey coma on Monday morning.

  5. It has to be between inauguration and the end of the next session.
    Unless he has a public relapse into alcoholism first.

  6. FYI, the Democrats’ short list for 2016 presidential contenders runs Hillary, Biden, Dayton.
    Seriously, the D’s are in trouble in 2016. There best chance would be to pick a successful democrat governor. The closest they’ve got to that is Brown in Cali (bear with me) and his popularity doesn’t carry far from the West Coast.

  7. Seriously, the D’s are in trouble in 2016. There best chance would be to pick a successful democrat governor. The closest they’ve got to that is Brown in Cali (bear with me) and his popularity doesn’t carry far from the West Coast.

    Jerry Brown would be a great pick — if you want to project an image of youthful vigor, why wouldn’t choose a guy who ran against Jimmy Carter in 1976? And who could forget his glamorous romance with that lady singer — who was it, Peggy Lee? Kay Starr?

    That’s a real problem for the Dems — all their plausible candidates are fugitives from Madame Tussaud’s.

  8. I’m going to go long and say he serves the entire four years. Sure the last two might be like A weekend at Bernie’s but, really who would notice the difference?

  9. Yeah, Jerry Brown and his multi-billion dollar state budget deficit is exactly what our country needs…..please please please let it be Governor Moonbeam!

    And I was thinking Janis Joplin or Boy George was the one, but my memory may be slipping.

  10. If you look at it from the POV of a democrat, Jerry Brown is golden. No Clinton baggage, no Obama baggage, he won re-election by a wide margin, and they believe that he projects an image of competence and moderation.

  11. This is a great idea Mitch! My prediction is that he will want to remain governor until just after the Superbowl being held at his bird-killing palace in 2018. So I will take February 15, 2018. That’s a long time to wait until Mitch has to buy me a beer but I am going with the later date.

  12. I’ll take September 4, 2015. Nothing like a Friday news dump on Labor Day weekend. By Tuesday the 8th Dayton will be “old news, next question.”

  13. The way he sounded today on the radio I think it will be a couple of days after his being sworn for the second term to make her assuming the office legal. I go for January 10, 2015.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  14. The Wednesday after the 2016 election. Dayton wont resign before the elections, because it would hurt the DFL campaign efforts. But he can’t take the chance of waiting until after the MNGOP takes back the MN Senate, or Gov Smith might be stuck with a Republican as her LT Governor.

  15. Now, are you talking about a real, intentional, official resignation…or just checking out? Because if it’s the latter….oops, too late…

  16. Adrian – real, official resignation. As in “turns the actual office over to The Butcher”.

  17. A few entries from Facebook (that I’m going to transcribe over here to keep them all in one convenient place):

    John LaPlante: May 23 2015

    Jennifer Carlson: May 21 2015

    Liz Kulzer: November 10, 2015

    Jack Tomczak: January 16, 2016

    Darrel Pinkston: April 10 2015

    David Anderson: May 1, 2015

    Ben Koster: April 30 2015.

  18. Bikebubba – It’s all good. I figured just after the 2016 elections so that his resignation wouldn’t be an issued to be used against other D candidates.

  19. I’m not necessarily barring multiple people from making the same answer. It’ll just dilute the winners’ purse.

  20. Just one entry per person?

    Does the resignation have to fall on the date chosen for the win, or do you win if you are closest to that date (with possible ties for equidistant entries)?

  21. August 18th 2016. Just because I think it would be a awesome 30th birthday present for me.

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