Open Letter To Dick’s Sporting Goods

To: Dick’s Sporting Goods
From: Mitch Berg, Law-Abiding Gun Owner, Occasional Customer
Re:  Your Cowardice

Dear Dicks,

I’d be lying if I said I shopped at your chain much, even for firearms and ammo.  Your prices are adequate (Frontiersman in Saint Louis Park is much better, Fleet Farm and Joe’s clobber you on ammo prices, and even Gander Mountain is better than you are on sale prices), but I’ll stop by and grab the odd purchase once in a while.  Indeed, a trip to the neighborhood Dick’s for some camping gear was on my noontime agenda today.

But no more.

Crises come and go. And while the Democrats vow not to waste them, they do pass.  The vast majority of the American people – Real Americans, not the “elite” media, who are nothing but Frenchmen in Lexuses – aren’t fooled.

I’m done with you.  And I urge all Real Americans to follow suit.

That is all.

UPDATE:  You too, Cheaper Than Dirt.

5 thoughts on “Open Letter To Dick’s Sporting Goods

  1. CTD seems to have decided to commit commercial suicide. Dick’s not as much since they seemed focused more on athletic clothing than shooting sports.

  2. Told CTD to take me off their email and catalog lists. That’s too bad, they were a great source for Makarov 9 and US made 9MM ammo.

    Dicks, though I don’t buy a ton of firearms stuff there, I will miss them too, with a kid in sports, they have been a reliable source for years.

    Great Dick’s story………. I once saw boxes of Remington 12 ga lead trap loads for a really good price. Geez, I have a bunch, but the price was too good to pass up. So I bought a case. Later that summer, my teenage son, who just waits for me to make bad decisions just to belittle me says, “good one dad, you bought boxes of 20 shotgun shells, not 25, hope you have some more in the car” Some deal that was. Who sells boxes of 20 for trap loads?

  3. LOL! That’ll learn ya’ FF! Nothing like a smart ass kid to put us in our places right? Don’t feel bad. Both of my kids do the same to me.

  4. Walmart got me that way too on a very inexpensive box of .410 shells. Your typical half gallon of ice cream is now 1.5, 1,65, or 1.75 liters. Took me a while to catch on, too.

    Add Discovery Channel to the list. They cancelled American Guns, supposedly out of … respect? … for the victims of the shooting. Great opportunity to make a sound business decision they might have made anyway.

    The delay of the new Tom Cruise spy movie premier might have been made for the same reasons. While they say it was moved because of the shootings, you can’t help wonder if they felt they would be upstaged by the tragedy. If the movie is wrong now, how can it not be just as wrong later? Better to look good than poorly attended …

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