14 thoughts on “Attention, Factions!

  1. Norquist would especially like to limit the government further when it comes to border patrol and immigration law enforcement.

  2. Geez, Ter – is that even possible? The President already won’t enforce the border, won’t let Arizona enforce it and granted another amnesty on his own authority. What’s left to cut besides welfare benefits for illegal alien and I, for one, hope to welcome that change any day now, along with the abolition of affirmative action and racial set-asides. Those, more than border cops, would brighten my day.

  3. Control the borders? C’mon, Nate, you’re behind the times. The US economy isn’t even attractive for illegals right now. The problem is solving itself without putting up one strand of barbed wire. Soon we’ll be begging the illegals into the country, as long as they bring lunch.

  4. Conservatives are like nazis because they believe in strict limits to the powers of the State! Up is down! Hot is cold! Black is white! (Oops! That “black is white” remark must be racist!)

  5. Terry, which ironically is exactly the opposite of what most conservatives stand for. Anyone know how a party that literally states in its name that it is for National Socialism somehow got tied down to our side? Isn’t national socialism kind of the other sides wet dream? Oh and the fact he’s going to Bank of America stadium is too perfect.

  6. It’s not Charlottesville, it’s Pottersville!
    But if the drummers are in Madison who will keep Scott Walker & Paul Ryan from beating up old ladies and stealing their social security checks?

  7. International socialists dominate the Democrats these days, POD. Socialism in one country=bad, socialism for everyone=good!

  8. “Perfect is the enemy of the good.” It’s extremely rare that perfect is realized.

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