Paymar And The Blazing Reichstag

I spoke too soon yesterday in writing about the DFL Metrocrats’ hearings regarding guns.  They – Hausman, Paymar, Sheldon Johnson and Simonson, to be exact – introduced a bill today aimed at “High Capacity Magazines”.

Their definition of “high-capacity”:  seven rounds.

Money shot:


2.29Any person who, on August 1, 2013, is in possession of a large-capacity magazine has 120 days to do either of the following without being subject to prosecution under

Minnesota Statutes, section 624.7133:


2.32(1) remove the large-capacity magazine from the state; or

(2) surrender the large-capacity magazine to a law enforcement agency for  destruction.

OK, gun owners – all of you, hunters and skeeters and defensive shooters alike; if you’ve never come out and gotten active in politics before, now is the time.  This piece of Stalin-era twaddle isn’t going away on its own, or because the orcs who introduced it will be overcome with long-hidden feelings of libertarian conscience.

It’ll be because law-abiding Real Americans like you and me take it down and kick it to death.

It’s going to the “Public Safety Committee”, which we talked about yesterday.  Call them, especially Ward, Savick and Rosenthal (UPDATE: And Simonson).

We need to crush the switchboards.

BONUS QUESTION FOR CONSTITUTIONAL SCHOLARS: Isn’t “give us your legally-purchased and not-by-any-means-inexpensive property or risk going to jail” the very definition of an “Illegal Taking?”

Because 13 round magazines for a SIG P250 were $45 a pop even before the current hysteria set in.  Or so I’m told.

17 thoughts on “Paymar And The Blazing Reichstag

  1. DG, (who can’t seem to articulate her opposition to the Cornish Bill) is very precise when she wants to be – this quote:

    “I have no interest in separating you from lawful ownership of your legal guns (whatever we determine those to be), much less in trying to educate you out of your inaccurate assumptions, or in pretty much any interaction, other than laughing at you. “

    Make no mistake, she and her fellow orcs deem themselves the just arbiters of whats good for the rest of us.

  2. “I have no interest in separating you from lawful ownership of your legal guns (whatever we determine those to be)”

    Dear DG,

    This has been determined – in the Second Amendment, as clarified in the Militia Act, and further defined in Miller, and incorporated via McDonald. It’s every citizen, absent a few clearly-defined restrictions (felons, people with mental illnesses that are prone to violence, the chemically impaired).

    Glad we could solve that.

  3. “Large-capacity magazine” means any ammunition feeding device with the capacity to accept more than seven rounds…”

    Did these DFLers get this from the New York law or does someone have model legislation?

  4. So everyone in Minnesota that owns a .22 that isn’t a single shot bolt action must break it over a rock or let the coppers do it for you.

    *Or* you can sent it to those of us that live in states George Washington would recognize as American.

  5. “Subd. 3. Exceptions. Subdivision 2 does not apply to…any government officer, agent, or employee…or peace officer, to the extent that the person is otherwise authorized to acquire or possess a large-capacity magazine and does so while acting within the scope of the person’s duties…”

    “To the extent…Scope of the person’s duties…” = “turn them in at the end of your shift”.

    That should go over well.

  6. …and the capacity of a standard law enforcement semi-automatic pistol magazine is what, Mr. Paymar?

  7. Anyone want to bet that Paymar doesn’t pleasure himself while silently reading his bill?

  8. Anyone want to bet that Paymar doesn’t pleasure himself while silently reading his bill?

    No one else will get much pleasure out of it, Swiftee.

  9. No person shall be deprived of property without due process of law. Shouldn’t I get paid for my magazines?

    Amendment: For purposes of this law, a law enforcement officer’s duties shall terminate at the end of paid work shift and shall not include off-duty time. When a cop is off duty, he’s a civilian, same as me: no ugly gun for either of us.

    The seven-round limit is fascinating: it’s obviously an attempt to Grandfather in the M1911. But why? Why not just ban all autoloaders? Six rounds from a revolver versus seven from an autoloader – what’s the difference? So why? Respect for WW II vets? Protect American industry? Money change hands?

  10. Here’s a question for the bill’s author; the MN National Guard, an actual militia, issues me seven 30 round magazines for my M-4. Obviously the M-4 stays at the armory, but the magazines come home with the rest of my gear at the end of drill weekend. Will I be a criminal now for having military issue gear?

    Will Rep John Lesch, who also takes his gear home with him, also be a criminal?

  11. Yeah, poison pill amendments.

    “Any unit of local government may opt out of this section and declare itself a Sanctuary City within which the provisions of this section shall not apply.”

    Remember how they got the seatbelt law passed, they promised lack of seatbelt wouldn’t be enough to stop you, there had to be another crime? “No person shall be guilty of an offense under this section unless the accused has been convicted of a felony arising from the same behavioral incident.”

    If I shoot seven times but he still coming: “The state of minnesota shall be strictly liable for all injuries, including attorney’s fees, to any person whose injuries arise from the limitation in this section: intervening criminal action shall not be a defense.”

  12. Since Democrats apparently believe the Constitution no longer applies to fundamental rights, let’s have some more fun:

    “The Fourth Amendment shall not apply to searches under this section. Any law enforcement officer may stop and frisk any person at any time to search for violations of this section, without needing reasonable suspicion that criminal activity is afoot.”

    “The provisions of Minnesota law making legislators immune from arrest shall not apply to arrests under this section.”

    “Any person found in possession of such magazine shall be summarily executed. And his dog, too.”

    Amend the prohibited items list to include “crucifix, menorah, Koran, Book of Morman or printing press built after 1786”

  13. It’s so over the top, so broadly written with confiscation of nearly everything under the sun and a felony penalty for even possessing an eight-round magazine or an eight-shot revolver, that it almost makes one wonder if they want this bill to fail. “See, soccer moms, we fought the NRA but the NRA won. But we tried!” Then they turn around and tell the NRA supporters, “See, we didn’t pass any laws restricting your firearms.” Were that the only goal they should still be voted out of office for such a colossal waste of time and effort.

  14. Swiftee: Anyone want to bet that Paymar doesn’t pleasure himself while silently reading his bill?

    So you’re saying Paymar gets off on magazines?

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