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  1. Ah! Once again we see that tolerance and acceptance that the libturds are so famous for! I was in Chicago last weekend helping my daughter get a new car. On the way over, about 20 miles from New Richmond, I noticed a big, hand painted sign high on a hill with the words “RECALL WALKER!” on it. Well, it seems that his supporters are making their own signs, because I saw many 81/2×11 paper signs in car windows proclaiming their support for him.

  2. Assuming this turns out to be bona fide (the post doesn’t really give enough to determine, but I’ll trust that Mitch believes his source), it is really no surprise, if you’ve been paying attention to the Left for the last 255 years or so.

  3. The meme I’m catching from the left is “political change through lack of accountability”. Goes from the bottom of the party, through the unions and intellectuals, right to the tippity-top.

  4. It sounds real to me – you’ve got classic Left intimidation combined with smug self-righteousness on “tolerant” they are for not resorting to vandalism.

    The truck owner in Madison shouldn’t be surprised if he wakes up to find a cross burning – I mean, a drum circle – in his front yard.

  5. Another example of paranoid insanity on the left-

    We’re just under eight months away from Election Day now, which means that the GOP is starting to run out of time to think up new ways to ruin the economy so that Barack Obama doesn’t get reelected. The Republicans have to do this delicately, of course; they can’t be open about it lest it become too obvious that harming the economy is their goal. But they have to be aggressive enough about it for their efforts to bear some actual (rotten) fruit. There are three fronts—gas prices, jobs, and the budget—on which we should keep our eyes open for signs that the Republicans are trying to achieve Mitch McConnell’s No. 1 goal for America.

    Yes, the rich fat cat republicans who only care about money want to ruin the economy. It gets worse. High gas prices? That’s the fault of evil speculators and the GOP presidential lineup:

    No, experts blame a lot of the increase on fervid speculation in the oil markets, and a chief reason for a lot of that speculation is anxiety in those markets about a possible war with Iran. Said anxiety, in turn, is heightened every time a politician blusters about how we have no choice now but to go start that war. So this kind of rhetoric is a nice little two-fer for Republicans, who get to sound like tough guys and can also take comfort in knowing that the more they talk up attacking Iran, the more they’re doing their small part to keep prices high.

    The guy wrote this isn’t some crazed, fringe figure on the Left. It’s mainstream Michael Tomasky. This piece appeard in the Daily Beat under the headline “GOP plans to Sink the Economy”: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/03/12/michael-tomasky-on-gop-plans-to-sink-the-economy.html

    This what the Wikipedia says about Tomasky: He is the editor in chief of Democracy, a special correspondent for Newsweek / The Daily Beast, a contributing editor for The American Prospect, and a contributor to The New York Review of Books..

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