Chanting Points Memo: The Dayton Economy Just Keeps Getting Better And Better!

Just keep repeating it to yourself, DFLers; the Dayton economy is awesome!

The Dayton economy is awesome!

The Dayton economy is awesome!

Housing starts are off 15 percent in August (the full story appeared on MPR last night – but naturally isn’t available online today):

Confidence in the local homebuilding market took a hit in August, as permits for new single-family houses declined 15 percent from a year ago and permits for new multifamily units were down 78 percent. 

And the price of farm land – one of the key indicators and drivers of the farm economy – is slipping in Minnesota.  But hey, at least they’ll be getting taxed more for it…


54 thoughts on “Chanting Points Memo: The Dayton Economy Just Keeps Getting Better And Better!

  1. By that criteria Emery:

    Scott Walker has been a good administrator and deserves to be re elected.

    The Il governor has demonstrated that he has been a bad administrator and deserves to be fired.

    And unfortunately, since Mark Dayton doesn’t read bills before signing laws, since he shuts down the government instead of keep it open, and the economy is falling apart by your own admission Mark Dayton doesn’t deserve any one’s vote and Jeff Johnson should be elected governor.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  2. FYI: Walter, I plan on voting Johnson/McFadden. Kasich was my governor until recently, he’s done well for Ohio. I wish I could say the same for Sherrod Brown.

    The point I was attempting to make with the WI housing starts: 2013: (+20%) in 2014: (-.3% YTD) which is down -19.7% since the previous year. The budget shortfall in Wisconsin is actually $472 million for this fiscal year and $1.3B in the 2015-17 budget. This is based on the 3.5% revenue growth the LFB forecast for FY2015, and using the new (lower) 2014 revenue numbers .
    There’s such thing as a free lunch Mr. Hanson.

  3. JPA or should I just call you Walter?

    Alas, Walter and I are two (2) different people. But then I do not expect you to understand the distinction between one (1) and two (2). It is obviously beyond your comprehension, EmeryTheUSAHater.

  4. Emery:

    Have I become a punch line to you? I hadn’t even begun posting on this piece until after you responded to Just. Mind you I throw out facts which at least with me you have tried to argue back.

    Of course it’s in bad taste for you (even though you were called a name) to call the person you’re trying to respond to by another name.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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